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The Blue Fairy Book[PDF / Epub] ✓ The Blue Fairy Book ★ Andrew Lang – The imaginations of children throughout time have been formed and nurtured by stories passed down from generation to generation Of the countless genres of stories fairy tales often conjure the most vi The imaginations of children throughout time have been formed and nurtured by stories passed down from generation to generation Of the countless genres of stories fairy tales often conjure the most vivid fantastical worlds and ideas which cultivate creativity and bring elements of magic back into the real world Many of these fairy tales have been collected over time into hundreds of memorable collections However the ones commonly considered most notable are the Fairy The Blue Epub / books compiled by famous Scottish novelist and poet Andrew Lang The first installment of his widely read classics and arguably his best known The Blue Fairy Book has been admired time and time again enchanting readers with its carefully crafted prose and eclectic assortment of fairy tales originally published in this collection of celebrated tales has stood the test of time Some of the famous stories included are Sleeping Beauty Rumpelstiltzkin Beauty and the Beast Hansel and Gretel Puss in Boots Goldilocks And many This beautiful edition comes complete with the original illustrations by Golden Age Illustrator H J Ford and is the perfect gift to pass on these timeless classics to the next generation of readers and dreamers “I now believe the best word to describe me as an author is spoiled That’s because the folks at Sky Pony have truly made me feel special about being in their stable My editor is top notch and has a uniue way of making me feel like her most important author” –Nancy Krulik New York Times bestselling author.

Andrew Gabriel Lang was a prolific Scots man of letters He was a poet novelist and literary critic and a contributor to anthropology He now is best known as a collector of folk and fairy talesThe Young Scholar and JournalistAndrew Gabriel Lang grew up in Selkirk in the Scottish Borders the son of the town clerk and the eldest of eight children The wild and beautiful landscape of his childh.

The Blue Fairy Book PDF Ù The Blue  Epub /
  • Hardcover
  • 384 pages
  • The Blue Fairy Book
  • Andrew Lang
  • 09 February 2016
  • 9781631582769

10 thoughts on “The Blue Fairy Book

  1. Brigid ✩ says:

    I always loved fairytales when I was a little kid––and no not the silly watered down ones I liked the real hardcore shit The fairytales where everyone dies Those are the good ones Those Disney princess movies always bored me Except I loved Beauty and the Beast because Belle isn't a dumbass and she reads a lot––like meeeeAnyway if I recall correctly I had at least one of Andrew Lang's fairytale collections when I was a kid maybe a couple of them Then this past month I had an assignment for my drawing class to illustrate a story I immediately started remembering all these crazy fairytales I had read as a kid and started to look them up I stumbled upon Lang's collections again and discovered that they were available on as free ebooks Yay So naturally I downloaded them all I think there were only two that weren't free on but those two were free on Project Gutenberg SOOOSide note I ended up illustrating a Norwegian fairytale called East of the Sun West of the Moon and you can see my illustrations hereAnyway I got caught up in reading these fairytales and read the whole Blue Fairy Book There were a lot of fairytales I'd forgotten and remembered again some I'd never heard of and a lot that I'd heard before but which were different versions than what I was familiar withFor example DID YOU KNOW there's a version of Sleeping Beauty in which after they get married and all that jazz the prince's mother is an evil ogress who tries to eat Sleeping Beauty and her children True facts Oh and then she makes this giant pot of like snakes and crocodiles and shit that she's going to put Sleeping Beauty and the kids into and then the prince walks in and he's like Mom what the fuck are you doing and she's like Uh um How do I cover this up So she just jumps into the pot herself and gets eaten alive YupAnyway a lot of these fairytales just had total WTF moments The first thing she did when she reached her room was to throw the cabbage out of the window But she was very much surprised to hear an odd little voice cry out Oh I am half killed and could no tell where it came from because cabbages do not generally speak Like thatAlso sometimes the old timey language could have some hilarious results There was a miller who left no estate to the three sons he had than his mill his ass and his catHere son You get my cat Other son here's my mill And third son you just get MY ASSOh thanks DadHOHOHOAlso of course the word gay had a different connotation back then He was young and gay and handsome Then he dressed himself carefully in rich brocade with scarlet and white plumes and threw a splendid embroidered scarf over his shoulder and looking as gay and as graceful as possible he presented himself at the door of the palace Ha Haha Anyway There are some pretty sexist moments I guess that's to be expected because of the time period in which these stories were created But still She fainted away for this is the first expedient almost all women find in such casesAnd a lot of super violent things just happen out of the blue She had picked up a knife and cut her head off in an instantOh yeah also for some reason the first five chapters of Gulliver's Travels were in this book And I'm like uh that's not a fairytale So What the hell Also the Greek myth about Perseus was in here except all the names were changed So that was oddAnyway the point is fairytales are crazy and weird and I love them The end

