The One That Got Away

The One That Got Away[Reading] ➶ The One That Got Away ➽ Karina Halle – *A standalone secondchance romance*

Ruby Turner was never meant to be mine

When I first met her, she was a fresh, young, American sports journalist trying to find her footing in a ne That Got Kindle ´ *A standalone secondchance romance*Ruby Turner was never meant to be mineWhen I first met her, she was a The One PDF/EPUB or fresh, young, American sports journalist trying to find her footing in a new life abroad She was the one One That Got Kindle × interviewing me for an article, yet I wanted to know about her She captivated meBut she went home with Marco that nightMy agentMy brotherAnd I did what I could to pretend I was fine with itAfter all, I’m Luciano Ribeiro As the captain of Real Madrid, and Portugal’s National Team, it’s my job to be cool, calm, and collected, not easily rattledOnly what I felt for Ruby over time, shook me to my very coreIt made me do things I never imagined I would doIt started with a stolen kiss in the middle of the nightIt led to a passionate trystIt created a burden of guilt that I had to carry, as Ruby came in and out of my life until she left for good, leaving her mark on meNow, seven years later, she’s backShe was The One That Got AwayI don’t think I’ll let her go this timeBut I might not have a choiceBecause my heart still belongs to herAnd her heart might belong to my brother.

That Got Kindle ´ authorkarinahallebooksHalle is represented by Root Literary and is both self published, and published by Simon Schuster, Hachette, Penguin, The One PDF/EPUB or and Montlake Her books have been published in numerous languages around the worldKarina isn't on Goodreads and does NOT One That Got Kindle × check her messages here please contact her via Instagram @authorhalle instead :.

The One That Got Away eBook ¾ That Got  Kindle ´
    Import EPUB to the Program Import EPUB abroad She was the one One That Got Kindle × interviewing me for an article, yet I wanted to know about her She captivated meBut she went home with Marco that nightMy agentMy brotherAnd I did what I could to pretend I was fine with itAfter all, I’m Luciano Ribeiro As the captain of Real Madrid, and Portugal’s National Team, it’s my job to be cool, calm, and collected, not easily rattledOnly what I felt for Ruby over time, shook me to my very coreIt made me do things I never imagined I would doIt started with a stolen kiss in the middle of the nightIt led to a passionate trystIt created a burden of guilt that I had to carry, as Ruby came in and out of my life until she left for good, leaving her mark on meNow, seven years later, she’s backShe was The One That Got AwayI don’t think I’ll let her go this timeBut I might not have a choiceBecause my heart still belongs to herAnd her heart might belong to my brother."/>
  • Kindle Edition
  • 353 pages
  • The One That Got Away
  • Karina Halle
  • English
  • 28 January 2017

10 thoughts on “The One That Got Away

  1. Christy says:

    4 stars


    You don't contain love- love contains you.
Ohhhh… this was an angsty one! Earlier this year I read and fell in love with ‘The Forbidden Man’. I met Luciano there and when I saw this was his book I was so excited! I will say, if you haven’t read ‘The Forbidden Man’, that’s okay. This can 100% be read as a stand-alone. But if you have read it I’m sure you also were ready for a Luciano book!

    Ruby Turner is an American who goes to Europe to start a career as a sports blogger. Football (or soccer) is her passion and that is where she’ll be able to get the story. She ends up in Libson and scores an interview with a popular player, Luciano Ribeiro. And she starts dating his brother.

    It was obvious to me that Ruby and Luciano had the chemistry and connection even more than Ruby and Marcus. I was waiting to see what direction this story would take. My nerves were on edge and I think I bit off all my nails. This story spans years and we get to see both Ruby and Luciano’s perspectives.

    I’ve said it once and I'll say it again and again- I love broken characters who find healing in each other. It’s like my kryptonite and that’s exactly what happened between Ruby and Luciano. They didn’t go about trying to ‘fix’ each other, but when they were together, it just naturally happened. 

    I don't even want to fix you. I want to ride your broken wings. 

    Karina’s writing is fantastic as always. This book gave me so many feels and had so much angst. I loved the ending, but dang… did we have to work for it. If you’re looking for a book that will make you feel and keep you on edge, check this one out. It was a fabulous romance.

