Pygmalion❰Download❯ ➻ Pygmalion Author George Bernard Shaw – One of George Bernard Shaw's best known plays Pygmalion was a rousing success on the London and New York stages an entertaining motion picture and a great hit with its musical version My Fair Lady An One of George Bernard Shaw's best known plays Pygmalion was a rousing success on the London and New York stages an entertaining motion picture and a great hit with its musical version My Fair Lady An updated and considerably revised version of the ancient Greek legend of Pygmalion and Galatea the th century story pokes fun at the antiuated British class system In Shaw's clever adaptation Professor Henry Higgins a linguistic expert takes on a bet that he can transform an awkward cockney flower seller into a refined young lady simply by polishing her manners and changing the way she speaks In the process of convincing society that his creation is a mysterious royal figure the Professor also falls in love with his elegant handiworkThe irresistible theme of the emerging butterfly together with Shaw's brilliant dialogue and splendid skills as a playwright have made Pygmalion one of the most popular comedies in the English language A staple of college drama courses it is still widely performed.

George Bernard Shaw was an Irish playwright socialist and a co founder of the London School of Economics Although his first profitable writing was music and literary criticism in which capacity he wrote many highly articulate pieces of journalism his main talent was for drama Over the course of his life he wrote than plays Nearly all his plays address prevailing social problems but.

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  1. Brina says:

    Reposting in honor of George Bernard Shaw's birthday July 26 I am writing this review to honor my grandmother who recently passed away I lost track of the number of times we listened to the soundtrack of My Fair Lady either in her car her apartment or my house growing up To me Eliza Doolittle Henry Higgins and Colonel Pickering are as much the actors who played them as they are are the memories I created with my grandmother and great aunt while watching the movie or listening to its timeless songs By the time I finally read Pygmalion in script form in eighth grade English class and then subseuently watched the movie in class I had the entire script memorized My entire class asked me for assistance in all the assignments associated with this unit and of course I demurred Ask me today I still have most of the songs memorized which of course came from Shaw's brilliant script My daughters' favorite classic film is My Fair Lady because of the gorgeous costumes they see at Ascot race track and the Royal ball But what makes this Cinderella story timeless is not the costumes but the prose down to the last line Eliza where the devil are my slippers For those who have not read this tale or seen the film take the time to do so You too could be captivated by Eliza the flower girl turned language pupil and create generations of memories

