China and the True Jesus

China and the True Jesus[PDF / Epub] ❤ China and the True Jesus ✅ Melissa Wei-Tsing Inouye – In 1917 the Beijing silk merchant Wei Enbo's vision of Jesus sparked a religious revival characterized by healings exorcisms tongues speaking and most provocatively a call for a return to authentic Ch In the Beijing the True PDF/EPUB ½ silk merchant Wei Enbo's vision of Jesus sparked a religious revival characterized by healings exorcisms tongues speaking and most provocatively a call for a return to authentic Christianity that challenged China and PDF/EPUB ² the Western missionary establishment in China This revival gave rise to the True Jesus Church China's first major native denomination The church was one of the earliest Chinese expressions of the twentieth century charismatic and and the True MOBI ò Pentecostal tradition which is now the dominant mode of twenty first century Chinese Christianity To understand the faith of millions of Chinese Christians today we must understand how this particular form of Chinese community took root and flourished even throughout the wrenching changes and dislocations of the past centuryThe church's history links together key themes in modern Chinese social history such as longstanding cultural exchange between China and the West imperialism and globalization game changing advances in transport and communications technology and the relationship between religious movements and the state in the late ing circa Republican and Communist present day erasVivid storytelling highlights shifts and tensions within Chinese society on a human scale How did mounting foreign incursions and domestic crises pave the way for Wei Enbo a rural farmhand to become a wealthy merchant in the early s Why did women in the s and s such as an orphaned girl named Yang Zhendao devote themselves so wholeheartedly to a patriarchal religious system What kinds of pressures induced church leaders in a meeting in the s to agree that Comrade Stalin had saved many people than JesusThis book tells the striking but also familiar tale of the promise and peril attending the collective pursuit of the extraordinary how individuals within the True Jesus Church in China over the past century have sought to muster divine and human resources to transform their world.

Melissa Wei Tsing Inouye the True PDF/EPUB ½ is a senior lecturer in Asian studies at the University of Auckland She received her PhD in Chinese history from Harvard University Dr Inouye's research includes the history of Chinese China and PDF/EPUB ² Christianity moral ideology in modern China global charismatic religious movements and women and religion Her book China and the True Jesus Charisma and Organization in a Chinese Chr.

China and the True Jesus ePUB ê China and  PDF/EPUB
  • Hardcover
  • 408 pages
  • China and the True Jesus
  • Melissa Wei-Tsing Inouye
  • 21 March 2014
  • 9780190923464

5 thoughts on “China and the True Jesus

  1. BHodges says:

    Well researched empathetic and engaging

  2. Exponent II says:

    By Dani AddanteFor those who love learning about religion and history this book is for you It’s about the history of Christianity in China It begins with missionaries traveling to China in the 1800s and continues to present day Christianity This scholarly work explores the Christian movements that spread throughout China and the key people involvedI didn’t know much about Chinese history so many of the things I read in this book were new to me One thing I found especially interesting because it’s similar to Joseph Smith’s first vision was that there were others who had visions of God and Jesus One was a king named Hong Xiuuan who had a vision in 1837 “In this vision he had been given a sword and was told to destroy devils” 18 Not only did he see God and Jesus but Heavenly Mother appeared in his vision as well Page 22 has a description of the vision and reminds me a lot of the War in Heaven In the next century in 1917 Wei Enbo had a similar experience and started the True Jesus Church 19 I liked this because it reminds us that God speaks to people of all cultures and religionsTo continue reading

  3. Christopher Angulo says:

    The book was thoroughly researched provides a great background for the politicalreligious climate at the time and is written at a nice pace It is definitely a great addition to religious studies

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