  2. Lacey (laceybooklovers) says:

    I’ve been wanting a book for Luciano since he was first introduced in The Forbidden Man. We knew he’d loved and lost, and now we finally get his second chance romance in The One That Got Away. And even though he’s a spinoff character, this book still holds perfectly fine as a standalone, so if you’re in the mood for an angsty, second chance, soccer romance, you’ll want to give Luciano and Ruby’s book a try!

    Seven years ago, Ruby and Luciano first met when Ruby arrived in Europe to create a new life for herself, starting with interviewing soccer players for her fledgling blog. With her luck, she gets five minutes with rising star Luciano Ribeiro, and they feel a connection from the moment they meet. Unfortunately, Ruby has already accepted a date with Luciano’s brother/agent Marco right before their meeting. So Luciano steps aside, even though he knows that Ruby should be with him, and their angsty, years-long romance begins.

    Going into this, I expected a second chance romance that starts during the present day. So I was surprised when we start the book seven years ago and when our main characters first meet and fall in (forbidden) love. This did change up the dynamics for me and made it feel less like a second chance romance and more like any normal romance, albeit still a little forbidden and soccer related. Ruby is an interesting heroine – she begins the book doing something I would never have the guts to do, which is leave everything and everyone behind to start a new life in a completely different country. For that, I admired her, but I do have to say I grew frustrated with her reasons for not being with Luciano. I was hurting for these two but also wanted them to get over themselves and get back together.

    It’s very much an up and down kind of emotional roller coaster with The One That Got Away. I COULD NOT put this book down – I finished it in a day, needing to know how the romance finally works out. If you love romances with a ton of push and pull, you’ll enjoy Ruby and Luciano. And if you loved some of Karina Halle’s past romance like Love, in English and The Forbidden Man, we get some lovely cameos with our favorite couples!

  3. AJ says:

    3.5 angst-filled stars

    I have SO many mixed feelings about this book! On one hand, it’s an epic love story – a second-chance-romance full of chemistry, passion and emotion. On the other hand, it’s a story full of stupid decisions, drama and angst. The whole time I read, I was riding a fine line of mad love, heartbreak and infuriating rage. It’s an emotional rollercoaster that spans 12+ years, and wow, what a ride.

    This book follows on from one of my fave reads from last year, The Younger Man. Luciano was introduced in The Younger Man, and the characters from that book make an appearance in this one, but this book easily stands alone, and you’re completely safe to dive into it without having read anything else (though you should read it, because it’s awesome!).

    After her dreams of a soccer career were shattered following an injury, Ruby has left her life in Texas behind, determined to put her demons behind her and create a life for herself in Europe. She has thrown herself into sports journalism, and is determined to make a name for herself reporting on the sport she still loves, and has arrived in Portugal to do just that.

    We know Luciano Ribeiro from The Younger Man as the captain of soccer team, Real Madrid, and the captain of Portugal’s national team. But here, we meet him 12 years earlier when he is dealing with his own injury, and is working hard to get his place back with Lisbon’s local team. He’s a man with his own demons, but his eyes are set firmly on football success.

    Luciano and Ruby meet when she interviews him, and they share an instant connection. They get each other. They openly and honestly share about their lives and their pasts, and over time they become friends. But Ruby is dating Luciano’s brother and agent, Marco, so nothing happens between them. But they continue to grow close, sharing their pain and their joy, truly seeing each other and not the masks that they wear in public. It has the feel of a beautiful slow-burning relationship - without the relationship - and despite their feelings they keep things strictly platonic. Until they don’t.

    I feel for him. Something. Everything.
    In every way.
    “I want you,” I manage to say against his lips. “I need you.”
    He pauses, just enough to look me in the eyes. Fire flashes in them and I see myself in the flames, burning along with him.
    “You have me. You always have.”

    It’s hot, intense, and super freaking sexy. But it’s over before it even gets a chance to start. Over the following years, Luciano and Ruby come in and out of each other’s lives. They fall in love, their hearts are broken, and through every moment, we feel their chemistry, the depth and intensity of the emotion between them, and we get to witness their steamy hot passion that is such an important part of their connection. Their love is epic, but far from easy, and this rollercoaster is an angsty ride.

    “We’re all a little lost on this planet, stumbling around on cascading years, trying to make sense of it all.”
    She glances at me, her eyes glistening in such a way that it hurts my heart. “Then I don’t want to do it alone. I want to be lost and stumbling with you.”