  2. Nataliya says:

    Eliza has no use for the foolish romantic tradition that all women love to be mastered if not actually bullied and beaten¹ says GBShaw in the afterword to his famous play¹By the way I think this uote should be memorized and repeated on the daily basis by the contemporary authors especially in the YA genre who attempt to create female characters Really Maybe I can start a campaign encouraging authors' awareness of this uote HmmmmThis was one of the first plays I've ever read and to this day is one of my favorites The combination of Shaw's wit and satire with creating an amazingly strong heroine was a treat to read The play is brilliant as witnessed by its continuing success but it's the afterword from the author that ultimately made it into a five star read The afterword that takes this story and makes it wonderfully and firmly grounded in reality even if it's a reality with somewhat outdated early 20th century reasoning The many faces of Eliza DoolittleMost people know this story right? If not from reading the play then from seeing the classic Hollywood's production of My Fair Lady musical right? The 1912 story of a simple London Cockney flower girl Eliza who learns how to speak like a proper British lady from a renown phoneticist and honestly a rather miserable person Henry Higgins Both Higgins and Eliza have remarkably strong characters and no wonder that problems ensue well because of that and because of the fact that a well mannered British woman in the early 20th century seemingly did not really have that many choices besides finding herself a man According to the famous movie sparks also fly between Eliza and Higgins But do they really? In the words of Shaw himself Nevertheless people in all directions have assumed for no other reason than that she became the heroine of a romance that she must have married the hero of itAnd that's where the Audrey Hepburn movie lost me After all haven't the movie makers read the famous afterword by Shaw himself and I honestly think that it's just as interesting as the play itself where he painstakingly details the future lives of his characters and destroys every notion of the happily ever after for Eliza and Higgins the ever after that was already clearly doomed in the play itself LIZA desperate Oh you are a cruel tyrant I can't talk to you you turn everything against me I'm always in the wrong But you know very well all the time that you're nothing but a bully You know I can't go back to the gutter as you call it and that I have no real friends in the world but you and the Colonel You know well I couldn't bear to live with a low common man after you two; and it's wicked and cruel of you to insult me by pretending I could You think I must go back to Wimpole Street because I have nowhere else to go but father's But don't you be too sure that you have me under your feet to be trampled on and talked down I'll marry Freddy I will as soon as he's able to support me After all it would not be in character for Eliza who is not really a romantic character but a strong pragmatic and independent young woman who would not settle for a life of bringing Higgins his slippers oh that awful last line of the movie and being ignored; a woman who is not beyond a well aimed slippers throw to the face This being the state of human affairs what is Eliza fairly sure to do when she is placed between Freddy and Higgins? Will she look forward to a lifetime of fetching Higgins's slippers or to a lifetime of Freddy fetching hers? There can be no doubt about the answer Unless Freddy is biologically repulsive to her and Higgins biologically attractive to a degree that overwhelms all her other instincts she will if she marries either of them marry FreddyAnd that is just what Eliza didNo Eliza Doolittle is not a woman to be ignored She is a strong independent and level headed heroine who has guts and self worth even before her 'magical' lady like transformation She knows what she wants and she determinedly sets out on the path that she thinks would lead her to her dream working in a flower shop She may be comical and pathetic in the beginning but she knows she's not nothing unlike the view of her that Henry Higgins has She stands up for herself even when she is clearly in an unfavorable situation a woman vs a man a social nothing vs a respected gentleman a physically weaker creature vs a physically intimidating one I won't be called a baggage when I've offered to pay like any ladyAnd from the afterword Even had there been no mother rival she would still have refused to accept an interest in herself that was secondary to philosophic interestsAnd her feeling of self worth only increases as the horizons of the society open up for her She refuses to play second fiddle even to a powerful and intimidating Higgins The thing is Higgins contrary to his belief did not create Eliza like the famous literary Pygmalion created his Galatea; he merely gave her power to achieve what she wants And what she wants does not include being ignored and fetching him his bloody slippers He is a strong man well she is an eually strong woman who will have what's best for her And even if in the end the afterword Eliza's independence is not complete and she continues to owe a lot to the duo of Higgins and Pickering but again somehow on her own terms But to admire a strong person and to live under that strong person's thumb are two different things This was my first time reading this play in English and reading it in the language it was intended to be read in highlighted even the brilliance of Shaw as a playwright and the exuisite humor of it Shaw skillfully deconstructs the notions of the British class system and does it with easily felt pleasure and enjoyment and continues to do so in the afterword which I enjoyed so much In the end it's not about Eliza becoming a lady on Henry Higgins' terms; it's all about the shrewd future floristgreengrocer Eliza and that's the awesomeness of it It is an excellent read a timeless one thoroughly entertaining and thought provoking Easy 5 stars Galatea never does uite like Pygmalion his relation to her is too godlike to be altogether agreeable

  3. Dave Hill says:

    This is fun to read out loud in crazy English accents while stomping around your apartment The neighbors might not like it but screw 'em

