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Why Nationalism❰Download❯ ➽ Why Nationalism Author Yael Tamir – Heartforum.co.uk Why nationalism is a permanent political force and how it can be harnessed once again for liberal endsAround the world today nationalism is back and it's often deeply troubling Populist politicians ex Why Nationalism is a permanent political force and how it can be harnessed once again for liberal endsAround the world today nationalism is back and it's often deeply troubling Populist politicians exploit nationalism for authoritarian chauvinistic racist and xenophobic purposes reinforcing the view that it is fundamentally reactionary and antidemocratic But Yael Yuli Tamir makes a passionate argument for a very different kind of nationalism one that revives its participatory creative and egalitarian virtues answers many of the problems caused by neoliberalism and hyperglobalism and is essential to democracy at its best In Why Nationalism she explains why it is important than ever for the Left to recognize these ualities of nationalism to reclaim it from right wing extremists and to redirect its power to progressive endsFar from being an evil force nationalism's power lies in its ability to empower individuals and answer basic human needs Using it to reproduce cross class coalitions will ensure that all citizens share essential cultural political and economic goods Shifting emphasis from the global to the national and putting one's nation first is not a way of advocating national supremacy but of redistributing responsibilities and sharing benefits in a democratic and just way In making the case for a liberal and democratic nationalism Tamir also provides a compelling original account of the ways in which neoliberalism and hyperglobalism have allowed today's Right to co opt nationalism for its own purposesProvocative and hopeful Why Nationalism is a timely and essential rethinking of a defining feature of our politics.


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  • Why Nationalism
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  • 14 March 2016
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10 thoughts on “Why Nationalism

  1. Josiah Parry says:

    I read this book because I just finished Nationalism by Liah Greenfeld 1010 and noticed Tamir cites her This book was entirely vapid Filled with bold proclamations presented as truth that were hardly half true Many claims go entirely unsupported There is much chiding of liberalism neoliberalism globalism neoglobalism and not a single one of these terms are defined In part IV she tacitly invalidates any experience of US minorities and emphasizes the importance of unify the discontented white america at expense of minorities However in the ending pages she entirely contradicts the argument There is no throughline The arguments are not cogent I wouldn’t recommend this book

  2. Vicent Flor says:

    Yael Tamir deixeble d'Isahiah Berlin amb Why Nationalism planteja uns debats necessaris En algunes tesis estic d'acord els nacionalismes continuen sent una ferramenta democràcitica fonamental i cal no deixar los en mans dels xenòfobs i en d'altres noUna tesi suggeridora és ue les classes baixes i mitjanes del grup majoritari dels estats nació es veuen perjudicades per la globalització i reaccionen amb el Tamir anomena el nacionalisme dels vulnerables Certament d'este malestar poen les noves dretes extremes emergents No estic d'acord però amb ue les elits hagen abandonat el nacionalisme A Espanya les elits no són nacionalistes espanyoles? A tot estirar això seria cert i segons com per a les grans elits financeres mundials una minoria si se'm permet molt minoritàriaD'altra banda és molt decebedor el capítol dedicat a Catalunya i les small nations D'entrada Catalunya té més territori ue Israel Tamir ha sigut diputada laborista a la Knesset israeliana i només milió i mig menys de població A més ¿s'hi viu millor necessàriament a les nacions grans ue a les xicotetes? Millor a Rússia ue a Finlàndia o a Turuia ue a Eslovènia? El ue sí ue és un problema irresoluble són els límits territorials de cada demos Tamir trau la boutade de Tabàrnia per a mostrar ho Tanmateix ¿el Regne d'Espanya sí pot viure amb territoris on la seua legitimitat és clarament üestionada com si més no zones importants del País Basc i de Catalunya? Al capdavall no deixa de ser una defensa acrítica de l'statu uo i de les fronteres establertesEn definitiva és un llibre un tant decebedor l'aposta per una aliança interclassista del 99% de la població em sembla ingènua El més convincent del volum ho repetiré és la insistència en no deixar enrere l'antiga classe obrera masculina i blanca o ho lamentarem i el paper ue pot tenir ne un nacionalisme de caire liberal i no antidemocràtic I respectuós amb les minories Però com? Tamir deixa moltes respostes per contestar#elsmeusllibres