    As much as I love angst when it works to build a story, in this case, it became overwhelming because so much of the angst was avoidable! At first, I was on board because part of Ruby’s charm is that she’s this vibrant, impetuous person. She’s a self-declared hot mess and she’s still figuring herself out, and I can absolutely relate to that. She made some bad decisions, but everybody has, that’s just life. But the big conflict seemed a bit contrived, the bad guy just a little too evil, and even after that, silly decisions continued to be made that had me groaning out loud (view spoiler)[

    I mean, even after everything, she came back after seven years and immediately started to date Luciano’s brother again? WTF? And at any point, she could have left Europe and gotten past the whole visa thing, that was just a stupid decision and got dragged out to become a drama that didn’t get dealt with until the most dramatic point possible. And, when they were waiting for their HEA, they stayed apart for three years, even when Luciano could have come to her at any point. Really? If they were so desperate for each other, surely a quick trip to visit wouldn’t have been too difficult? Especially with his millions! *sigh*

    (hide spoiler)]

  4. Alba and Her Secrets..♥ says:

    4.5 'Lost and stumbling' Stars!
    ARC provided via Valentine PR in exchange for an honest review.

    As one of Karina Halle’s fans, I’ve been impatiently waiting for this story ever since we met the charismatic Luciano in The Forbidden Man. And boy! Karina has delivered. I love this woman’s books but I was not expecting that big of a roller coaster ride with this one. I have to say, I was thoroughly surprised. Forbidden, angsty, dramatic, sexy, romantic and full of ups and downs, The One That Got Away is second-chance romance gold!

    This is Karina’s newest standalone release. The One That Got Away can sure be read as that but it is highly related to The Forbidden Man and I do recommend reading that one as well. This is the forbidden love story between Luciano Ribeiro, the star player in a Portuguese team and Ruby Turner, a new journalist who is travelling through Europe. Both these characters are broken by their pasts and their relationships with their families and that gets even more complicated when Ruby starts dating Luciano’s brother. Sparks are there from the start but is that enough? Will love win or are there too many obstacles for Luciano and Ruby to be together?

    He makes me want to pull the mask off the both of us, let us sink in our flaws, open our wounds and see what good can come out of it.
    He makes me feel less of a ghost, like I’m something tangible and real.

    I don’t even know what to write because I am drained after reading this novel. Karina did a brilliant job with these characters and their love story and people are not even ready for what is to come. There is a love triangle, forbidden chemistry, feelings all over the place, full on angst, family drama and, what’s most important, a couple that loves each other through everything. I love this kind of stories that happen through different times/ages because we see the characters evolution and how that affects their relationships.

    Let me stay.
    I don’t even want to fix you. I want to ride your broken wings.

    It’s not easy for Luciano and Ruby being attracted to each other but their connection is impossible to miss. It annoyed me a bit the back and forth between them and Marco (Luciano’s brother) but I got past it with everything going on. My poor heart broke for Luciano when we see how he is treated by his stepdad and how Ruby has to suffer for her situation with her parents and being alone all over Europe. Years go by but their burning chemistry doesn’t go away and that turns into a beautiful love that will live on forever.

    We don’t contain our love, our love contains us.
    And now, finally, it contains us together.

    Therefore, I am rating The One That Got Away with 4.5 STARS because Karina simply has done a magnificent job with this highly emotional love story. It was completely different from what she has given us this year and I loved that. Luciano and Ruby are so amazing together and it’s so clear they just belong to each other from the very start. As I said, this was second-chance romance gold so be sure to check it out, bookies!


  5. Marta Bo says:

    Aahhhhh Luciano, without any doubts, my heart is beating for You!!!!! Call me Ruby, or Marta - whatever You want!! I'm Yours, You're mine AND nothing gonna change that🤷‍♀️

    The One That Got Away will stay with me forever. I was waiting so impatient for Luciano and Ruby and OMG!!!!! All this waiting was worth of the time that passed by.

    Mrs. Halle outdid herself, and left me amazed. Ok, as always, I knew - She will give us beautiful love story but this time?? I wasn't well prepared for what happened here. From one side it was Mrs. Hale's typical masterpiece but from the other side.... all twists, ups and downs was quite big suprise, that made me breathless till the last paige of this book. The One That Got Away was very emotional since the first paiges, you'll see how much once You'll read it!

