Flash Forward

Flash ForwardWhen the border between the Multiverse and the Dark Multiverse starts to buckle, Wally West must answer the call and journey to these worlds and purge them of this darkness, but the greater darkness is that from within n nHis name is Wally West and he was the Fastest Man Alive That is, until the Mu


PrimerPrimer introduces a brand new superhero with a colorful array of superpowers to explore n nAshley Rayburn is an upbeat girl with a decidedly downbeat past Her father is a known criminal who once used Ashley to help him elude justice, and in his attempt to escape, a life was taken He now sits in fed

You Brought Me the Ocean

You Brought Me the OceanJake Hyde doesn t swim not since his father drowned Luckily, he lives in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, which is in the middle of the desert, yet he yearns for the ocean and is determined to leave his hometown for a college on the coast But his best friend, Maria, wants nothing than to ma

Teen Titans: Raven

Teen Titans: RavenWhen a tragic accident takes the life of seventeen year old Raven Roth s foster mom and Raven s memory she moves to New Orleans to live with her foster mother s family and finish her senior year of high school n nStarting over isn t easy Raven remembers how to solve math equations and make pasta, bu