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Spaniards Baby of Revenge❮Download❯ ➺ Spaniards Baby of Revenge Author Clare Connelly – His vengeance was strictly businessuntil he discovers she's carrying his heirAntonio Herrera's plan is simple persuade innocent Amelia diSalvo to sell the shares in his rival's business But what the S His vengeance was strictly businessuntil he discovers she's carrying his heirAntonio Herrera's plan is simple persuade innocent Amelia diSalvo to sell the shares in his rival's business But what the Spanish billionaire didn't plan on was their intense connection Now Antonio has only one aimthe ultimate seduction So he's stunned to discover their Spaniards Baby Epub / nine month conseuence To secure his heir he'll do the unthinkable – and shockingly pleasurable – make Amelia his wife.

wwwclareconnellycouk the official home of Clare Connelly on the webClare Connelly grew up in a small country town in Australia Surrounded by rainforests and rickety old timber houses magic was thick in the air and stories and storytelling were a huge part of her childhood From early on in life Clare realised her Spaniards Baby Epub / favourite books were romance stories and read voraciously Anything from Jane Austen to Georgette Heyer to Mills Boon and recently Shades Clare is a romance devotee She first turned her hand to penning a novel at fifteen if memory serves it was something about a glamorous fashion model who fell foul of a high end designer Sparks flew clothes flew faster and love was bornClare has a small family and a bungalow near the sea When she isn't chasing after energetic little toddlers or wiping fingerprints off furniture she's writing thinking about writing or wishing she were writing.

Spaniards Baby of Revenge MOBI Þ Spaniards Baby  Epub
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  • Spaniards Baby of Revenge
  • Clare Connelly
  • 15 July 2016

10 thoughts on “Spaniards Baby of Revenge

  1. StMargarets says:

    Finally a hero who doesn’t wimp out on a revenge scheme two chapters in This hero was crazed with hatred for the heroine’s family and he stayed that way until the very last chapter when he finally woke up The Hh initial meeting and one night stand was the most implausible part of the story imo One night standsinsta lust are not my favorite tropes and this hero forgetting all about his revenge plan because of the heroine’s sweet nature and the lights going out during a storm – really didn’t ring true Especially in light of his further character development He continued on with his revenge plans Didn’t call her She had to contact him about the pregnancy He blackmailed her into marriage so he could have the shares etc The interview he gave which wasn’t published until after their marriage also underlines how not bowled over he was by the heroineThe hero planning this seduction would have been much in character and would have added to the lovely discomfort of watching the heroine realize just what a monster she’s fallen in love withAlas we can’t have everything Hero did wake up and I do think he was sincere in realizing he had nothing if he couldn’t have the heroine and his child A little show than tell would have added to the angst however CC glossed over hero’s agony and the scene with the hero’s brother Still this is a fun revenge story with a cruel enough hero

  2. KatieV says:

    I just can't get into the newer HPs The H POV ruins it for me making what I would probably love into 'meh' or mere 'like' I strongly suspect that all of the old school vengeful heroes were just as thick as a brick stupid as Antonio here but their lack of POV allowed me to make assumptions If I don't know what they are thinking or not thinking I can pretend they have a thought or two rattling around upstairsClassic setup that I normally enjoy He was angry at her family for ruining his family's business empire He will ruin them at any cost yet he also wants her He blackmails her into marriage because she just wants to do what is best for her family and unborn child He pats himself on the back for being such a clever bastard who can have his cake and eat it tooI think I could have really loved it but something was missing The insta lust didn't work for me here for one I can handle the one night stand turns to secret baby and forced marriage but jeez Dude shows up in the middle of the night a complete stranger and she just lets him into her home Then she gives him her virginity before he even tells her why he is there If he'd only brought a pizza along it would be the perfect setup to a pornoDid I mention this guy was thicker than a box of bricks

  3. Esther says:

    35This was good but something was lacking I'm not sure what exactly maybe the storyline felt off it felt somewhat choppy Also I found that there were spots in the book that dragged and I found my mind wondering I also felt that the characters could have been developed as well as the love story We have Antonio seeking revenge for his family's business that was almost ruined due to the DiSalvo family He finds the daughtersister who has changed her name and hidden herself from the limelight He was going to ask her for her shares of the company purchase or blackmail herAmelia childhood was surrounded with glitz parties and a Mother who had no nurturing ualities She was a model who craved attention Amelia hated her upbringing Amelia's loses her mother at 12 and finally finds out who her father is She is then sent to live with the DeSalvo family and again it's parties money and very superficial Hence her wanting to be independent and make a life of her own so she moves into a uaint country cottage and becomes a school teacher Antonio finds Amelia and is ready to make an offer for her shares Amelia finds Antonio at her front door one rainy night and finds out their grandfathers were knew each other They are instantly attracted to each other and end up in bed together Next morning the truth is revealed Amelia is angry and hurt Antonio leaves without the sharesMonths later Amelia finds out that she's pregnant and goes to Antonio's office to inform him He insists they marry or he'll ruin her brother finically She eventually agrees and they marry Antonio's hatred for her family is a major stumbling block for their marriage And nothing is really resolved till the last few pages of the book Again not the smoothes read and really didn't feel their relationship ever really developed conversation time together deep dialogue etc Storyline was a little off and missing something

