Zel❰EPUB❯ ✵ Zel Author Donna Jo Napoli – Heartforum.co.uk High in the mountains Zel lives with her mother who insists they have all they need for they have each other Zel's life is peaceful and protected until a chance encounter changes everything When she m High in the mountains Zel lives with her mother who insists they have all they need for they have each other Zel's life is peaceful and protected until a chance encounter changes everything When she meets a beautiful young prince at the market one day she is profoundly moved by new emotions But Zel's mother sees the future unfolding and she will do the unspeakable to prevent Zel from leaving her.

Donna Jo Napoli is both a linguist and a writer of children's and YA fiction She loves to garden and bake bread and even dreams of moving to the woods and becoming a naturalist At various times her house and yard have been filled with dogs cats birds and rabbits For thirteen years she had a cat named Taxi and liked to go outside and call Taxi to make the neighbors wonder But dear dear.

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  • 19 September 2014
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  1. ☘Misericordia☘ ~ The Serendipity Aegis ~ ⚡ϟ⚡ϟ⚡⛈ ✺❂❤❣ says:

    Warining lots of things here are dreadfully messed up I don't think the result is fitting for kids any kids and many adults

  2. Chris says:

    A few years back I went on a big reading binge with fairytale retellings All were somewhat brief and young adult But the shortest darkest take was definitely this one Napoli did an excellent job of really developing the limited cast of the classic Rapunzel while staying pretty true to the given motives in the original and giving us a very rich setting I read books in a very visual way so when I can imagine a full cinematic concept for what I'm reading I consider the book a successThis review from here on contains spoilers Now I'm seeing people say they didn't like it because it was dark and they didn't understand the characters And that's completely fine It's an opinion But I think contrary to what appears to be a popular opinion the characters are made to be completely believable in the time frames given to Napoli from the original story Yes the Duke is obsessive with his love for Rapunzel Why wouldn't he be? He fell in love with her in a day in the original tale as most princes do Yes Rapunzel goes insane; she goes from having access to a village that enjoys her company and open air to trapped in a tree with scant visits from her mother And Mother's role is amazing We've been given so many possible reasons for why the witch of he original tale traps her daughter as she does from spite to Disney's latest idea of greed for magic hair Napoli gives us a simple and very believable and sympathizing reason because she's a mother afraid of losing her childThat said it is very heavy for such a short novel and I definitely put it on the older end of young adult Parents if your teen has not yet read the Giver or the Lord of the Flies or anything by Shakespeare you might want to hold off on this book In the span of two lunch breaks I got to see vividly how two obsessive characters can destroy someone who is relatively pure in nature with manic love because that is exactly what this story is about The triumph of the story is when circumstances help rebuild Zel's sanity taking her from being a child to a tragically mad creature to a strong woman and mother The duke faces his own adversity for the first time beyond that of simply not being able to find a pretty girl and grows from it The tragedy is entirely in Mother who simply wanted a child too badly and went about it in the worst of waysOverall I really do love this book Rapunzel is not one of my favorite fairytales so the fact that I got to enjoy this so much was something pleasantly new If you want a uick read and lack the stress to be able to get into something dark and emotional I highly recommend it