  4. Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    Pygmalion George Bernard ShawPygmalion is a play by George Bernard Shaw named after a Greek mythological figure It was first presented on stage to the public in 1913 In ancient Greek mythology Pygmalion fell in love with one of his sculptures which then came to life The general idea of that myth was a popular subject for Victorian era English playwrights including one of Shaw's influences W S Gilbert who wrote a successful play based on the story called Pygmalion and Galatea that was first presented in 1871 Shaw would also have been familiar with the burlesue version Galatea or Pygmalion Reversed Shaw's play has been adapted numerous times most notably as the musical My Fair Lady and its film versionتاریخ نخستین خوانش ماه دسامبر سال 2007 میلادی عنوان پیگمالیون؛ نویسنده جرج برنارد شاو؛ مترجم آرزو شجاعی؛ تهران نشر قطره‏‫، ‏‫‬‏1391؛ در 215 ص؛ شابک 9786001192852؛ چاپ دوم 1382؛ چاپ چهارم 1396؛ در 208 ص؛ چاپ پنجم 1396؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان بریتانیایی سده 20 م از نمایشنامه «پیگمالیون» به‌ عنوان درخشان‌ترین و ماندگارترین اثر «جرج برنارد شاو» یاد می‌کنند در «پیگمالیون» زبان‌شناس خودپسندی به نام «هنری هیگینس» شرط می‌بندد، که می‌تواند از یک دختر گلفروش و ولگرد لندنی، یک زن اشرافزاده بسازد «الیزا»، که با لهجه ی مردم کوچه و بازار صحبت می‌کند، زیر نظر این زبان‌شناس، زبان و لهجه ی اشرافزادگان را، فرامی‌گیرد، و با وجود آنکه می‌تواند خودش را، در محافل اشرافی، جا بزند، اما از درک گفته‌ های توخالی آن‌ها عاجز است، و گاه هم از روی لغزش‌های زبانی، دشنام‌های کوچه و بازاری می‌دهد، که این‌ها همه در مجموع، موقعیت‌های شرم‌آور، اما خنده‌ داری به وجود می‌آورند در این میان، آنچه که اهمیت دارد، رابطه ی «هنری»، و «الیزا» ست «هنری» بیش از آنکه به نیازهای «الیزا»، به عنوان یک زن توجه داشته باشد، به تصویری که از او در محافل اشرافی به‌ وجود آورده، دلباخته است «الیزا» هم پیش از آنکه این دو به وصال هم برسند، عطای «هنری» را به لقایش می‌بخشد، و گلفروشی را، به زندگانی در کنار این مرد از خود راضی، ترجیح می‌دهد؛ «پیگمالیون» تصادم دو فرهنگ، و دو لایه از اجتماع است خودپسندی یکی، و تلاش دیگری، برای رسیدن به فردیت، و آزاد ساختن خود، از قید و بند توقعات دیگران «پیگمالیون»، در اصل یک شخصیت اساطیری در یونان باستان است او مجسمه‌ سازی‌ ست، که مجسمه ی زنی را می‌سازد، و عاشق آفریده‌ ی خویش می‌شود در ضیافتی که «ونوس» برگزار می‌کند، «پیگمالیون» از «ونوس» استدعا می‌کند، که به آفریده ی دست او، جان بخشد؛ «ونوس» هم خواسته ی او را برآورده می‌کند، و چنین است که این هنرمند مجسمه‌ ساز، به وصال مجسمه‌ ای که خود ساخته، و سپس جان گرفته، می‌رسد، و با او به خوبی و خوشی زندگی می‌کند «جرج برنارد شاو»، اسطوره ی «پیگمالیون» را، با متن زندگی در «لندن»، در سال‌های نخست سده ی بیستم میلادی سازگار می‌کند، اما پیش از آنکه «هنری» زبان‌شناس را، به وصال دختر گلفروش برساند، نشان می‌دهد که «الیزا»، چگونه به‌ تدریج از نظر شخصیتی، تحول پیدا می‌کند، با خواسته‌ ها و توقعاتش از زندگی، آشنا می‌شود، به نیرنگ و فریبکاری «هنری» پی می‌برد، و آفریدگار خود را ترک می‌کند در ادبیات فارسی، دو داستان کوتاه «عنتری که لوطی‌ اش مرده بود»، اثر «صادق چوبک»، و «زنی که مردش را گم کرده بود» اثر «صادق هدایت»، هر کذام از زاویه‌ ای، به این موضوع پرداخته‌ اند براساس نمایش «پیگمالیون»، بعدها، در اواسط سال‌های دهه پنجاه سده بیستم میلادی، یک موزیکال هم با عنوان «بانوی زیبای من»، روی صحنه آمد، که آنهم در تاریخ ادبیات نمایشی غرب، یک حادثه به‌ شمار می‌آید ا شربیانی