    Luciano and Ruby - someone hold me please! Chemistry between them could be illegal in some countries 😅 I swear!!! They burned my kindle to the ashes, I don't want to imagine how flushed my face looks like...STILL!

    I finnished reading few moments ago but the blood in my veins runs like the most crazy rolle coaster ride. I want to cry. I want to laugh.... I WANT TO JUMP INTO THIS BOOK AND LIVE INSIDE! I loved Luciano, I adore Ruby!!!Sometimes she made me feel little angry, but I can't imagine more perfect partner for Luciano. They were different, but they were like 2 parts of one apple - They are just destiny!!!

    Absolutely must read!!!!

  6. A. says:

    Short review: The heroine ruined the book.

    Longer review: The heroine is selfish, irresponsible, immature, stubborn, unrealistic and stupid. Those are some qualities that I cannot relate to. I really don't see what the Ribeiro brothers saw in her. And maybe I'm stupid, but I really don't understand why Ruby and Luciano couldn't be together right from the very beginning.

    I used to love Karina Halle's books, especially those set in various countries. I travel a lot, I even travelled as a student and visited the majority of the places mentioned in her books.

    I used to love Karina's writing. Remember Love, in English? (Granted, I didn't like that heroine either but the angst and the atmosphere in that book sticks with you for a very long time.) But then The Lie happened. And Bad at Love. It felt like the Karina's writing lost its magic for me. I stopped reading her books.

    I couldn't resist this one. I love football. I love Lisbon. I thought this would be a jackpot. No such luck.

    Maybe my rating is too harsh. The writing is definitely good. The characterization is well-done. The story is not so bad either, if you manage to get past the hideous heroine. But more than two stars would mean I liked the book, which would be a lie. Thanks to the heroine.

    I'm going to repeat that cliche phrase we love to use: I'm in the minority here. Chances are you will love it.


    FOOTBALL, you say?
    Real Madrid?
    Portugal’s National Team?

    UNREQUITED love?
    And it is the HERO who's doing the suffering?

  7. ReadingTilTheBreakOfDawn says:

    Do I believe in fate?
    I don't know.
    But I know fate believes in me.

    I'll start out by saying that this is a complete standalone romance, but Luciano did appear in The Forbidden Man which released at the end of 2019 and we are finally getting his story! If you want to meet him, start there, but it is totally NOT necessary. Be prepared to be put through the wringer with this one! This second (and third and fourth...) chance romance will have your emotions all over the place. Hold on for this bumpy ride.

    I'm going to keep this review fairly short. Luciano and Ruby's story is not easy and it is a bit messy. Ruby is an American in Portugal when she meets Luciano, the upcoming soccer star and his brother Marco, his agent. She is there to go after her goals of becoming a sports journalist and lands an interview with Luciano. You could feel the tension between them during their first meeting. It was tangible through pages. Even though she is a happy go lucky type of character, you can tell that 'like attracts like' and they have some sort of connection within the dark. But when life has handed you a lot of crap, you tend to go for easy when you can. And Ruby ends up going for easy when she starts dating Marco. AND I was so disappointed when she did! It frustrated me to no end! Couldn't she feel and see the connection she had with Luciano??!!

    SO Luciano and Ruby's journey toward happiness is anything but happy and easy. It's complex. It's emotional. It's full of angst and sexual tension from their first meeting. And it doesn't end there. Their story spans a decade and had my heart in my throat more than once. I felt their pain and their issues. I understood each transgression but still hated it. And all the years in between? How had their pain and love pulled them forward?

    This love story is an emotionally charged one that left me feeling a bit of pain and wondering what these characters did in the years between. It was real, raw, sexy AF and heartbreaking, all wrapped up into a beautiful messy bow. At times I had to put down my kindle and just breathe because my heart couldn't take it. I wanted to shake some sense into Ruby while hugging her the next moment. I wanted to be there for Luciano when he was broken by the ones who were supposed to love him most. But most of all, I wanted to see them happy, no matter how they got there.

    Be prepared to work for this story. Be prepared to feel all the love and anguish these characters feel. Be prepared to see a soccer god in all his glory (because, damn....can I have him??). Be prepared for this ride that will leave you feeling like your heart can't take it anymore. It will be worth it. I promise.

