The War for Gaul

The War for Gaul[PDF / Epub] ★ The War for Gaul By Gaius Julius Caesar – A new translation that captures the gripping power of one of the greatest war stories ever told Julius Caesar's pitiless account of his brutal campaign to conuer GaulImagine a book about an unnecessar A new translation that captures the gripping power of one of the greatest war stories ever told Julius Caesar's pitiless account of his brutal campaign to conuer GaulImagine a book about an unnecessary war written by the ruthless general of an occupying army a vivid and dramatic propaganda piece that forces the reader to identify with the conuerors and that is designed like the war itself to fuel the limitless political ambitions of the author Could such a campaign autobiography ever be a great work of literature perhaps even one of the greatest It would be easy to The War Epub / think not but such a book exists and it helped transform Julius Caesar from a politician on the make into the Caesar of legend This remarkable new translation of Caesar's famous but underappreciated War for Gaul captures like never before in English the gripping and powerfully concise style of the future emperor's dispatches from the front lines in what are today France Belgium Germany and SwitzerlandWhile letting Caesar tell his battle stories in his own way distinguished classicist James O'Donnell also fills in the rest of the story in a substantial introduction and notes that together explain why Gaul is the best bad man's book ever written a great book in which a genuinely bad person offers a bald faced amoral description of just how bad he has beenComplete with a chronology a map of Gaul suggestions for further reading and an index this feature rich edition captures the forceful austerity of a troubling yet magnificent classic a book that as O'Donnell says gets war exactly right and morals exactly wrong.

Gaius Julius Caesar July BC – March BC known as Julius Caesar was a Roman politician general and notable author of Latin prose He played a critical role in the events that led to the demise of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman EmpireIn BC Caesar Crassus and Pompey formed a political alliance that dominated Roman politics for several years Their attempts to am.

The War for Gaul MOBI Ú The War  Epub /
  • Hardcover
  • 275 pages
  • The War for Gaul
  • Gaius Julius Caesar
  • English
  • 10 September 2015
  • 9780691174921

10 thoughts on “The War for Gaul

  1. Burt says:

    I first read Caesar's Commentaries edited when I was a sopho in high school in my Latin II class He has fascinated me ever since never than in this translation and the preface and notes that accompany it Dr O'Donnell gives a serious and somewhat revisionist context for Caesar's commentaries which reflects our cynical political age The book is worth the price just for his introductions but his translation is absolutely first rate No Latin translation can possibly be fluid in English without taking tremendous liberties with the original although his use of the word chutzpah is refreshingly accurate I enjoyed this translation very much

  2. Dave Iskowich says:

    Prof O'Donnell's translation is crisp clear and easy to read just as Caesar intended and his background notes and commentary place Caesar's exploits in the proper political context of bloody first century BC Rome Everything was political for Caesar including the contents and pacing of his memoirs and Prof O'Donnell's translation hammers that point home and his frank assessment of Caesar as a bad man who wrote this one of the greatest bad man's books ever composed made me think about Caesar and his exploits much critically Well done and highly recommended

  3. Harrison says:

    Great breezy translation and O'Donnell's notes contextualize the story well

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