  5. Candi says:

    35 stars you have no idea how frightfully interesting it is to take a human being and change her into a uite different human being by creating a new speech for her It's filling up the deepest gulf that separates class from class and soul from soulEven if you are not already familiar with George Bernard Shaw’s play Pygmalion I’m sure you are likely acuainted with either the on stage musical version or movie adaptation titled My Fair Lady I have fond memories of my high school’s production of this classic tale I adored the music and my favorite scene was the Ascot Races My fifteen year old self was thrilled to don the gorgeous dress and feather hat of a lady attending the races And those lyrics to “I Could Have Danced All Night” still pop into my head on occasion even all these years later no I most certainly did not play the role of Eliza Doolittle Decades later I finally got around to reading the play on which the musical was basedProfessor Henry Higgins is a renowned phoneticist who takes on a bet and an experiment of sorts with Colonel Pickering to turn a common street corner flower girl Eliza Doolittle into a well bred lady simply by changing her language and her dress The ultimate goal is to pass her off as a ‘duchess’ at the ambassador’s garden party Eliza with a dream of owning her own flower shop someday agrees to the ‘project’ The ensuing dialogue is sharp and entertainingShaw makes some brilliant statements about social class and gender distinctions through his characters What I had forgotten or perhaps it was not as glaringly obvious to me years ago is that Professor Higgins is a bit of an ass Well when I've done with her we can throw her back into the gutter; and then it will be her own business again; so that's all right I had to set aside my dislike and realize that this is one of the points Shaw is trying to get across – societal expectations and the objectification of women among others The ability to make change is inherent in each one of us however and can provide the freedom necessary to find a better station in life My first attempt to actually read George Bernard Shaw was rather a success although I still prefer actually seeing a play to reading one Perhaps I just had a bit of nostalgia for this and wanted of a visual experience Nevertheless I’d rate this 35 rounded up to 4 stars If I can't have kindness I'll have independence

  6. Lisa says:

    A lot of my reading at the moment seems to revolve around the relationship between art and artist creator and creationReading other reviews on Pygmalion I realise how strange my approach to it was and how disappointed I was at first because my expectations were not met I chose it as part of a reading challenge I set myself a couple of years ago to read all Nobel Laureates in literature The title appealed to me and I was thrilled to explore a modernist's take on the ancient myth of Pygmalion Believe it or not I had never realised that My Fair Lady which I love is based on this play and I waited for GREEK characters to show up as I had been immersing myself in Enlightenment art concerned with the artistic uestions raised in the Pygmalion story Falconet's sculpture of the misogynistic sculptor falling in love with his own creation kneeling in front of the carefully chiselled woman praying to Aphrodite to make her come alive that was what I was waiting for I kept wondering about the charming cockney and 19th century scientific approach to social class distinctions I enjoyed the reading experience but could not make sense of it at all Don't judge a book by its title I was inclined to say until it dawned on me all of a sudden that a Shaw's Pygmalion was linked to the musical My Fair Lady and b Higgins had than a trace of Pygmalion in fact was his modern alter ego Just like the ancient artist he did not uite expect the outcome of his experiment and Eliza Doolittle like so many other literary creatures does a beautiful job of emancipating herself from her creator Art is uite amazing that way as soon as it enters the world it has a life of its own and the artist is forced to watch its development together with other spectators I like that idea as it symbolises the relationship between older and younger generations as well we are nurtured and shaped by our parents' choices but when we grow up the freedom and responsibility is oursIn a way Frankenstein and Moreau's monsters in The Island of Doctor Moreau demonstrate the same emancipation process and I don't think it is a coincidence that artists and writers of the 19th century were obsessed with that theme as the world went through major political social economic and scientific changesShaw showed wonderful creativity when transforming the ancient myth into modern life while keeping the essential uestions alive And his creation lives its own independent life as wellMust read for anyone interested in the eternal human uestions as well as 19th20th century social history Along with O'Neill's Mourning Becomes Electra this is my favourite merging of myth and modern drama

  7. mwana says:

