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Dinosaur Facts and Figures[Epub] ❧ Dinosaur Facts and Figures ➛ Rubén Molina-Pérez – Heartforum.co.uk An illustrated record book of theropod facts and figures from the biggest to the fastest to the smartestThe theropod dinosaurs ruled the planet for millions of years with species ranging from the migh An illustrated record book of theropod facts and figures from the biggest to the fastest to the smartestThe theropod dinosaurs ruled the planet for millions of Dinosaur Facts Kindle - years with species ranging from the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex to feathered raptors no bigger than turkeys Dinosaur Facts and Figures is a stunningly illustrated book of records for these marvelous creatures such as the biggest the smallest and the fastest theropods as well as the ones with the most powerful biteThis one of a kind compendium features than records covers some theropod species and includes a wealth of illustrations ranging from diagrams and technical drawings to full color reconstructions of specimens The book is divided into sections that put numerous amazing theropod facts at your fingertips Comparing Species is organized by taxonomic group and gives comparisons of the size of species how long ago they lived and when they were discovered Mesozoic Calendar includes spreads showing the positions of the continents at different geological time periods and reconstructions of creatures from each period Prehistoric Puzzle compares bones teeth and feathers while Theropod Life uses vivid user friendly graphics to answer uestions such as which dinosaur was the smartest and which had the most powerful bite Other sections chart theropod distribution on the contemporary world map provide comprehensive illustrated listings of footprints compile the physical specifications of all known theropods and Mesozoic birds and much The essential illustrated record book for anyone interested in dinosaursFeatures thousands of records on everything from the smartest and fastest theropods to the largest theropod eggsIncludes than diagrams and drawings and than digital reconstructionsCovers than theropod species including Mesozoic birds and other dinosauromorphsProvides detailed listings of footprints biometric specifications and scholarly and popular references.

Rubén Molina Pérez is co founder and scientific director of Eofauna a company that produces scientifically accurate representations of prehistoric fauna using the most current research Dinosaur Facts Kindle - available.

Dinosaur Facts and Figures MOBI Õ Dinosaur Facts
  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • Dinosaur Facts and Figures
  • Rubén Molina-Pérez
  • 03 July 2016
  • 9780691180311

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    Eofauna's Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs The Theropods is the must have book of the Theropods for the 21st century for experts or amateurs alike just stunning from first to last pageAuthors Rubén Molina Pérez Asier Larramendi are as always superb and have created than just a book it is laid out from the dawn to the twilight of the World's Ancient Hunters from their geographical locals to from smallest to largest Lovely touch is the tables of each family group from their footprints to the varied egg sizes also included Latest Early Birds discovered a marvel in colour and varietyAndrey Atuchin Sante Mazzei illustrators don't just create illustrations the have peeled back the aeons to let the planet's greatest land predators live once all thanks to these Maestros within the field of Paleoart from a Sea Scorpian to a Baryonyx they breath true realism into all they createAnd we must give us our thanks to David Connolly Gonzalo Ángel Ramírez Cruz for translating this masterpiece from the original Spanish text to English Fantastic WorkOne does not need to imagine the Spinosaurus fishing along the River of Giants when all You have to do is to open this book to see it live once again and fish once againYou'll see Old favourites to the very latest Discoveries and I am assured future favouritesWE MUST ALL GIVE YOU ALL OUR PRAISE THANKS TO THE ENTIRE TEAM OF EOFAUNA FOR THIS WONDERFUL BOOKLittle footnote their Volume 2 Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs The SauropodsJune 2020 publication date

  2. Ron says:

    This is an amazing book with an incredible amount of information uality illustrations galore comparing the size of related species and occasionally modern species Major illustrations show human figures or a cat and scale 115 135 etc for comparison Prehistoric feathered birds non pterodactyl are also included Charts show fossil finds and types illustrations of eggs a comprehensive list of known theropods charts showing speed comparisons between theropods modern animals ostrich cheetah human and much The reading level makes it accessible to students from mid grade through college Should appeal to dinophiles of all ages science geeks time travel theorists fiction and nonfiction authors readers of Prehistoric Times magazine and anyone interested in digging beyond the Jurassic Park film franchise Looking forward to the companion book on sauropods later in 2020

  3. Kirk Moodey says:

    I really enjoyed this one especially as I found the data on estimated speeds nowhere else and really needed some for a little Animal Simulation game project of mine that I like to dabble with programming from time to time though I have yet to update its databases with the provided book speedsWith that in mind I have the minor uibble that it would have been very helpful if it had included information about the speculative versus real coloration given on each dinosaur's little depiction and reasoning on the speculative ones Just something like 'colored like a racoon due to being found in a wooded habit and similar diet' or 'too little material to really say and it may not have advanced enough feathering to support blue coloration but we doodled it that way just for fun'

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