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Ich weiß, wo sie ist❮Epub❯ ➢ Ich weiß, wo sie ist ➡ Author S.B. Caves – Heartforum.co.uk Zehn Jahre nach dem Verschwinden ihrer Tochter Autumn bekommt Francine einen Zettel durch den Briefschlitz geschoben auf dem steht Ich weiß wo sie ist Am nächsten Tag steht ein junges Mädchen vor i Zehn Jahre nach dem wo sie PDF/EPUB ê Verschwinden ihrer Tochter Autumn bekommt Francine einen Zettel durch den Briefschlitz geschoben auf dem steht Ich weiß wo sie Ich weiß, PDF/EPUB ² ist Am nächsten Tag steht ein junges Mädchen vor ihr und behauptet den Brief geschrieben zu haben Francine hält es für einen grausamen Scherz weiß, wo sie Kindle Ó Doch das Mädchen weiß erschreckend viel über ihre Tochter Ist Autumn noch am Leben Kann sie sie finden Oder ist es bereits zu spät »Dieses explosive Debüt packt den Leser von der ersten Seite an und lässt ihn nicht mehr los Düster erschreckend und wahnsinnig spannend« The Sun .

SB Caves was born wo sie PDF/EPUB ê and raised in North London He loves crime and thriller novels classic horror movies KoreanJapanese thriller films and true Ich weiß, PDF/EPUB ² crime documentaries He is also a huge boxing fan.

Ich weiß, wo sie ist PDF æ weiß, wo sie  Kindle
  • Kindle Edition
  • 304 pages
  • Ich weiß, wo sie ist
  • S.B. Caves
  • 03 August 2014

10 thoughts on “Ich weiß, wo sie ist

  1. Lou says:

    SB Caves is certainly a new name to me in the mysterythriller department but I do hope this is not his first and only book The book intrigued me and pulled me in from the first few chapters and although it was a little slow to start it picked up and became a fast paced read My love for crime novels means I am always seeking out new books from both authors known to me and also those who are new to the scene In this case the publisher was kind enough to allow me a copy to read and reviewThe book focuses on Francine whose daughter Autumn has been missing for ten years she does not know whether she is alive or dead which as a mother must be horrifying The first chapter begins with Francine receiving a hand delivered note in an envelope which reads I KNOW WHERE SHE IS Francine doesn't know whether to dismiss it as a sick prank or to take it at face valueThe next day a strange looking young woman approaches her claiming to have posted the note Francine wants to label it as a cruel joke and forget about it for her own sanity but there's just one problem this young girl knows things that only Autumn would know It then becomes clear that the only way Francine will learn the truth about her daughters kidnapping is by travelling to dark places She will discover that danger comes from unexpected sources and she will do things she never thought she was capable of but will she get Autumn back or is too late Is the note genuine or is it just a horrible hoaxThis is a well written and immaculately paced debut novel that is truly gripping It is definitely worth reading if you are a fan of a good thriller It's best that you find an afternoon to set aside to read this as once you get into it it is difficult to put down The need to find out whether Autumn is alive or dead and what actually happened to her keeps you turning those pages I wouldn't hesistate to read another of the authors novels in the future A riveting and unpredictable roller coaster ride I would not be surprised if there was a seuel as the door has been left wide open for this if there is I would definitely read it There is no doubt in my mind that this is an author to watch for the future This is truly worthy of 5 stars an amazing read

  2. Dash fan says:

    5☆ Gripping Fast PacedHeart Racing Addictive ThrillerI know where she is literally had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through So many twists and turns it had me second guessing myself over and overIt's fast paced Gripping highly addictive Thrilling and just a bit shockingBe prepared once you start this book you will not put it down till the very end  Francine and Will's Daughter Autumn went missing 10years ago when she was little10years later Francine received a letter through her doorsaying ' I know where she is'Francine and Will have divorced as Francine was drinking and went into depression The grief was just too much for them both so they split upSo when she takes the letter to Will he tells her she's been pranked and she should just go home Francine has never given up looking for Autumn and she is convinced the letter is realWhat happens next will turn Francine's life upside down She is in for one hell of a ride and she's not about to let ANYTHING or ANYONE get in her wayIts here i'm going to stop my review of The plot as believe me it's one story you WON'T want to miss Believe me when I say this story will literally keep you guessing Uncovering horrific truths Scandal heartbreaking scenes this story has it allAlthough there are a few graphic scenes there is also a theme of torture and sexual abuse which some may find distressingAlthough these topics do feature within the story it is handelled with sensitivityI adored Francine her Raw Maternal instinct was almost Carnal at times and I admired her determination and her ability to never give up I can Definetly see Mothers Women being able to relate to her sheer strength and her ability to do whatever it took to find her daughterFor me I disliked Will He has moved on with his life He's new wife is pregnant and he tries to keep that part of he's life locked awayI hated how he treated Francine Yes she came across as a mad women at times and her drinking didn't helpBut a Mother's instinct is always rightHe shunned her and made her feel like she was crazy Even when she had evidence of the letter he dismissed herHe actually infuriated meThe story did sometimes come across a little far fetched at times but I loved it all the because of thatIt stretched your imagination and really made you envision the events unfoldingBut to be honest this story could well become true There has been cases where this kind of thing has gone onI loved the ending But i wanted I do hope there is another book as I want answers I really do urge you to read this book It really will keep you hooked and guessing till the early hoursI highly recommend this book to readers who love Fast Paced Thrillers Physiological theme Highly Addictive books Very Gripping and Enjoy TwistsI received this book from the Publisher for free via Netgalley in which I voluntarily reviewedMy Review can also be found on my blog