  4. Jenny says:

    Antonio has never forgiven Amelia's family for ruining his father He wants revenge and he has vowed to make Amelia and her family pay harshly When he meets Amelia he cannot seem to stop himself from taking her to bed When Amelia finds out that she is pregnant with Antonio's baby he proposes marriage She accepts and she tries to make him see reason and abandon his plans for revenge but Antonio cannot forgive or forget Will the two of them manage to work through all the obstacles standing in their way and fight for their marriage or is Amelia's love for her husband one sided I love a good revenge story I liked that hero was ruthless and cold at first Harleuin authors don't write ruthless heroes any and I hate that so I was glad to read about a harsh cruel and unfeeling hero I was so glad when Antonio finally redeemed himself and forgave Amelia's brother A passionate engrossing and wonderfully romantic story Epilogue with their 2 kids was perfect

  5. Nikki ღ Navareus says:

    The story wasn't bad it just never sucked me in and made me feel anything for either the hero or the heroine I was hoping for some yummy angst but the angst factor in this one was pretty low

  6. Aou says:

    I really love CC's groveling heroes and heroines who are loving but has a backbone But this H was not cruel enough for me that's why I gave 4 stars

  7. Aou says:

    I really love CC's groveling heroes and heroines who are loving but has a backbone But this H was not cruel enough for me that's why I gave 4 stars

  8. Mtve41 says:

    Agree with my GR friends on this book falling short of the right feels I was rooting for 5 stars and incredulously high fiving my luck on landing such a great HP cruel alpha H and all But soon past 50% the book got redundant So much that I took enough breaks while catching up on other books to almost forget what had brewed while I'd read it last Amelia was a sweet soft spoken but modern h Her mother now deceased was a lose popular model with a shameful child raising record This makes Amelia wary and later in life she has trust issues and tends to stay away from crowds and attention Hence when she meets the H Amelia who has a rich father is hiding away in a small town in a cottage doing a 9 5 and living off her own money The H has been hunting for Amelia for a year He has unfinished business and deep sated revenge planned against her father and brother He hunts her down and they get to bed and she's pregnant And then there's a MOC and stuff I reallllly liked the H for a change Wow He was one modern alpha hero the kind you barely see these days He did not dictate his preferences to Amelia after they're married whether she should work or be a stay at home mom to their baby He also treated her indifferently in a dignified way I felt the h and H were mature sensible and educated Don't recall them arguing the H pointing fingers and threatening or the h doing juvenile things to grab his attention All was good until later Amelia totally grew an alien head and kept arguing with the H to let go of his revenge plans Her arguments were weak and I couldn't believe that she was choosing to side with her father and brother when she was not even on talking terms with them for the longest time Long story short Not such a great read but not the worst either

  9. Chitra *CJ* says:

    Spaniard's Baby of Revenge is the story of Amelia and CarloIn this tale of revenge between the DiSalvo and Herrera clan we find two unlikely people falling in loveOur H is a tycoon who has always hated the diSalvo clan ever since they destroyed his father Vowing revenge against them in a hostile takeover he decides to approach the prodigal daughter for her shares in the company However one look at the h and they fall in bedonly for him to make his proposition post coitus and her kicking him outFew weeks later she returns with news about his virility meeting her fertility and making a fetus and their lives are thrown in a tornado of marriage love and vengeanceComplex MCs who have insane chemistry yet issues that stem from their childhood pollute their present I enjoyed the back and forth between them and the ending was satisfying because they finally learned to compromise and let goGood one time read with an uber cute epilogueSafe355

  10. Xai Xai says:

    Finally the right amount of ingredients to make a sensational book Antonio was Alpha he was a magnetism to the ladies and downright arroganthis character would made one assume he was Sicilian but he was in fact a Spaniard in rue for revenge However Destiny foiled his hatred and passion humbled him Then we met the beautiful wise naive Amelia one whose childlike innocence was ripped away due to the lifestyle of the 'famous and rich' she loved the simple things in lifefamily Anotnio and Amelia chemistry was explosive despite his brewing revenge and her wariness of this handsome foreboding stranger They could have barely keep their hands off each other The aftermath turned sour when Antonio was honest enough to declare his intentions The backlash of his honesty sowed the seed of suspicion of their ordeal Amelia threw him out of her life and intended it to stay that way Predictably she got pregnant and that lead to marriage and then the ultimatums of revenge vs love I loved their couple chemistry they were insync and sensitive to each otherAntonio was not made to be a softey by the author he was made considerate and it all stemmed from the beautiful parentage he had for his dadAmelia stood up for what is right and I adored her spirit and courage to walk away despite her heart being smashed to pieces Great groveling and epilogueI hope we get Carlo's story Amelia's half brother and Antonio's ex arch enemyloved it

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