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Last Day A Novel➼ [Reading] ➾ Last Day A Novel By Domenica Ruta ➱ – The fates of a cast of seemingly unconnected people converge during the celebration of an ancient holiday in a thought provoking debut that brings to mind such novels as Station Eleven and The Age of The fates of a cast of seemingly unconnected people converge during the celebration of an ancient holiday in a thought provoking debut that brings to mind such novels as Station Eleven and The Age of MiraclesIn Domenica Ruta's profoundly original novel the end of the world comes once a year Every May humanity gathers to anticipate the planet's demise and to celebrate as if Last Day Epub / the day is truly its lastOn this holiday three intersecting sets of characters embark on a possibly last chance uest for redemption In Boston bookish wunderkind Sarah is looking for love and maybe a cosmic reversal from the much older Kurt a tattoo artist she met at last year's Last Day BB but he's still trying to make amends to the family he destroyed long ago Dysfunctional Karen keeps getting into trouble especially when the voices she's been hearing coax her to abandon everything to search for her long lost adoptive brother; her friend Rosette has left the Jehovah's Witnesses to follow a new pastor at the Last Kingdom on Earth where she brings Karen on this fateful day Meanwhile above them all three astronauts on the International Space Station Bear an American; Russian Svec; and billionaire Japanese space tourist Yui contemplate their lives as well as their precious Earth from afarWith sparkling wit verbal ingenuity and wild imagination Ruta has created an alternate world in which an ancient holiday brings into stark reflection our deepest dreams desires hopes and fears In this tour de force debut novel she has written a dazzling haunting love letter to humanity and to our planetAdvance praise for Last Day In this woven novel we humans are love are destruction are wish and want Domenica Ruta has created a portrait of humanity in a moment that is both the end and the beginning and this novel is urgent and true and filled with such beauty Ramona Ausubel author of Sons and Daughters of Ease and Plenty and No One Is Here Except All of UsDomenica Ruta's empathy is broad and deep her prose fine grained her humor sharp but tender Last Day is a life affirming antidote to these pre apocalyptic times Teddy Wayne author of Loner.

Domenica Ruta was born and raised in Danvers Massachusetts She is a graduate of Oberlin College and holds an MFA from the Michener Center for Writers at the University of Texas at Austin She was a finalist for the Keene Prize for Literature and has been awarded residencies at Yaddo the MacDowell Colony the Blue Mountain Center Jentel and Hedgebrook.

Last Day A Novel Kindle Û Last Day  Epub /
  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • Last Day A Novel
  • Domenica Ruta
  • 05 June 2014
  • 9780525510819

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  1. Tucker (TuckerTheReader) says:

    Book Sarah is a bookish teenagerMe I HAVE FOUND MY BEST FRIEND| Goodreads | Blog | Pinterest | LinkedIn | YouTube | Instagram

  2. Kasa Cotugno says:

    How clever to have publication of this book take place on what in this dystopian world is known as last day May 28 So will this be the final day on earth? The world depicted here the people are recognizable in today's reality except that every year there is a worldwide celebration anticipating the end of the world on a certain date and butterfly effect like Ruta lays out the interconnectivity of us all Absorbing and readable

  3. Amelia says:

    A fresh and incisive slice of our world on the edge of its inevitable end LAST DAY is an absorptive and compelling work from a brilliant voice in American fiction

  4. Bandit says:

    Are you thinkingoh great another female author another female centered end of the world? Well don’t this isn’t like that at all Yes it is a story of the last day on Earth but it’s set in a world very much like our own with the major distinction being that Last Day is thing celebrated every May every year It’s a day of atonement amendments forgiveness and so on It’s actually fraught with meaning the way few celebratory occasions are any But then again it also in a way trivializes the apocalypse by presuming it to be a real or metaphorical possibility on such regular basis And so this on Last Day the readers get to follow different characters through interconnected narratives as they navigate their lives It’s a lovely story and it’s very well written but there is a sort of dreamy uality to it that makes it something of an aloof read The author says in her afterword the novel was written in a postpartum fugue state and that’s sort of what it reads like not postpartum per se I’m not sure that enters the euation but certainly fugue like And also and this is despite the fact that the plots are interwoven it sort of reads like a collection of short stories At any rate it engages and reads well but it does maintain a certain emotional distance And then it ends like a Last Day would If this was a bookclub read everyone would probably discuss what they would do on their last day on Earth That’s just a gimme I’m not in love but it’s a lovely book Thanks Netgalley

