The Adventures of William Dampier (Tomes Maritime): The Dampier Collection, Volume 7

The Adventures of William Dampier (Tomes Maritime): The Dampier Collection, Volume 7For The First Time, Dampier S Handwritten Journal Sloan MS Is Available In PrintThe Adventures Of William Dampieris Substantively Different From Dampier S New Voyage Round The World And Has Been Crafted To Highlight Those Differences Also Included Are Reproductions Of The Draughts Dampier Drew In His Journal And Of The Maps From New Voyage Adventures Presents The Reader With Dampier S Untold Story An Exciting Version Of Piratical Rampaging Up And Down The Coasts Of Central And South America, Africa, And The East IndiesThe Adventures Of William Dampieris A Must Read For Folk Curious About The Freebooting Lifestyle Of Adventurers Like Dampier During The Age Of Piracy, Sail, Discovery, And The Dawn Of ScienceSearch For Tomes Maritime Dampier And Discover THE DAMPIER COLLECTIONVol A New Voyage Round The World By William DampierVol Supplement Of The Voyage Round The World By William DampierVol Two Voyages To Campeachy By William DampierVol A Discourse Of Winds By William DampierVol A Voyage To New Holland By William DampierVol A Continuation Of A Voyage To New Holland By William DampierVol The Adventures Of William Dampier Being William Dampier S Unpublished Journal Sloan MS By William DampierVol William Dampier S Atlas C A Collection Of Maps A Glossary A Catalog Of Old And New Place Names Dampier S Who S Who A Brisk BiographyVol A Booty Of Words A Dictionary Devoted To The Linguistic Treasure Contributed To The English Language By The Pirate William Dampier Vol Wafer S New Voyage And Description Of The Isthmus Of Darien By Lionel WaferVol Cowley S Voyage Round The Globe By William Ambrosia CowleyVol Baz Ringrose S Journal Into The South Seas By Basil RingroseVol William Dick S South Sea Voyage By William Dick Aka William Williams Vol Captain Sharp S Journey Over The Isthmus Of Darien And Expedition Into The South Seas By Bartholomew SharpVol The Voyage And Adventures Of Bartholomew Sharp And Others In The South Seas By AnonymousVol Funnell S A Voyage Round The World Containing An Account Of Captain Dampier S Expedition Into The South Seas In The Ship St George, In The Years And By William Funnell Includes William Dampier S Vindication By William DampierVol Cruising Voyage Round The World By Woodes RogersVol Life Aboard A British Privateer In The Time Of Queen Anne Being The Journal Of Captain Woodes Rogers, Master Mariner By Woodes RogersVol A Voyage To The South Seas And Round The World By Captain Edward Cooke

William Dampier 1651 1715 was an English pirate, explorer and navigator who became the first Englishman to explore parts of what is today Australia, and the first person to circumnavigate the world three times He has also been described as Australia s first natural historian, as well as one of the most important British explorers of the period between Sir Walter Raleigh and James Cook.Dampier was the son of a Somerset farmer He sailed to Newfoundland and the East Indies while still a boy and took part in the Third Dutch War After a brief sojourn in Jamaica as undermanager of a plantation, he joined the buccaneers of the Caribbean in Capt Morgan s heyday In 1686 Capt Swan of the Cygnet, in which Dampier was sailing, decided to seek prizes in the Pacific before returning to England After spending 6 months in the Philippines, Swan s crew seized the ship and cruised in Far Eastern waters between China and Australia Dampier accordingly spent the summer of 1688 at King Sound in Western Australia After being marooned on one of the Nicobar Islands, he traveled by native canoe to Sumatra and served as a gunner at Bencoelen before returning to England.Dampier recorded details of his amazing adventures along with navigational data in a diary on which he based A New Voyage round the World and Voyages and Descriptions Impressed with his work, the English Admiralty commissioned him with the rank of captain to command an expedition to explore the Australian coastline He reached Shark Bay, Western Australia, in August 1699, and using Tasman s charts, he sailed up the coast for a month seeking an estuary After revictualing at Timor, he proceeded along the north coast of New Guinea and discovered New Britain but abandoned plans to explore the east coast of Australia because his ship, the H M S Roebuck, was in poor condition On the way home, the Roebuck was lost off Ascension Island, and the crew were rescued by returning East India men.A court martial in 1702 found Dampier unfit to command a naval vessel During the next 4 years he led an unsuccessful privateering expedition in the South Seas Between 1708 and 1711 he again sailed around the world as pilot for Capt Woodes Rogers, a privateer sponsored by Bristol merchants Dampier died in London in March 1715 before receiving his share of the expedition s spoils.Further ReadingAn account of Dampier which notes both his achievements and defects is Christopher Lloyd, William Dampier 1966 See also Clennell Wilkinson, Dampier Explorer and Buccaneer 1929.Excerpted from Encyclopedia of World Biography 2004 There seems to be some doubt as to whether it was 1651 or 1652 various generally reliable sources contradict each other.

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  • The Adventures of William Dampier (Tomes Maritime): The Dampier Collection, Volume 7
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