  2. Arielle says:

    I can't believe the level of nostalgia this book created Not every story is eually memorable but the ones that lingered over decades yes plural in my mind make this worth every star

  3. Laura says:

    What I did while reading this book was I wrote short little notes for each story so that in the future I could look back and see which stories were worth reading again or recommending I gave each story a mini rating of 1 3 asterisks with 1 being the horrible and 3 being just okay Overall though I was severally disappointed in this book of fairy talesThe Bronze Ring This story was slightly shocking The way they dealt with the evil man in the end was a violent I did not like the portrayal of the “good guy” in the end how he treated the bad guy and tricked him Instead of winning fair and suare he resorted to cheating so that he could look impressive The part about the mice was also a little random; it should have just ended without mentioning themPrince Hyacinth and the Dear Little Princess This was a uant little tale it had a better moral then the first story other then that it was unremarkableEast of the Sun and West of the Moon This story had some slight scandalous elements to it and I didn’t think that it was all that well suited for a children’s tale The Yellow Dwarf I really don’t like unrealistic fairy tales that don’t even have a happy ending What was the point of this storyLittle Red Riding Hood Oh my goodness This is not the tale I learned as a child But at the same time it is realisticThe Sleeping Beauty in the Wood So the first part of the story was fairly similar to what I remember but no wicked witch like what’s in the Disney movie And then the second part of the story was really rather dreadfulI didn’t care for it at all and could see why it wasn’t commonly knownCinderella; or the Little Glass Slipper An interesting take on the Cinderella story I liked that it wasn’t in one night that the prince was in love I also liked that Cinderella forgave her step sisters and got them good matchesAladdin and the Wonderful Lamp Mostly the same tale I grew up with only with an addition that is very similar to the first part of the storyThe Tale of the Youth Who Set out to Learn What Fear Was Okay what is up with all these grim and weird tales I didn’t care for this one at all Definitely not the kind of story I would ever recommendRumpelstiltskin This story is pretty much the same as I remember it The only difference is that the girl marries the King instead of the King’s sonapparently he’s not married I’ve always wondered though how could the Miller have told the King his daughter could spin straw into gold Couldn’t he have seen that the King would have wanted to see something like that didn’t he think about what would happen with the King found out it wasn’t true Another thing the Miller’s daughter marries the king who is under the assumption that she can spin straw into gold now we see how greedy this king is how on earth is she suspposed to survive after Rumpelstiltskin has torn himself in half What if one day the king goes up to his wife and says “why don’t you spin some straw into gold honey” what is the millers daughter going to do thenBeauty and the Beast So this fairy tale is pretty much the same as I remember not the Disney version Disney has a way of scrambling up the details but I didn’t remember her having five sisters and six brothersThe Master Maid I really didn’t see the point of this story I don’t see why they should always make the evil people suffer such violent deaths Why the Sea is Salt A rather random and harmless storyThe Master Cat; or Puss in Boots I never will understand how a puss in boots can go about commanding people to do his bidding and nobody evens notices that they are taking orders from a cat This story really hasn’t changed much I just don’t care for this storyFelicia and the Pot of Pinks a pretty random fairytale but I liked it a lot better then most of the rest I’ve read for this one didn’t have any violence at allThe White Cat a fairly nice fairy tale I thought it was somewhat of a sweet little story but I don’t really know how I feel about people falling in love with catsThe Water lily The Gold spinners I just have one uestion if it was so easy to poision someone why on earth didn’t they do it at the beginning of the story Other then that it was a nice