  5. Faith says:

    This is my second book in the last two days that had a blurb comparing it to “Station Eleven” Blurb writers have no shame and neither book measured up to “Station Eleven” and I didn’t agree that that book lived up to its hype According to this book the last day of life on Earth has been prophesied to occur on May 28th of an unspecified year Various annual last day rituals have developed in different countries Some people party some apologize for past failings some make new hookups And then the world doesn’t come to an end and everything goes back to normal until next year The book consists of vignettes and biographical sketches about way too many characters Some of these characters converge but most do not and towards the end of book it felt like a flood of new characters suddenly appeared I wasn’t really engaged by any of the characters or this book However I did like the elouent last chapter 25 stars rounded up to 3 because of the ending I received a free copy of this book from the publisher

  6. Lana (Bibliomedico) says:

    Before I start with my New book Review I would like to thank PRHGlobal prhinternational for Providing me with a free E galley copy of this book for my Honest Review Thanks a lot for giving me the opportunity to read this novelBook Last DayAuthor Domenica RutaGenre Fiction Science FictionRate 355Review in one word InterestingAs always when I receive ARCs to review I didn't read the blurb or know anything about the book even the genreI started it and I was ok what's next  ? Then I got immersed in the story and actually found it uite interesting yeah I didn't finish it in one sitting but I was invested in the story the characters and their journeysThe best thing about this story is the author writing style Domenica Ruta is a gifted author she has the ability to make you connect with the story with her charming Words and Entertaining plot even though I didn't like the story that much the writing style was amazingI think the genre wasn't for meBut again  the world building and  characterization were really goodI think this is all for me I  really don't have much to say  Full Review wwwbibliomedicowordpresscom

  7. Jypsy says:

    I loved the uniue concept of Last Day when I read the synopsis Every year in May people celebrate the end of the world or not Imagine being happy about the apocalypse It's odd yet fascinating During this day Last Day the story follows numerous characters Somehow all of these characters intersect with one another in their lives There are too many characters to keep track of here but I think it's supposed to be that way It's a busy day a lot of people noise activity drama happiness grief and on it goes It's a blur with no single person understanding how they might have affected someone else's life The story reads like a blur with too much happening I liked it because it's fascinating how one person affects another and we never know about it Weaving all of these seemingly random strangers together is a great premise I recommend for anyone who can read without getting overwhelmed Thanks to NetGalley for an arc in exchange for an honest review