  3. teohjitkhiam says:

    In some chapters it feels like Yael Tamir is merely repeating herself reiterating the same argument but in a different form and leaving a general impression that the book could be trimmed down further without the whole detracting from the gist But I digress This book certainly sheds a great deal of light into the political cultural groundswell that has propelled ultimately legitimized MAGA Brexit The fruits of globalization accrued differently to the haves have nots with the former benefiting in large while latter bearing its increasing costs Why Nationalism in my personal opinion sits a slight tad uncomfortably an odd looking triumvirate between Dani Rodrik's The Globalization Paradox Thomas Piketty's CapitalBut as an ethnic Chinese M'sian a minority in Malay Muslim dominated Malaysia I find her central thesis that nationalism can be recruited in the service of liberalism to be dubious if not unconvincing She herself admits in one chapter that nationalism is both exclusive exclusionary The only reason some of the illiberal excesses associated with MAGA Brexit racism bigotry misogynism isn't as apparent but not its overt manifestation in Malaysia are due to the facts that both race religion are protected under its constitution an affirmative action policy in place is sold by the nationalists as a justification to blunt those same excessesIt remains to be seen whether liberalism wedded to nationalism will prove the panacea to tame both the excesses of nationalism redistribute the supposed bounties from globalization Nevertheless this a must read for those increasingly perplexed by or forming highly simplistic opinions of the forces the have nots so called ignorant illiberals bar the racists bigots misogynists amongst their ranks that have proven to be a steady fount of political support for populist politicians even Trump despite his leadership failure in managing the coronavirus pandemic that has taken 87000 American lives as of this date

  4. Erik says:

    Tamir makes a strong case that those on the left should not abandon the nation to Trump and Brexiteers She even sees the recent elections moving towards right wing nationalists as not a failure of democracy but a restoration of democracy The democratic system worked in fact to show the will of the majority they feel left behind by technocratic globalization and they don't believe liberal globe hopping elites that everything will be OK This book than any other helped me see beyond the anti Trump fog I may not like the guy but I can see that his voters were not all scoundrels or fools and definitely not all racists or xenophobes Any society must have boundaries Not all border can be open Otherwise the society has no coherence Liberal elites may find it uncomfortable but if we want to have a caring welfare state then we must have a state to begin with That means some people are in our fellow citizens whom we are willing to care for and some people are out foreigners whose rights we should respect but whom we will never love and care for as our countrymen In the end nationalism will return whether those on the left like it or not So why not try to take back nationalism which is such a powerful emotional force to unite different kinds of people and create a cross class coalition with an optimistic vision to make one's own country great?

  5. Akankshya says:

    An apt commentary on the current breakdown of cross cultural and social cohesion between different classes and why dismissing national narratives as severely tribalistic and irrational has serious conseuences We need to acknowledge the lack of internal mobility in communities is worsened by neo liberal globalism That is not to say nationalistic ideology cannot be contorted into the evil extremes of ethno nationalism but like Tamir states we need to salvage the ethos of nationalism from the extreme fringes of reactionary politics and remember what made it a necessary hallmark of modernity and cemented a trust between people and the nation state I uite enjoyed the many examples of what nationalism means in daily life how the nation state transformed the 20th century in progressive ways and why its power of storytelling can produce an almost magical unity among a community The last few chapters commenting on the need for reducing ineuality and promoting justice for the have nots in the world instead of simply encouraging charity is among the crucial take aways for anyone trying to understand civic responsibility

  6. Syazrul Aqram says:

    Strong point Valid reason Well written

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