Penetration Testing and Network Defense

      Penetration Testing and Network Defense
The practical guide to simulating, detecting, and responding to network attacksCreate step by step testing plansLearn to perform social engineering and host reconnaissanceEvaluate session hijacking methodsExploit web server vulnerabilitiesDetect attempts to breach database securityUse password crackers to obtain access informationCircumvent Intrusion Prevention Systems IPS and firewall protections and disrupt the service of routers and switchesScan and penetrate wireless networksUnderstand the inner workings of Trojan Horses, viruses, and other backdoor applicationsTest UNIX, Microsoft, and Novell servers for vulnerabilitiesLearn the root cause of buffer overflows and how to prevent themPerform and prevent Denial of Service attacks Penetration testing is a growing field but there has yet to be a definitive resource that instructs ethical hackers on how to perform a penetration test with the ethics and responsibilities of testing in mind Penetration Testing and Network Defense offers detailed steps on how to emulate an outside attacker in order to assess the security of a network Unlike other books on hacking, this book is specifically geared towards penetration testing It includes important information about liability issues and ethics as well as procedures and documentation Using popular open source and commercial applications, the book shows you how to perform a penetration test on an organization s network, from creating a test plan to performing social engineering and host reconnaissance to performing simulated attacks on both wired and wireless networks Penetration Testing and Network Defense also goes a step further than other books on hacking, as it demonstrates how to detect an attack on a live network By detailing the method of an attack and how to spot an attack on your network, this book better prepares you to guard against hackers You will learn how to configure, record, and thwart these attacks and how to harden a system to protect it against future internal and external attacks Full of real world examples and step by step procedures, this book is both an enjoyable read and full of practical advice that will help you assess network security and develop a plan for locking down sensitive data and company resources This book goes to great lengths to explain the various testing approaches that are used today and gives excellent insight into how a responsible penetration testing specialist executes his trade Bruce Murphy, Vice President, World Wide Security Services, Cisco Systems R Read Penetration Testing and Network Defense –

Andrew John Whitaker

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      Penetration Testing and Network Defense
 [ Author ] Andrew J. Whitaker [ Kindle ePUB or eBook ] –
  • Paperback
  • 598 pages
  • Penetration Testing and Network Defense
  • Andrew J. Whitaker
  • English
  • 26 February 2019
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