Betrayals (Brute Force)

      Betrayals (Brute Force)
At the dawn of the twenty fourth century, with colonies spanning fifty star systems, mankind has created the Confederation of Allied Worlds When trouble erupts, the Confed s solution is swift, savage, and supremely effective dispatch small teams of elite warriors Deadly fighters like TexAs one of the most decorated soldiers in the Confederation s arsenal, Tex has survived covert operations in every steaming hellhole As a result, he knows than enough about the Confed s most brutal and amoral activities, which makes him wonder Is it mere coincidence that all missions assigned to veteran teams seem to be suicide missions Fortunately, the new assignment doesn t have the markings of a lethal affair Tex is dispatched to the Ulysses star system, a backwater group of inconsequential planets populated with misfits and malcontents What he doesn t know is that this lowly cluster secretly harbors perhaps the greatest threat ever faced by the Confederation Worse yet, the shadowy Protectorate behind the mission intends to make certain Tex does not survive But Tex hasn t earned his reputation as a well honed killing machine for nothing Brute Force, Xbox, and the Xbox Logos are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and or other countries Used under license Copyright 2002 Microsoft Corporation All Rights Reserved. New Read Kindle ePUB Betrayals (Brute Force) Author Dean Wesley Smith –

Pen Names Edward Taft Dee W Schofield D.W Smith Sandy Schofield Kathryn WesleyDean Wesley Smith is the bestselling author of over ninety novels under many names and well over 100 published short stories He has over eight million copies of his books in print and has books published in nine different countries He has written many original novels in science fiction, fantasy, mystery, thriller, and romance as well as books for television, movies, games, and comics He is also known for writing quality work very quickly and has written a large number of novels as a ghost writer or under house names.With Kristine Kathryn Rusch, he is the coauthor of The Tenth Planet trilogy and The 10th Kingdom The following is a list of novels under the Dean Wesley Smith name, plus a number of pen names that are open knowledge Many ghost and pen name books are not on this list because he is under contractual obligations not to disclose that he wrote them Many of Dean s original novels are also under hidden pen names for marketing reasons.Dean has also written books and comics for all three major comic book companies, Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse, and has done scripts for Hollywood One movie was actually made.Over his career he has also been an editor and publisher, first at Pulphouse Publishing, then for VB Tech Journal, then for Pocket Books.Currently, he is writing thrillers and mystery novels under another name.

      Betrayals (Brute Force)
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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Betrayals (Brute Force)
  • Dean Wesley Smith
  • English
  • 12 June 2019
  • 0345458508

10 thoughts on “ Betrayals (Brute Force)

  1. Jc11king says:

    If I were a developer of the video game, this book would insult me The writing is questionable The author probably never played Brute Force The universe is not at all respected Smith has failed to pick up the personality of the main characters In the video game, my favorite character is Tex This book s Tex is a fraud Another element that made me angry weapons Except the minigun, none of them is mentioned The author used generic words instead of their names The characters created by If I were a developer of the video game, this book would insult m...

  2. Quran says:

    I finished, it was just like Ender s Game I love this book so much I like this book because there is lots of action and adventure this will always be my favorite books The main character Tex is so cool...

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