enough tale although some times I thought the characters were somewhat stupidThe Terrible Head Why do people always pop out of nowhere and offer to give these wonderful and magical things so that the main characters can accomplish their uest Overall I was not impressedThe Story of Pretty Goldilocks Well this is pretty much the same old “you must complete these uests before I can consent to whatever you are asking for” fairy tale Only this one has a slight twist for it is the best friend asking the beautiful princess to marry his Master I really think that it is rather rude for a girl to have the gall to ask someone who has just done the impossible to do it again Why are they never satisfied with the first task Ah the ending was a little weird a very convenient thing that That should happen The History of Whittington This was a story with fairy tale elements pretending to be a history lesson I don’t think it pulled it offThe Wonderful Sheep Ack What kind of fairy tale is this This ending was absolutely horrible I would never dream of reading this story to a childLittle Thumb This story was not worth reading the parents were pathetic examples of humans and I thought that the youngest child was very greedy and an ungrateful little brat who took then he deservedThe Forty Thieves It’s nice reading a story for once that has a brave girl who saves the day Although at the same time there is some pretty gruesome deaths which isn’t a plus if you just want to read a happy little storyHansel and Grettel This story's beginning is remarkably similar to one I read only a couple pages ago what is up with that This story is pretty much the same but I can’t see what sort of mother would ever even consider leaving their children in the woods in the first place It was also convenient how stupid the witch was – who else would stick their head in a burning oven The last line in this story was totally pointless it had nothing to do with anything and was just a jarring annoyanceSnow white and Rose red Lame story why on earth would you let a bear into your house and how did the mother know that it was a “kind and honest” bear The ending didn’t make much sense either and those girls were too young to marry so what did they do Wait a couple yearsThe Goose girl I thought it was really interesting to see how Shannon Hale wove in the details from this story to make it into something absolutely fantastic in her book The Goose Girl The original is okay but it was a little random in details and some parts were so coincidental that it seemed fake I’d tell people to skip this story and just read Shannon Hale’s book “The Goose Girl”Toads and Diamonds The prince saw diamonds and jewels falling out of the girl’s mouth and fancied himself in love with herawwww how sweet Makes me want to marry him What a stupid little tale for one thing they can’t count The witch says that for ever word the girl speaks a flower or a jewel shall fall out of her mouth and when she gets home she says 10 words but only 6 items fall out of her mouth And then the same thing happens to the other girl only since she was rude she has toads and snakes falling out of her mouth But when she speaks two words four animals fall out Who cannot do their math Prince Darling Oh please That was my reaction when I finished reading this story I thought it was rather pathetic and lameBlue Beard An okay story definitely not one that I would want to read over and over again I didn’t feel as if the plot of this story was very good eitherTrusty John Ugh Why do people never do what they are told And why do they even keep pictures like that in the castle if they know that it will bring harm to the prince It’s also awfully convenient to have Trusty John hear the three ravens talking about what will befall the prince and how convenient that he can understand the birds speaking and they just so happened to be flying near their ship There were a lot of other flaws that made this fairy tale unenjoyable especially the ending what the king and ueen were willing to do to get their “dear friend” back was absolutely appalling No one would have made that choice nor should they have had to make it in the first place it was unreasonable and selfish on Trusty John’s part Whoops It seems that my review was a tad bit too long for the rest of my review please check out the link belowTaken from my book reviews blog

