Dead Is the New Black

      Dead Is the New Black
Ever since Tash s grandfather Darkheart revealed the big family secret Tash and her triplet sisters were born of a vampire slayer Tash s life has been a series of surprises But none of that prepared her for the possibility of turning vamp herself.That s the good news The bad The most gorgeous man she s ever laid eyes on is over two hundred years old And one of her sisters wants to stake him, while the other wants to doom him to a life of tortured guilt Worse yet, with a new Queen Vamp in town, it s up to Tash to infiltrate her army As a semihuman, there s no danger of Tash falling under Lady Jasmine s control Or so she thinks. Read Dead Is the New Black Author Harper Allen –

Harper Allen is a Canadian writer of romance novels She is a four time nominee for a Career Achievement Award by Romantic Times Book Reviews magazine and her novel Dressed To Slay was named the magazine s choice for Best Silhouette Bombshell of 2006.Her Irish ancestry lends them a touch of Celtic mysticism, while her work as a reporter in the criminal court system gives her books a darker edge, first and foremost each one is a story about a man and a woman falling in love and holding on to that love Her characters have always been real people with real flaws, desperately struggling to find the love that will redeem them and for that Harper need look no further for inspiration than her own life.Harper grew up in a blue collar motor city, and with comments such as Does not play well with others on her grade school report cards Underneath the motorcycle leathers and the rose tattoo, beats the heart of a true romantic The day she met the man who eventually became her husband, she told her sister, I ve just met the man I m going to marry How long do you think it ll take him to figure it out They married, and had little kids, who aren t the first ones picked for the volleyball team Her idea of a great date with her husband is going to a baseball game Her idea of a great baseball game is any one in which the Red Sox win.

      Dead Is the New Black
 ☆ By ☆ Harper Allen zombies –
  • Paperback
  • 299 pages
  • Dead Is the New Black
  • Harper Allen
  • English
  • 20 March 2018
  • 0373514379

10 thoughts on “ Dead Is the New Black

  1. Amy "the book-bat" says:

    Silhouette Bombshell 137Darkheart Crosse 3This one centered on the third triplet The thing that annoyed me most was that the series seemed to focuson fashion and name dropping than on vampires and romance ...

  2. Paranormal Romance says:

    WARNING This may not be a fair and balanced review.Well, maybe it is but I felt the need to put a disclaimer considering some people out there might actually like this book though I have no idea why I figure the best way to about this review is to summarize and add in my thoughts as we go because, honestly, the time to sum up this plot will only take about 500 characters Soooo, we ll start with the heroine Who is by far the worst female character I have ever read, hands down Not only is WARNING This may not be...

  3. Robin says:

    Tashya Crosse didn t expect to the the Crosse sister to fulfill her destiny by becoming a vampire She also didn t expect to fall in love with Heath Lockridgea 200 year old vampire When a new Queen Vamp comes to town, Ta...

  4. April says:

    Overall, a pretty good series I had trouble with the flighty characters, Crosse Triplets and to follow their thought process was a little difficult After a bit of reading I was able to settle into their thoughts and it read easier I...

  5. April Hollingworth says:

    Okay so this is the third and final book in the Darkheart Crosse trilogy and it was brilliant If there was another book I d be searching for it, but sadly there isn t This is a must read book and series The c...

  6. Shelly says:

    SPOILER ALERT This is the last book in this trilogy, and she killed the love interest and 2 other supporting characters Hated it Not for the end of the series Boo Hiss

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