  3. Katherine says:

    ”We will be together Mother and Zel Forever” Synopsis Women don’t often regret their choice of pregnancy cravings but a young Swiss mother no doubt does when Mother Gothel comes and takes her infant to raise as her own Biblio Babble All Hail the ueen of Retellings Fairytale retellings have always been super popular but ever since the YA boom started in the mid to late 2000s there’s been a resurgence of them While most people are uick to name authors such as Marissa Meyer as the master of fairy tale retellings I firmly believe that Donna Jo Napoli deserves the rightful title Retellings are always tricky in the sense that there’s a fine balance; you must stay true to the tale your retelling but also you have to put a new fresh spin on it Napoli accomplishes both objectives with such ease she makes it look effortless Not Your Mother’s Rapunzel Zel is a much darker and grittier take than even the Brother’s Grimm fairytale because while you get the gory details in Grimm’s story you don’t get the reason why In creating the darker backstory for the Wicked Mother and Rapunzel she creates an entirely new perspective that will alternately make you recoil in disgust but feel sympathy for the character that deserves it the least the MotherYes Mommy Dearest While the main character of the story is supposed to be Zel because duh; this is her retelling I would strongly argue that the star of the show is Mother Mother is first portrayed to us as a hyper protective smothering woman who wants Zel to never leave her for reasons we don’t fully understand But just as Napoli is deft at striking the right balance in retelling tales she is eually masterful at making formerly one dimensional characters into fully fleshed out sympathetic people Mother has her reasons for keeping Zel locked up in the tower all alone even if they are horrid ones But Mother’s backstory is one that will have readers slowly comprehending her actions and even sympathizing with them at that Most of us know what it feels like to want something so badly it literally aches Mother wants nothing than a child that her barren body cannot conceive and she’s willing to pay any price for it; even at the expense of her future child’s sanity I never fully hated Mother even though she should be an easy character to hate We’re All Mad Here Zel is so much than the damsel in distress here; she was a great character study Her change in countenance and mental stability is startling to read about Then again if you were locked up in a tower for two years without human contact other than your mother you’d go a little cuckoo yourself It’s best to characterize her as Before the Tower and In the Tower Before the Tower Zel was extremely lively and spirited always ready to make new friends and trusting to a fault much like a well known Disney Princess And while she’s happy with her mother and their uiet life she does wants in life than that In the Tower she is broken down to a shell of her former self prone to babbling self harm and uestions about the Mother she really knows Her naiveté and innocence at her situation and the heartbreaking realization of Mother’s true intentions make her all the devastating of a characterHere Comes the Smolder If there’s one weak spot in this seemingly flawless novel it’s Count Konrad He lacks the charm that Flynn Rider so easily wields and is borderline stalkerish Smitten with charming Zel the moment he sees her tending to his horse and reuesting a goose egg his only function is to ride through the countryside looking for her with the barest details known to him That and eat enough Rapunzel lettuce to feed Bugs Bunny for the next century Seriously I thought the dude was going to turn into a head of lettuce there for a minute As much as you want them to finally find each other so he can shut the hell up about her it’s hard to really ship them as a couple I think he was in love with the idea of Rapunzel and his obsession with her rather than Rapunzel herself but that’s just my take on it It’s a very slight blemish in an otherwise flawless novelThis is my favorite Donna Jo Napoli retelling for a reason She perfectly captures the true essence of the story with a dark and sinister twist to things And yet she manages to make formerly unsympathetic heartless characters at least have some semblance of a soul and fleshes out the rest of her cast to be so lifelike that it almost seems like they’re standing right beside you While this retelling is a much darker take on the seemingly innocent Brothers Grimm fairy tale Napoli shows with her haunting yet starkly beautiful writing how far people are willing to go to get the things they want and the devastating conseuences that are sure to follow

  4. Carrie says:

    This story is deep and melancholy and left me feeling depressed Some graphic scenes are rather disturbing and the sex scene kind of ruined it for me bumped the book into a mature category than is appropriate for its audience

  5. Sara Saif says:

    Zel was a grim and yet interesting take on Rapunzel It was a barely 300 page book but it packed a lot and ended in a satisfying way I liked the way Mother was portrayed and how realistic Rapunzel's mental state was written I found three things weird though Konrad's obsession which started immediately and should have had a sound reason Rapunzel's hair ironic I know I think it couldn't have taxed Mother much to use her arts for getting to and from the tower once each day Rapunzel's hair growth made no sense and third the goose Wtf even was with that goose?Please read the book it was fascinating

  6. Lara says:

    Plot summary Zel is a joyous innocent girl on the cusp of womanhood She has grown up on a peaceful and beautiful Swiss farm with just one person for companionship Mother More than anything Zel wishes she could talk to animals and understand them Mother has a gift of her own – a way with plants She can manipulate them to serve her purposes growing trees and shrinking vines raising all sorts of vegetables and fruits It turns out that Mother is a barren witch who traded her soul for a child when she could not bear her own Zel looks forward to their twice yearly visits to the town market where she can interact with all sorts of people Mother looks forward to the time when Zel will have to make the choice between leaving the farm to start her own family or staying with Mother forever Mother could not bear it if Zel were to leave the farm and pours her heart into making Zel happy On their latest visit to the market however Zel encounters a young man Konrad Konrad sees Zel's sweet way with animals and her unusual manners and is enchanted with her When Zel calms Konrad's horse while the blacksmith removes a tick from the horse's ear Konrad asks how he can repay her Having no desire for money Zel thinks of a solitary goose at the farm – she sits on a nest of rocks because she cannot have her own goslings Zel asks for a goose egg hoping to persuade the goose it is her own egg Konrad is amazed at the reuest but takes the dark eyed girl seriously and begins hunting for a goose egg As soon as Mother realizes Zel's thoughts have turned to a certain young man and the unsure way he made her feel she acts to separate the two before they have a chance to meet again Spiriting Zel high up into disused tower Mother feeds Zel special foods to make her hair grow long At first Mother reaches the tower by making a tree next to it grow and shrink but eventually Mother can climb up by Zel's hair Konrad meanwhile has been hunting for Zel for two years obsessed with her and mystified by her disappearance Zel locked in her tower prison starts to lose her mind keeping secrets from Mother and trying to make friends with the suirrel in the tree and a pigeon that roosts above her cramped uarters When Konrad finally finds the tower and watches Mother ascend using the golden braids Konrad is able to use the same trick to get up as Zel doesn't even realize it is him When Mother discovers that Konrad has found Zel she breaks down completely and uses the forest to transport Zel now pregnant far away where Konrad has almost no hope of ever finding her again Mother throws Konrad out the window of the tower but at the last moment shrubs around the base of the tower spring up and cushion his fall though they scratch out his eyes Her strength gone Mother dies Zel is taken in by villagers who find her at the end of her long strange journey and starts a new life in a new country Konrad resumes his search even blind in this love story for the agesComments Napoli has done a fantastic job of re writing the Rapunzel fairy tale Zel is so full of life and joy in small everyday things it is tragic to see the way Mother tries to limit her enthusiasm It is also distressing to read about how much Mother simply wants Zel to love her and to be happy with the uiet country life they have carved out for themselves but by loving Zel too much she turns Zel against herself Napoli has written the book from the three different viewpoints of Zel Mother and Konrad As Mother's reasoning becomes flawed and distressed Zel starts to lose her own mind cooped up in the tower with only a hour long visit from Mother each day Konrad caught up in his obsessive uest to find the beautiful and uniue Zel changes from being a boy to emerging as a man as his search becomes arduous Napoli did a great job of handling the extreme youth of Zel and Konrad In this type of fairy tale marriage at a younger age than is now commonly accepted was not unusual Without remarking on explicit details Napoli crafts a love story that will appeal to readers of many ages I will be looking for of Napoli's revised fairytales in the future

