Medieval Clothing and Textiles 15

      Medieval Clothing and Textiles 15
The essays in this volume continue the Journal s tradition of groundbreaking interdisciplinary work The volume opens with a survey of the discipline of medieval clothing and textiles, written by the founding editor Gale R Owen Crocker The range of the other essays extends chronologically from the early Middle Ages through the fifteenth century and covers a variety of disciplines Topics include the conception of the author as a wordweaver in the literatures of Anglo Saxon England intertextual literary identities established through clothing in the Nibelungenlied and the V lsunga Saga the historical record of clothing and textiles at the court of King John of England medallion silks, their use in Western Europe, and their representation in art the vestments of Beguines and other penitential movements in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries and depictions of heraldic textile weaving in late medieval art. New Read [ Medieval Clothing and Textiles 15 ] By [ Robin Netherton ] For Kindle ePUB or eBook –

Robin Netherton is a costume historian specializing in Western European clothing of the twelfth through fifteenth centuries Since 1982, she has given lectures and workshops on practical aspects of medieval costume and on costume as an approach to social history, art history, and literature A journalist by training, she also works as a professional editor and is the editor of Medieval Clothing and Textiles.

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      Medieval Clothing and Textiles 15
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  • Medieval Clothing and Textiles 15
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