  8. Ann (Inky) says:

    Congratulations It is well into June and it appears that we have survived another year dodged another bullet or another apocalypse as we wave goodbye to May 28th fading in our rearview window along with the first half of 2019Remember back in 2012 when lots of people were convinced that one day in December was the date the Mayan calendar stopped deeming it to be the end of the world? Remember when nothing happened? Before that it was the Y2K scare And those examples are only from my own lifetime we as a species are pretty obsessed with the apocalypse Last Day is kind of like that except almost everyone all around the world really believes that the apocalypse will happen on the 28th of May The hilarious kicker is nobody knows which May 28th So each year people from nearly every niche on our planet anticipate celebrate or go all out bonkers for the holiday On May 29th humanity goes back to normal as if nothing had happened because well nothing did happen Rinse and repeat And repeat And repeat Their love for the end was everlasting They went back to normal to their normal in which fear and righteousness attended the mundane business of living Standing over a sink of dirty dishes a battered mother of three could look with tenderness toward the coming end The world Ruta has created is one exactly like ours in every way minus one gaping hole of a difference a cursed day at the end of the fifth month of the year known ubiuitously around the globe as Last Day Celebrating an imaginary apocalypse while schools filled with children were bombed by dictators and pipelines leaked millions of tons of crude oil into the sea It was so obvious it was stupid and Sarah hated herself for being sucked into it On this particular Last Day the story bounces between several characters a few too many of them in my opinion each with a uniue view on how to get through the roller coaster of emotions that is Last Day I would have liked some diversity in the characters but the ones Ruta did create were written well in their own voicesThere’s Kurt an alcohol guzzling washed up tattoo artist who can’t stop treating women badly He has a tattoo shop called “Redemption” that shucks out free tattoos every Last Day as long as you let the tattoo artist pick the tattooThen there’s Sarah Moss who hates her name a highly intelligent asexual high schooler who despite promising herself not to act out teenage cliches does just that Sarah used to lock herself up in her room with anxiety medication every Last Day but Sarah vows to make this one differentAlso there is Karen a young woman already beaten down by life after spending her childhood in several foster care homes and who has a strange habit of swallowing inedible items when she is upset among other “uirks”mental illness symptoms Karen at least has Rosette an ex Jehovah’s Witness who drags Karen along with her to a new “pop up church” led by a pastor with a new perspective on Last DayThese three main characters are all looking for redemption whatever that means to them individually They make massive promises to themselves and they swear they will change their ways using Last Day as their catalyst Just like those hopefuls who make New Year's resolutions these characters can't come to terms with the fact that May 28th just like January 1st is just another day on our little blue planetWatching this and all the world from above are three men in the International Space Station an American and a Russian astronaut along with a rich Japanese touristBesides following these main characters we briefly see other groups of people and other individuals leading up to May 28th Despite their ignorance all of Ruta's characters are connected to each other in some way This is one of my favorite concepts in a book but rather than being a delightful Easter egg hunt some of the relations were muddled and hard to catch I actually really wish we had time with the Last Day ers on the fringe that we only catch a tiny glimpse of they reminded me a bit of some of the post apocalypse groupings from Margaret Atwood’s The MaddAddam Trilogy Oryx and Crake The Year of the Flood MaddAddamYou’ve got the “Doomsdayers” naturally who hoard and prepare for a certain type of doomsday Not much is said about them but I likened them to those people who dig out bomb shelters and stock it with rations determined that the End will be met with zombies or super military AI weapons gone horribly wrongOf course there’s the religious zealots of every religion each melding their own way to make it through Last Day which they imagine as biblical of a gaudy drawn out theater program than a bang or a whimper There are those who just want to party get high and see Earth go out with as big of a Bang as She was made in no tomorrow means no conseuences for anyone and there are those who are desperately clinging to Her praying and begging pleading to whichever Higher Power that is listening that they aren’t ready for their beloved Earth to die Despite what felt like a never ending fountain of oil spills carbon emissions and toxic waste the planet had yet to smolder into one big ashtray Life marches on It always did It probably always would at least in her lifetime and for many thousands of lifetimes after hers No big deal It was a dramatic holiday of self inflicted upheaval drawn out into a public performance Collective catharsis and all that Right? Last Day is a book that is difficult to place into a genre though it feels like literary fiction than anything else It’s also a book that I think going in blind is best for the reader; the less you know the better However I think a lot of readers will pick this up thinking it is a plot driven dystopian fiction as I thought before I dove in It’s a study of many characters all over the world and their uniue perspectives and experiences before and during Last Day I wanted to give this book a three star rating but I decided that it deserved the fourth star after I realized how much the story impacted me emotionally The ending played over in my head for days and it's taken me over a month to write this review The signs were everywhere There were too many people in the world and not enough resources to sustain them not even enough names to go around How many movies were exactly like other movies? How many times could people tell the same story? The world was running out of ideas If there was any death knell for humanity it was not peak oil or global warming or beehive collapse but the superfluity of Sarahs Many thanks to my new friend Lenoire for talking about this uniue book with me It really helped me process the book’s messages and meaning as a whole as well as look at the characters from someone else’s perspective in addition to my own And thank you so much to Spiegel Grau and to Goodreads giveaways I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewInitial thoughts I am so glad that I was able to take a short break from this then come back devour itThis one reuires a lot of patience but the reward is heartbreaking ly terribly good

  9. Stephanie says:

    I received a free copy from Random HouseSo I didn't love this one It's about a fictional holiday called Last Day where every year humans celebrate what might be their last day on Earth May 28th was once predicted to be the end of the world Each year though the sun still rises and life carries on But will it this year? We follow Sarah a young girl fixated on a much older tattoo artist; Karen a troubled woman who begins to hear voices; and Bear an astronaut on the International Space StationWhat I liked I did stay up too late reading this which is always a good uality in a book I was really into Sarah's narrative in the first half especially because of Ruta's solid characterization Also loved the imagination behind the origin of Last Day and the almost anthropological reports about how it's celebrated across the worldWhat I didn't like The three main narratives never came together and didn't seem to enhance each other They also weren't balanced for me meaning I kept racing through certain characters' sections to get back to the interesting story It felt emotionally distanced too and nobody was very likable not a deal breaker for me though The ending also really didn't work for me

  10. Jonah ❤️LIBROCUBICULARIST❤️ says:

    DNF 25% Could not connect with the characters and the story is a bit of a drag by that point

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