  7. Natalie says:

    The oldest versions of fairy tales tend to be horrifying for those of us who were raised on Walt Disney's magic I love the sweet happily ever after tales Disney tells but the original tales are also very appealing One fairy tale that was always disturbing to me is the story Rapunzel The idea that a mother adopted or otherwise would lock her child in a tower for years is always horrifying Zel does an excellent job showing the love then betrayal that kind of relationship would have to have This book is filled with both beauty and horror love and hate The sweet innocence and love between Zel and her prince is very beautiful The ugliness that comes with Mother's obsessive love made me shiver This book is not for children It is one I would recommend for teens there is a sex scene as is necessary to stay true to the original tale It is implied only and comes with vows of life long devotion This is much to heavy a book for my 10 year old but I think a 14 year old would get a lot out of it I highly recommend this book for that older audience but I will add a warning that it includes many of the darker details that the Grimm Brothers included in their stories It is also full of true to history details that are weaved seamlessly into the story The fact that it doesn't go overboard on the horror it is subtly set in a very believable 1500's Europe and that it also includes a lot of sweet joy and love makes this a 5 star book for me

  8. Laura says:

    Ew what a worthless book the main character was so annoying I didn't care that she was locked up in her tower and I found some of the things she did simply disgraceful I would never recommend this book

  9. Lindsay says:

    This is a story about Repunzel I think it is a lot like the original version except for the ending Repunzel is named after the lettuce for which her birth mother traded her The mother who raised her was a barren woman who wanted a child than anything She tricked her neighbors into giving her a child through sorcery she received by trading her soul to the devil With this sorcery she also promised to convince Zel to sell her soul for gifts as well The first time Zel meets a boy her mother locks her in a tower to prevent them from ever meeting again She convinces Zel it is for her own protection from an enemy Zel stays in the tower for two years and begins to go crazy The boy she met searches for and finally finds the tower He comes in and they sleep together Zel's mom can see she is pregnant She rips off Zel's braids and forces her miles and miles away through the branches of trees When her lover returns to free her he confronts her mother She pushes him from the window using her last ounce of strength to catch him with briars poking his eyes out Zel ends up in a desert somewhere with strange people Her lover continues searching for her and she bares twins They finally meet again and her tears cure his blindnessThis story was so strange At first I thought it was really childish I didn't like how they author constantly switched veiwpoints though it did create an advantage for telling the story When Zel started going crazy in the tower it got really messed up I was surprised when they slept together Butr apparently that is how the story goes originally I've never read it Anyways I wouldn't really encourage young adults to read this book It's kind of dark with no moral ending

  10. ✧nicole✧ says:

    Eh I mean this is basically the re telling of the classic fairytale Rapunzel That's all it was really I didn't go into this book with high expectations so I wasn't really disappointed Maybe fairy tales just aren't my thing I don't know I mean I did like this book it certainly was good and a captivating story but it just kind of seemed to drag on Like Konrad sets out to find Rapunzel for days Comes back and is unsuccessful Rapunzel goes crazy talks to animals and describes her thoughts of slicing herself open with a sharp stone Konrad goes again and tries to find her Asks people if they know her AND THEN THIS REPEATS LIKE FOUR MORE TIMES OVER THE COURSE OF ABOUT 7 YEARS ? I mean this book certainly is good and a great story I just gave it the rating I did because of the annoying style of writing and how it really dragged on in the end Things that I did like about this book were the interestinguniue characters and how each chapter was told in a different character's point of view Overall a 3 maybe 35 star book

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