Tell Me What You Want—Or Leave Me

      Tell Me What You Want—Or Leave Me
An open, inventively sensual couple, they ve indulged every desire But there are still surprises to come in a heated romance by bestselling author Megan Maxwell Jude is waking up to two stunning sights the hot white sands of the Mexican Caribbean coast and the even hotter Eric Zimmerman And he s hers forever What can she wish for from a man who s fulfilled every fantasy The honeymoon isn t over yet.Eric has never felt so intimately close to the woman he loves Heart, body, and soul, they re made for each other And with a wife as insatiably kinky as he is, they re ready and willing to try anything Can it get any better It can, in ways Eric could only have dreamed of.But hopes and dreams, especially those of family, can be hard won Because in their almost perfect, almost anything goes love story, Jude and Eric must trust in each other and fight for what they want next and what they want most It s a new beginning Together, against the odds, they are heading for the happy ever after they deserve. Read Tell Me What You Want—Or Leave Me By Megan Maxwell –

Mar a del Carmen Rodr guez del lamo L zaro was born on 1965 in Nuremberg, Germany, daugther of a Spanish mother and a North American father She grew up in Madrid, Spain She worked during years as secretary Under the pseudonym of Megan Maxwell her first heroine , she published romance novels since 2010.

      Tell Me What You Want—Or Leave Me
  • Kindle Edition
  • 379 pages
  • Tell Me What You Want—Or Leave Me
  • Megan Maxwell
  • 25 July 2018

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