    Then I don't want to do it alone. I want to be lost and stumbling with you.

  8. Kahea says:

    ***4 Little Less Lost. A Little More Found' Stars***

    This baby took me on one hell of a ride.

    I swooned, I growled, I wanted to toss my Kindle into the freezer out of sheer frustration, but couldn’t because I NEEDED to know what would happen next with Ruby and Luciano in the worst way because despite all the crazy that happened around them, the connection between them was undeniable.

    I ADORED Luciano in The Forbidden Man (used to be The Younger Man) and all this book did was make me love him more. He has his demons, but he is passionate, sensual and simply a good man. Ruby, I liked. She is vibrant and fearless and has a bruised, yet good heart. But, while I admired her I also had a some issues with the choices she made and the reasons, or lack there of, behind them, especially when the situations surrounding those choices could have been resolved in a different and less drama filled ways.

    As for their journey, just from the description you already know that it was filled with all kinds of angst. Much of it did fall on Ruby’s shoulders, but Luciano wasn’t entirely blameless. So with the knowledge going in that this would be a bumpy ride, I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy it. There was a flow between Ruby and Luciano that couldn’t be denied and I loved how ~ despite everything ~ they did get to know each other on the deepest of levels and the chemistry between them was HAWT. As for their HEA. While there were a few issues whose resolutions I would have like to have experienced more of, I can’t deny that I am very happy with how everything turned out for them in the end.

    While the drama did get a bit OTT for me at times, I cannot deny that I loved getting lost in the various places the author took us to in this book. Each place, whether it be Houston, Portugal or Spain, I felt like I was right there with the characters and experiencing all the same sights and sounds.

    If you haven’t read The Forbidden Man, you won’t be lost. This book does intersect with it, but it is a true stand-alone. But I can pretty much guarantee that you will want to not only read The Forbidden Man, but the Love, in English Duet after meeting Alejo and Thalia and Mateo and Vera.

    ~ Copy provided by the author via Valentine PR & voluntarily reviewed ~

  9. ❥Lil says:

    OMG I'm so excited!!!


  10. Elsa Gomes (BookishAurora) says:

    ➳ Rate: +5/ 5 stars

    I knew this book was going to be special to me because the hero is Portuguese but I had no idea how much. Luciano and Ruby were so freaking special! Just thinking about their whole journey makes me tear up. They went through SO much, my poor heart could barely take it.

    We knew a little bit about Luciano's history with Ruby from what he told Alejo in The Forbidden Man but oh boy that one glimpse was nothing compared to the whole picture. And I'm so glad we got to see the whole picture, from the first moment they met to seeing every single thing unfold. It was a lot. These two had such a hard journey towards happiness but omg was it worth it!

    As I'm writing this, everything is playing like a movie reel in my head and I'm not okay ahah. When I say these two were special, I mean it. There is just something about them. They are two lost souls that each have family issues and they find each other and they just click together. It's so beyond superficial ever since the first time they meet. But of course there is so much that is in the way of them becoming more than friends. Above all, Ruby is dating Marcos, Luciano's brother. But their connection and their chemistry speaks so loud that when the opportunity arrives, they can't deny each other. It was only supposed to be one night, they fought they could forget each other, they were wrong.

    Sometime later, when they meet again everything is still there. They think fate is on their side this time and that they'll be able to give a relationship a go but fate is a fickle thing and he plays them. There are too many forces trying to bring them apart. And your heart will break alongside theirs. But that wasn't even the most emotional thing for me, oh no, it was when they see each other again years after. My goodness the emotions were so high. It was so amazingly written. I felt everything alongside both of them and it hurt. Those scenes were just so emotional and powerful. Their pain, their love really flew off the pages. You could feel it straight in your heart.

    Ahh these two. I miss them already and I already want to reread their story. It packs a punch. They never get a break. It's one thing after the other and it takes them years to find their way back to each other. Just all that time they couldn't be together gets to me so much but once they find a way, they make up for all the lost time, they make it all worth. Seriously, the love they have for each other was just amazing to read and Karina did such an amazing job telling their story and she gave them such a good ending. My heart was happy. It was just such a great ending for them. I was emo. It was painful but I lvoed every single second of these two's story, truly. Luciano and Ruby are a couple I won't soon forget. I love them.

    ➳Early arc kindly provided by author, in exchange for an honest review.

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