A small plane was blown up in an act of sabotage over Northern Quebec, Canada The incident was quickly analyzed and termed a mechanical failure The case was closed in a rush A young actor from Montreal dies in Afghanistan, killed by a missile from a drone His death opens up wounds and discussions that are not in the public domain These two seemingly disparate events form the backbone of a compelling contemporary ideas thriller, set in Montreal s Main district and in the blue green mountains of Kandahar Past values, local history, neighborhood myths and intense psychosexual vectors are suddenly on a collision course with the current international context of wars, migration, exile, and terror In the backdrop is the cold case of the airplane sabotage that occurred over a decade ago Was the plane crash hushed up Why Three friends from Montreal s Plateau and Mile End districts manage to de freeze the cold case, burn up the fog, and hell breaks loose, not only in their personal lives, but in their own affiliations. New Download Fog [ author ] Rana Bose [ Kindle ePUB or eBook ] –

Rana Bose is a well known playwright in Canada and has had ten of his plays published by Seagull, Prestige, and The Canadian Theatre Review All of these plays have been performed in Canada, US, and India and perhaps elsewhere He has been an engineer, mentor, consultant, performance poet, playwright, and resides in Montreal and sometimes in Kolkata He is also one of the editors of the webzine Montreal Serai.

 By Rana Bose IBN : 1771861843 Format : Paperback –
  • Paperback
  • 236 pages
  • Fog
  • Rana Bose
  • 25 April 2017
  • 1771861843

10 thoughts on “ Fog

  1. James Fisher says:

    I ve read many good books this year and Fog is certainly near the top A literate mystery thriller set in Montreal in the Main with side trips to Calcutta and Kandahar, this is a superbly written book about a neighbourhood, friendships, justice and belonging Highly recommended.

  2. Ian Shaw says:

    Fog, as the title suggests, is about seeing through the mundane to discover new things, and yet never leaving the mist behind Written with flowing lyricism, the novel reveals the deft hand of a seasoned writer in piecing together a seamless narrative In this, Bose s decades of theatrical experience pays off His characters are live, real and at times as confused as in a Shakespearean drama.It s Montreal in the first decade of th...

  3. Veena Gokhale says:

    First, the praise The erudition, the politics and issues tackled, the writing style and the sheer beauty and inventiveness of the prose, the range of characters and the character development, the locales, the wonderful portrait of a neighbourhood in Montreal, the sheer intelligence and the knowledge displayed by the author including of high culture , the suspense, were very impressive and extremely enjoyable My minor quibbles are about the flow of the narrative and the relationship between th First, the praise The erudition, the politics and issues tackled, the writing style and the sheer beauty and inventiveness of the prose, the range o...

  4. Cora Sire says:

    Suspenseful and sublime, Fog is a powerful novel of intrigue and love, family and friendship Beautifully written, the book features unforgettable characters whose entanglements take us on a riveting ride

  5. Su says:

    Excellent book As an immigrant to Montr al, I very much appreciated the layered sense of a Montr al community that this book was able to portray I felt as though I could step onto its pages I also loved the quirky and non stereotypical characters As icing on the c...

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