  4. Christine says:

    Lang wrote some of the stories but he largely edited this collection Like the Grimms but far honest Lang used translations provided by his wife and other women he thanks the women in his introduction gives credit to original sources at the end of the talesIt makes this collection the first rather interesting By and large the stories are mostly from the Grimms and French Salons They include well known favorites like Cinderella but also lesser known ones such as The Yellow DwarfPerhaps what is refreshing or even heartening is the lack of white wash that the tales have True in relating the story of Perseus Lang who wrote the adaption avoids the tricky uestion of Zeus as dad but he does leave in the idea of Sunlight The ending to two tales The Yellow Dwarf and The Ram are kept intact Was this Lang's doing or the women who worked the storiesThe only tale that feels out of place is Gulliver In many ways Lang has kept the original intentions far clearer than the Grimms

  5. Kiwi Begs2Differ ✎ says:

    This collection contains many classic fairy tales and only a few that were new to me Some stories are better than others but mostly good I was pleased to recognise some of the stories that I remembered from my childhood and that I had forgotten Toads and Diamonds Trusty John The story of the prince Ahmed and the Fairy Paribanou Since the tales seem to be uite long one hopes the littlies will have the patience to listen to them till the end or fall asleep which isn’t a bad outcome either

  6. momma.hailey says:

    What I love most about this book is that they are “non Disney” endings We all enjoy discussing them whether bizarre or as we expected My son 7 and I have enjoyed taking turns reading this aloud to each other all year We picked up the Red Fairy Book too because we enjoyed this one so much

  7. Hiba Arrame says:

    Thirty seven stories which vary in length and enjoyabilityIt was a fun read I wouldn't read some of the stories to my nephews or my kids in the future

  8. Matthew Hunter says:

    My main takeaway from Lang's Blue Fairy Book Happily ever after is far from the norm These tales include grizzly murders playing on insecurities forced marriages abductions and maniacal little people Take Prince Hyacinth and the Dear Little Princess as an exampleIf you had a complex about your de Bergerac like nose how'd you like to have a prattling fairy and dinner host say My dear Prince might I beg you to move a little that way for your nose casts such a shadow that I really cannot see what I have on my plate Poor Prince Hyacinth The story was one of the few that made me laugh out loudThen there's the mayhem in The Yellow Dwarf and Little Red Riding Hood People eaten alive dying of broken hearts stabbed by evil little people Call me crazy but the King's words might have upset the little yella fella Do you know that you are a dwarf that you are so ugly that one cannot bear to look at you and that I should have killed you myself long before this if you had been worthy of such a glorious death Hence the killing spreeAnd Blue Beard A case study for the necessity of anger management training Anyone who kills four wives and then threatens a fifth with beheading could use a hug or at least a healthy supply of Just for Men hair coloring productI could go on and on about the fairy tales included in this book I did love them So much darkness East of the Sun and West of the Moon Cinderella Little Red Riding Hood Cinderella Rumpelstiltskin Hansel and Grettel Beauty and the Beast Aladdin Goldilocks Snow White Jack the Giant Killer all are here And then there's my creepy new favorite The Tale of a Youth Who Set Out to Learn What Fear Was I challenge you to read it and try to forget the line If I could only shudderThough I enjoyed the stories very much Lang gets four stars rather than five He's guilty of taking some of the edge off the stories of Grimm Perrault and d'Aulnoy I prefer the source material

  9. Shauna says:

    She lives in a castle which lies east of the sun and west of the moonOf all the fairy book spectrum I'm glad I started with blue More than a few old favourites in here in particular the stories East of the Sun West of the Moon and Beauty and the Beast It's lovely regardless I think to fall every now and then into a world where even before first sight people can fall so deeply in love that they can't eat or drink view spoilernot the sort of behaviour that ought to be encouraged I realise hide spoiler

  10. Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* says:

    Some of these are familiar Red Riding Hood suffers a brutal end Rumpelstiltskin gets ripped off again Cinderella earns her name by cleaning out the chimney and having dainty feet but Jack and the Giant killer makes you wonder how we got the modern day Jack and the Beanstalk Toss in a sedate and castle heavy Aladdin and it just doesn't hold as much charm The Story of Pretty Goldilocks is definitely not the version with three bears and porridge The Bronze Ring is long winded bizarre all over the place an island of mice too really and dull witted princess wife Prince Hyacinth A story that starts off with a bizarre curse test with a poor cat's tale but then becomes a hilarious and bizarre Long Nose story How stupid people are not to see their own faults Unfortunately it is also much too long there's only so much that can stay interesting about such a long nose on the prince's travelsEast of the Sun and West of the Moon Too long as well ended up drifting through this one The Yellow Dwarf is also incredibly long for a fairy tale but was a highlight of the group and one of the bestI think I prefer my fairy tales shorter and to the point some of these that went on too long seemed like they were ending the moral point and focus of the story but then instead kept going with a new story in one so that it got kind of oldThe audiobook version had different speakers my favorite was the man who read aloud The Yellow Dwarf impressive singing voice too fella which may be why I enjoyed that one so much It was also a new to me tale and stayed interesting enough

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