Penelope[Reading] ➶ Penelope Author Marilyn Kaye – A modern day fairytale a major motion picture starring Christina Ricci Catherine O'Hara James McAvoy and Reese WitherspoonPenelope Wilhern has everything a girl could want A wealthy socialite family a A modern day fairytale a major motion picture starring Christina Ricci Catherine O'Hara James McAvoy and Reese WitherspoonPenelope Wilhern has everything a girl could want A wealthy socialite family an enchanted bedroom and some of the coolest clothes around There is only one problem She was born into a cursed family and has the face of a pig Hidden away from the world Penelope now finds herself subjected to a string of snobby blue blooded bachelors in a desperate attempt to find her a husband in order to break the curse Though she yearns for something greater what's a girl to do when faced with a determined mother and her matchmaking sidekick Hoping to snap a photo of the mysterious girl mischievous tabloid reporter Lemon hires down on his luck Max to pose as a prospective suitor and infiltrate the family But when Max finds himself truly drawn to Penelope he can't bring himself to expose and disappoint her so he just disappears Fed up with this latest betrayal and determined to live life on her own terms Penelope decides to break free from her family and go out into the world in search of adventure Hiding her true identity with a scarf Penelope discovers a wondrous world where freedom opens her eyes to possibilities she never knew existed Making new friends along the way she discovers happiness in the most unexpected places.

I was born in New Britain Connecticut and grew up in Atlanta Georgia I also spent a year th grade in Montgomery Alabama and a year in Ann Arbor Michiganth grade As a child I always wanted to be a writer but I had lots of other ambitions too I wanted to be a teacher a librarian a movie star the president of the United States and a ballerina I didn't achieve all my goals I nev.

Penelope MOBI Ä Paperback
  • Paperback
  • 230 pages
  • Penelope
  • Marilyn Kaye
  • English
  • 27 August 2014
  • 9780312375591

10 thoughts on “Penelope

  1. Valerie says:

    First off I should say that I really like the story line with the curse and all that However the author doesn't really go into depth with the characters It's not that the characters are unlikeable you just don't get the full idea of who they are I probably would've liked the book if I hadn't watched the movie already There were no surprises and the book pretty much follows the movieI liked the book but if you already watched the movie you aren't missing out on much

  2. Hristina says:

    I adore the movie this book is based on I watch it every few months It's very well done and entertaining the cast is amazing and so is the photography It feels like a breath of fresh air every time I watch itTo be honest this book could've been done a little bit better It captures the same magical atmosphere of the movie but it's in snippets If I went into this book unbiasedly I would give it 3 or 4 stars 35 is the rating it deserves But I've spent so much time with these characters that I couldn't help but enjoy it throughout and I want

  3. Mary says:

    I'm always picky about books that come out after a movie so the fact that I gave this four stars is completely indicative of the fact that it does the movie justice This book is about a girl who has the face of a pig Or rather the nose of a pig because she is really very pretty in spite of it The only way she can get rid of her pig nose is by breaking the curse that put it there and the curse reuires that she be loved by one of her own kindSo number one on my list of things I love about this book Penelope's mother I like the fact that I dislike her character so much I like the fact that she is a character I can hate with every fiber of my being and how she is the bad guy and probably always will be I like how she is always in the way and always pushing so incredibly clueless and vacant I enjoy characters like her; they're funNumber two on my list is the story itself After all who doesn't love a good love story? But all that aside I like the fact that it's an unconventional love story in which the female and male character do not play the role of hero and damsel in distress They spend the majority of their time apart but you still come to know them as themselves I like how Penelope goes out and makes friends She fights her own battles while Max fixes his own problemsNumber three on my list of things is the fact that Lemon is a good guy uite frankly the book does a much better job of conveying the fact that he is not the bad guy but simply a man with a dream that just happens to center around the story of Penelope So much of his character was absent in the movieNow on to the list of things I did not likeOne I HATED the mere fact that one cannot simply put James McAvoy into this book I just hated it So incredibly muchThe second thing I really didn't take to was how everything just happened It was like the book lacked proper transition maybe because the author wanted to mimick the movie I don't know It was just oddOverall this book was very enjoyable and as a book based off of a movie I would most definitely recommend it to anyone who loves reading romance and a taste of adventure

  4. Rottgrl88 says:

    This was a nice story Nothing too extravagant Some of the characters were laughable and not in a good way Like the mother My goodness was she annoying I think that this story was trying too hard to have a comical spin on it but it failed in my opinion This is a mix of contemporary with some fantasy A girl with a curse put on her at birth is looking for her prince charming to break the spell But maybe she has the power to break the spell without him???? Regardless of any flaws you think that you have everyone should love who they are without regret Because no matter what we are all beautiful Even though this one fell a bit short for me it still served its purpose as entertaining so I would still recommend it