    Pygmalion def n A sculptor in Greek mythology who created a sculpture so beautiful that he fell in love with herIn this rendition of an age old story professor of linguistics Henry Higgins plucks a flower girl off the streets so as to teach her proper diction and middle class manners After befriending Colonel Pickerson they wager that by the end of the lessons the flower girl Eliza Doolittle will be just as well mannered as a duchessHiggins I’m an eccentric professor of linguistics And a confirmed bachelor Some people say I’m a dick They aren’t wrongPickerson I’m another confirmed bachelor Less dickish than Higgins and for the life of me I’m actually his bffEliza Ah oo ow ow for some reason Shaw doesn’t know how women would express anger excitement sorrow even if in a cockney accent I’m basically a broke ass ugly duckling prime for a makeover who sells marked up flowers trying to just survive you knowHiggins writing in a notebook Fascinating those suawks you’re makingEliza Dude don’t nark on me I aint done nothingCrowd Yeah dude mind your damn business Oh wait you are harmless For fuck’s sake girl stop your hawingEliza Bitch buy some flowers You’re clearly richThey buy some flowers Some time laterEliza I’ve come so you can teach me to talk proper and all so I can work at some uppity flower shopHiggins Lmao noPickerson Could be interestingHiggins MehEliza ah he hi ho uh if you will not have me I will not botherHiggins’ house manager uit it girl Come get a bath and some new clothesEliza kEliza’s dad Dudes I’m broke you’re rich gimme some cash and I won’t bring any drama to the fact that you’re training my daughterThe dudes kMonths laterHiggins Mum test this lady I’ve been teachingMrs Higgins Seriously? I told you not to come over when I’m home and expecting companyHiggins But I am an eccentric scholar You must abide by my demandsMrs Higgins So dramatic Fine Months laterHiggins See we succeeded You owe me Pickering I trained her and after the events last night keeping up with the posh folks Eliza could speak circles around em She’s simply the best Takes up new language like a kid raised in a foreign countryPickering You’re not wrong I'm off to bedHiggins Yeah now she can go and do whatever she wantsEliza mentally Is that all I am to youEliza out loud poutsHiggins Now where are my slippersEliza goes to get them and tosses them at himHiggins what the fuck is your problem?Eliza mentally why do you not care about me?Eliza out loud Bah Let’s fightHiggins KEliza PeaceThe next morningHiggins Mother Eliza has disappeared We’re gonna sic the cops on herMrs Higgins Dude calm down She’s hereEliza Let’s fight You don’t care about meHiggins I don’t care about anyoneEliza Give me kindness or give me independenceHiggins You can come back to our digs and life goes on as it was or try your luck back in the gutter I picked you fromEliza having actually forgotten she’s the one who went to Higgins in the first place Damn you and your bullying I’m not coming back Oh my dad’s gotten a new job and is getting married right this instant We’re off to the churchHiggins I hear you When you come back life will go on as usual You’ll do all the assistant stuff you were doing for meEliza Go fuck yourself Imma marry that Freddy dude who is friends with your mum When he is able to provide for meHiggins Bitch please You’ll be back Shaw I have written hundreds of words explaining my ambiguous ending Higgins is basically oedipal and holds his mama with the highest regard so no woman could ever compare But you reader nudge nudge wink wink can see for yourself that he HAS fallen in love with Eliza but she declared that even if Higgins were to ask for her hand in marriage she would say no Scholar reviews This carefully crafted minimalist short play which is likely Shaw's best work is an allegory of the caste system of which Shaw is showing disdain for via Higgins He is also painting Higgins as a low key socialist Further Eliza's courage in standing up to Higgins shows her growth as a student who ends up becoming better than her master When she threatens to be his business competitor she challenges his socialist ideals by embracing the backbone of capitalism No not greed Competition But Eliza's independence is curtailed by Higgins trading her compliance for his dismissive friendship which is borderline abusive This work is really seminal in observing the socio economic Me

