Living Gnosis: A Practical Guide to Gnostic Christianity

Living Gnosis: A Practical Guide to Gnostic Christianity[KINDLE] ❆ Living Gnosis: A Practical Guide to Gnostic Christianity By Tau Malachi – Gnostic revival is growing in the United States and Europe as people are discovering the mystical roots of their own Western Tradition This easy to read deeply spiritual introduction to Gnostic Christ Gnostic revival is growing in A Practical eBook ↠ the United States and Europe as people are discovering the mystical roots of their own Western Tradition This easy to read deeply spiritual introduction to Gnostic Christianity helps beginners down the Gnostic path to esoteric insights and wisdomFocusing primarily on Sophian Gnosticism Tau Malachi explains the origins teachings and nature of this living tradition Readers also learn how to apply Living Gnosis: PDF \ Gnostic practices such as affirmation positive thought and creative visualization in daily life More than a practical guide this text invites everyone to embark on a spiritual uest toward Spirit connection and self realization by way of Gnostic wisdom.


Living Gnosis: A Practical Guide to Gnostic Christianity
  • Paperback
  • 219 pages
  • Living Gnosis: A Practical Guide to Gnostic Christianity
  • Tau Malachi
  • English
  • 13 September 2015
  • 9780738707181

10 thoughts on “Living Gnosis: A Practical Guide to Gnostic Christianity

  1. May Ling says:

    Summary A very easy guide to this religion If you find the front of the book too basic it gets better as you go back All my citations are from the back half He was recommended to me as a great verbalizer of this religionThe thing with the Gnostics is that many of their teachings come from the oral tradition Hence finding someone to correct describe things in a way that speaks to how you think can often be a challenge My friend and I both like how Tau describes things p 84 How we experiences the divine presence and power is dependent upon our own state of consciousness Thus in speaking about the Judgment or the peaceful versus wrathful manifestations of God Gnosticism is not speaking about anything outside or separate from ourselves It is speaking about how our own consciousness arises our own experiences of the reality truth continuum Thus the appearances of the Divine mother are related to how being consciousness force is manifest in creatures or sentient beings and reflects the state of the soul experiencing her The Divine mother never changes for she is at one with the Father and is therefore transcendent Yet involved in creatures creation and the realm of becoming she is ever changing because all things in creation are constantly changing The point is that the divine is static but you are dynamic so your view of it your consciousness your experience will modify as you evolvechokengtitiktitikchokeng 180 Going within it is uite natural that our consciousness opens to the inner dimensions and spiritual world Divine visions may well transpirePsychic and spiritual gifts are not uncommon side effects of the self realization process any than radiant and heavenly visions Yet such things are secondary to the Gnostic initiate The aims of the Gnostic are enlightenment liberation and the sacred heart of love and compassion which is the natural expression of any authentic self realization The sense of self does not vanish in this process Rather it simply expands to include everyone and everything even God and the GodheadHow far our experience will unfold is completely dependent on how deeply we immerse ourselves in the interior life and the degree to which we actively surrender to the light presence and allow it to take up our personality and life display hence the degree to which we embody our soul of light P 189 The affirmation examples There were a bunch These were cool I am a person of light who comes from the light continuum darkness cannot harm meI am successful in all that I do and nothing is impossible for meI am a radiant and divine being and there is healing power in meI am a traveler in the world and a light bearer I abide in the supernal abode I am inseparable from divine being and the presence is in meI am visited by luminous beings and constantly surrounded by light and love p 196 manifest outwardly and the tendency to failure is reduced eventually vanishing altogether Perfect success becomes a constant in our experience This is the secret behind much of what has been called miracles or magic and according to Sophian teachings it is the real message of resurrection and ascensionAny activity or work in which one experiences a larger percentage of success is a good place to begin to practice and experiment with the perfection of success This whole section speaks to me on what I should do and what I should encourage in those around me Why it is that those that have achieved something that they can point to are so much able to find center and what it would mean to help someone do this so that they can find center Powerful stuff Three steps to overcoming failure notice that none of these involve pretending like it doesn't exist which is WAY common in 2020 among people who miss the point of these teachings1 Recognize failure as an external reflection fo something to be worked out within oneself 2 Go within and find what needs to be worked out3 Make a clear and conscious decision to work out the internal cause of the apparent failure and take action to do so to whatever degree one is capable5 conditions for perfect success P 199 summarized p 201 but I'm rewriting in my own words1 The View of Perfect Success Believe in this success as if it already exists Any negative stuff is as it should have been in order to make the path of success occur in the linear timeline2 Consecration to the Divine Accept and let go The current moment is not the end No matter how bad it might seem think abundance and realize that any state outside of perfection is transitory3 Complete Commitment Spiritually mentally vital and physically Dedicate oneself to that activity4 Completey Positive EnergyPositive thought and attitude5 Perfect Performance Just do it You can't just think it into existence you have to execute systematically The afterward describes why this teaching still less known and why it's becoming open now Cool stuff Going to bookmark a few of the other books that he references

  2. Lisa says:

    Taken from an old diary postTau Malachi makes sense but all this talk of esoterica makes me doubtful If it's such secret stuff meant for few why would it be so mainstream Bigger net catches fish I know not to scream 'cult' but there's a pessimist in me that doubts something

  3. Connie Backus-yoder says:

    Good information at times

  4. Sam M says:

    If I had stopped halfway through the book I probably would have given it a three star rating at best The beginning of the book was tough for me to get through but the latter half was worth the effort The background information on Sophian Gnosticism is presented in a strangely organized fashion and the reading felt redundant and inarticulate although I will grant the author some leeway; gnosticism is a confusing and subtle subject to write aboutOverall an interesting read Definitely recommended for someone interested in researching alternativemystical traditions and religions

  5. Ryan says:

    This book was a different approach than most on Gnosticism that I have read Rather than taking it from a academic or even religious view point Tau Malachai comes from within the Sophian Gnostic school of thought Spiritually rich and inspiring it was a great read for those who have already read something of a Gnostic nature Because he comes from the standpoint of Sophian Gnosticism his viewpoint is a bit narrowed and he does not explore various branches However it is a fantastic insight into the spiritual life of a very devout Gnostic leader

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