  5. Lindsey says:

    Oh the pain of disillusionment So this is just about my favorite movie of all time Ever I'm not going to claim that it's anything groundbreaking or world changing like Star Wars or Breakfast at Tiffany's but it's one of those movies that feels self created and effortless; it wasn't written and cast and soundtracked and produced and acted out and recorded it just grew out of the ground When something man made seems natural that is a very strong indicator that it was meticulously planned and worked and reworked within an inch of its life Why is it so hard for us poor mortals to do what real life does without trying? So when I saw the book in the library system I was enthralled My favorite movie ever was a book first What have I ever done to deserve such rapture?Ahem Anyway she says as she furtively wipes her eyes I reuested it and it came The cover had the actors and actresses on it which is less than ideal—I hate movie tie in covers—but not a big deal Then as I read a ways into it examined the cover closely checked the publishing date against the movie's release date I realize the truth with dawning horror It's not the inspiration for my darling 'Penelope' with a movie tie in cover It's director endorsed post movie release fanfic by the ueen of parenthetical asides I've experienced this crushing disappointment many times in reverse where the movie is a gross caricature of a beloved book I've grown desensitized even come to expect the worst of a movie adaptation and be pleasantly surprised when it's not as horrible as I expected I just didn't have enough warning to put on my bulletproof vest for this go around All right for a book adaptation of a movie it wasn't bad Ms Kaye altered the setting to make it distinctly modern—references to Captain Jack Sparrow visits to schmancy nightclubs that sort of thing—which I suppose some people might like; personally I preferred the fairytale like device the movie used to blur the concept of time or place and I would generally advise authors to avoid dating their books She changed a lot of the scenes gave Penelope a bit of a seventeen year old flippant voice and made Annie a lot less cool than the Reese Witherspoon version She also made MaxJohnny a lot skater hottie—in the movie he really wasn't cute actually rather homely but somehow came off as very attractive especially when his eyes were a little less red Once again I'm inclined to prefer the movie version Edward I have to admit she captured to a tee It lacked the timeless beauty and charm of the movie but overall it was a cute shallow lighthearted middle grade reworking My advice if you saw the movie and loved it don't bother with the book You're not missing much But if you haven't seen the movie for heaven's sake go watch it

  6. Carol Hardesty says:

    As I'm sure many of you are aware by now I love fairy tales They're so simple yet so resonant They show us how to be better people and encourage us to follow our dreams no matter what the odds So it's a rare and wonderful thing when a new original fairy tale enters the world As such Penelope shows the right way to tell a modern day fairy tale Firstly it's subtle in its storytelling; Penelope just sort of goes with the flow and lets you enjoy the story without bashing you on the head Secondly while it's aware that there are harsh people in the world it's also aware that there are good people too Thirdly Penelope herself is an admirable heroine She's unpretentious bright friendly and brave She grows and matures during the course of her adventures learns independence and creates her own happy ending Take note storytellers Finally the message Penelope gives is such a breath of fresh air It tells us that before we can love others we must first love ourselves How often do you find a moral like that these days? That's why I give Penelope the highest five star rating Because it's modern fantasy at its very best

  7. Mayra says:

    I never have many good hopes when I open up a book that has adapted from the screenplay on its cover And there has been some worthy exceptions But this one was not one of those It was very very disappointing The film was immensely better which left me only with the idea that there wasn't really a necessity of a book for it even less of such a meh one

  8. Reading Vacation says:

    REVIEWPenelope was an incredibly cute story I loved reading about Penelope’s childhood as a girl with the face of a pig It was such an emotional story that I felt very strongly connected to Penelope Caveny did such a great job of drawing me into Penelope’s unusual worldAll of the characters were so well written I fell in love with sweet Max and don’t even get me started on Penelope’s mother I felt sorry for her and I was frustrated with her at the same time Every character added their own personality to this awesome taleThe story itself taught a very important lesson If you are ever feeling down about yourself just say “I like myself just the way I am” and you will feel better So yeah love yourself just as you areOh and how’s this for a change of pace? The Penelope book is based on the screenplay of the Penelope movie I had to be different though so I read the book first and saw the movie second I’m sneaky like that They are nearly identical except that the book has detail Loved ‘em bothI super highly recommend this fun and easy read RATING5 Plot5 Characters5 Attention Grabbing5 Girlie Meter5 Ending25 TOTAL5 STARS

  9. Beth says:

    I love this movie so I wanted to read the book based on the screenplay I've finished it now and I did not like it The story felt clunky and a bit all over the place and the writing was often rather awkward It gave me a few chuckles what with its over the top descriptions but overall it was not a book I'd recommend

  10. Kaitlin Williams says:

    25 but worth the round upI did not realize this was a book based on the movie until it was too late and I was already vested I have actually never seen the movie but of course I will now have to watch it and hope it is better than the bookThe last 25% was pretty good and almost redeeming enough to outweigh the boring and whiny first 75% but not uite Of course the message has been done a million times and I get the moral of the story is to be yourself and love yourself but the constant repetition of Penelope not being able to be herself because her face was not her face when really it was just her nose was not her noseIt was still cutesy not a complete waste of time but I think it should have just stayed a movie

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