Roman doesn t want to be a mercenary Carlos doesn t want to deal drugs Neither wants to be trapped in the Ecuador prison, where no one gets out alive What they want doesn t matter, though, because when you live in a world defined by animal greed, and the imperative of bloody violence, hope is just another four letter word.Yet, when these two meet, they take a chance that if they change the rules, they can change their fates They could still have meaning and purpose To do so, they will have to fight, not just corrupted men, but against an entire system of avarice and contempt Roman and Carlos will risk everything to find if redemption is as rare as hope, or as common as blood. Best Download Sangre [ author ] Michael Gullikson [ Kindle ePUB or eBook ] –

Michael Gullikson was born in Westbrook, Maine For the last eighteen years he has lived with his wife, Kim, and three children in a special community, among the lakes and beautiful foothills of western Maine Sailing is his passion, so he and Kim spend the fairer months negotiating the wind and tides along the spectacular granite coast A graduate of the University of Southern Maine, Michael has worked in manufacturing, real estate, property services, and construction.As a founding member of a local book club, he is committed to the experiences of sharing and lively discussion.

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  • 18 December 2017
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