  8. Praveen says:

    Pygmalion was an ancient Greek legend who was a sculptor and a king He fell in love with his ivory statue of his own ideal woman He prayed In response to his prayer the Goddess gave life to the statue and then the king married it This much of information was sufficient for me to know why the title of this book was chosen by GB Shaw Pygmalion I very much liked the character of Mr Higgins in the play He is a professor and scientist of phonetics and very confident about his knowledge and acumenWhile reading the book I realized that everyone is like Pygmalion Everyone likes and adores whatever is created by him or her Three years old daughter of my neighbor first makes a bridge from the cards and then claps and laughs seeing it and during this spree when someone breaks it or it is shattered by the wind she weeps She perhaps loves her creation Though momentary she expresses the feelings of love and pain with a uniue sort of fervor to those childish maneuvers and efforts I too was probably like Pygmalion when I was a kid but unlike this small daughter of my neighbor I did not feel pain when one day my creation was destroyed My creation was a cat made up of snow When one day there occurred an event of very heavy snowfall all houses and trees were covered with the white sheet of snow and remained covered for a few days I made a sculpture of a cat out of that snow just outside the window of my room It was not a replica of a cat In fact it looked like a small cow a bit bulky in size and a bit distorted but still it was a cat for me and I had placed a few whiskers of string on its front bulging shape which according to me was the mouth of my cat and I inserted two small round glass shooters a few inches above those whiskers to make them look like eyes of my cat My this awkward looking cat remained there just outside the window of my room for two days possibly There was not at all sunshine for two days The temperature was below zero and the snow did not melt I kept watching my cat again and again and adored its ludicrous shape during those two days Then the third day Sun shone with all its brilliance and in the very morning time itself my cat melted away and disappeared But I did not feel bad as I knew by that time if the snow would be there again I would recreate my cat again However in that season there was no snowfall again And in the next season I was one year older and the Pygmalion within me was now matured enough to make other kinds of creationsI am talking about all this rubbish because these two events just flashed over my mind when I was reading this play The character of Prof Higgins was very much like me when I was a kid Overconfident and heartless I read this book for the first time and this was a wonderful experience Then I watched the 1938 movie of Leslie Howard as Professor Henry Higgins and Wendy Hiller as Eliza Doolittle and this movie extraordinarily complemented my experience of reading the book What a fine movie and wonderful acting by its cast The only difference between the play and the movie was its ending Shaw kept his play realistic but there is a different ending in the movie there might have been commercial reasons behind this changeComing back to the book there are 5 acts in this play The beginning of this play is so sweet Thunders and then rain People rushing into the shelters closing a dripping umbrella in the street A street flower girl calling the name of a young man and a mother and daughter asking the street flower girl “Now tell me how you know that young gentleman’s name?” Prof Higgins a scientist of phonetics takes a challenge that he will be able to transform the cockney speaking Covent Garden flower girl Eliza Doolittle into a woman as poised and well spoken as a duchess He meets his challenge wonderfully “There are such fools that they think style comes by nature to people in their position and so they never learn There is always something professional about doing a thing superlatively well” Higgins is so obsessed with his work and knowledge that he hardly appreciates anything else whether they are emotions or other trivial felicities of our surroundings When Liza feels something for him and he denies her She feels letdown Liza what did you do it for if you didn’t care for me?Higgins Why because it was my jobLiza you never thought of the trouble it would make for meHiggins Would the world ever have been made if its maker had been afraid of making trouble There is only one way of escaping trouble and that’s killing things Cowards you notice are always shrieking to have troublesome people killed Probably many people are already familiar with the story and they have seen many movies based on the play but for me this was the first time Even in my school days I missed this book so a highly satisfying five star read for me This enriched me on many levels I am uenched

  9. Fergus says:

    This was a buddy read with my marvellous new friend Elinor and we both had a whale of a time reading itAnd if you go into it thinking you’re in for just a pleasant rerun of My Fair Lady for the musical is based on this play THINK AGAINYou know a wonderful author who’s a little younger than I and who shares my constant cross of Asperger’s Syndrome her name is Anita Lesko has written a self study called When Life Hands you Lemons Make LemonadeWell that’s what Shaw does He imagines all the possible lemons that life can deal a young couple who have fond feelings for one another and lets ‘em ripThen he just smiles and makes some reenergizing lemonade for the lost lovebirdsLike he’s up to his neck in alligators but only laughs So WE laugh tooWe all love to read and we all have a very stressful and very largely unpleasant REAL life chock fulla lemons Most authors give us the former so we can escape the latterNot ShawHe rubs our faces in our personal tub of lemons all the time and we’re laughing at his folly He’s a realist But a realist with a Warm HeartHe’s fantasticBefore I read this play I thought Shaw was superficial Not any For when I read the lengthy conclusion of this play I was wearing a wistful very human smileFor he had touched the core of my Heart

  10. Carol says:

    I was surprisedthis is not a love story I only vaguely remember the musical and the outcome I envisioned is not what happens in the playI remember Eliza Dolittle as a poor flower girl and the bet between two upper class gentlemen to turn a street guttersnipe into a proper lady but not the horribly chauvinistic treatment she receives or the choices she makes in the endTotally enjoyed it

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