  3. Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice* says:

    45 stars for I Know Where She Is by SB CavesI hate to think how I would have coped had one of my children been abducted In the beginning I was judgmental of Francine whose daughter Autumn was abducted some 10 years prior to the start of this book Francine coped by becoming a functioning alcoholic who regularly consults psychics Her husband Will coped by turning his daughter's disappearance into an industry Fast forward and Francine receives a hand delivered note with only the words 'I KNOW WHERE SHE IS ' And so begins an unpredictable and at times improbable and unbelievable but utterly riveting roller coaster ride as Francine follows her gut instinct to try to save her daughter Is the note a cruel hoax or does someone really know where her daughter isI Know Where She Is deserves to be made into a movie I could see it all unfolding before me as I read Caves leaves me in no doubt that she is an author to be watched Her writing is dynamic Her characters are flawed unpredictable and all too human; her descriptions of the settings so realistic I could picture myself there Don't be surprised if there is a seuel; the door has been left wide open for this to happen Thank you to Canelo via Netgalley for providing a digital copy of I Know Where She Is by SB Caves for review All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own

  4. Pauline says:

    I Know Where She Is by SB Caves was a thriller about Lena who was trying to find her young daughter who had gone missing almost a decade before I enjoyed this book it was fast paced and I could not put it down and read it in one day The subject matter is not for the faint hearted I would like to thank Netgalley and the publisher for my e copy in exchange for an honest review

  5. Denise says:

    A white envelope unmarked no stamp Scrawled in chicken scratch I KNOW WHERE SHE ISFrancine receives this message ten years after her daughter Autumn Cooper Wright went missing and no amount of searching ever turned up a clue Francine descended into an alcoholic haze she and her husband Will divorced and only recently has she begun to get herself put back together Francine frantically calls her husband for a meet but he's moved on has a new wife and is expecting a child and he thinks it's just a prank When Francine meets 18 year old Lena out by her car next to her job place the next day she's not convinced that Lena is anything but a cruel joke when Lena says she knows Autumn whom she knows as Melody And Lena says that Autumn is still alive Lena only begins to believe it when Lena tells her things that make her blood run coldEven if you got her backShe's not the same little girl you lostNone of us areAs messed up and unstable as Francine appears at first she pulls herself together uickly and is off on a mission to rescue her daughter from unspeakable circumstances NO SPOILERS but the situation Autumn is in is horrible and one that no parent wants to imagine The book really takes off after this and ratchets toward a spectacular if somewhat unbelievable climax The narrative is well paced and tension builds as Francine seeks to find and regain her daughter Francine changes into something approaching Super Woman before the reader's eyes and the transformation is necessary considering what she is up against Can she rescue Autumn when there is no one to turn to for helpThis was uite the unexpected thrill read for me as I had not anticipated the direction it was going I enjoyed it as the pages flew by As others have said set aside a block of time as this begs to be read in a single sittingThank you to NetGalley and Canelo Publishing for the e book ARC to read and review

  6. Whispering Stories says:

    On the tenth anniversary of her daughter Autumn disappearance Francine receives a note pushed through her letter box with the words ‘I Know Where She Is’ wrote in childish handwritingShe takes the note to her ex husband Autumns dad Will for his help but he shuts her down and tells her that it will be kids and to leave him alone and that she needs professional helpThen a strange young woman Lena appears stating that she wrote the note and that Autumn now called Melody is being held in a big house in the woods with lots of other girls and that she can’t get the police involved as they already know about themWith no one to turn to an ex who thinks she’s nuts and a determination to get her daughter back Francine finds herself on her own and has to make some tough choices if she is to get her daughter back going to lengths she never thought she was capable ofI Know Where she is is a brilliantly executed thriller The book opens straight into the action there is no build up and this works perfectly getting you involved from the very beginningSB Caves took me in a direction I wasn’t expecting and into a dark seedy criminal world one that goes on behind closed doors and hidden well from societyFrancine is a woman on the edge She has lived with the pain hurt anguish and guilt over her daughter’s disappearance for the past ten years She has clung onto hope for so long that when Lena turns up she wants to disbelieve her but knows deep down that what Lena is telling her is the truthLena is a very mixed up young woman who came across much younger than she was Even though she was a victim I did find it hard to warm to her I don’t know why there was just something about her that bugged meThe subject matter might not be something everyone will be comfortable will but it was handled delicately and although you knew what these young women were going through it was never pushed in your face or explicitly explainedMy only concern is how it ended I was hoping for something but it ended uite abruptly Though there was talk of the future I’m not sure if there would be scope for a seuelIf you are after a fast paced dark gritty thriller that will hook you from the first page and have you eagerly rushing through it then this book is perfect It definitely won’t disappointReviewed by Stacey on wwwwhisperingstoriescom

  7. Pat (not getting friend updates currently) says:

    A very gripping story about a mother who goes all out to find her daughter who disappeared 10 years ago On the 10th anniversary of Autumn's disappearance the mother gets a note saying I know where she is And they're off and racing It got a little far fetched towards the end but by then you're so invested in the story that you power on through I would read from this author

  8. Joanne Robertson says:

    Oh my goodness this was so NOT what I was expecting but in a good way so don’t worry From the moment Francine got that anonymous letter through her letterbox I was hooked Do be warned that although this hard hitting thriller does contain scenes that some people may find upsetting it will also hold you hostage to its powerful story of a mother determined to bring her daughter homeAnd Francine is very much on her own in her uest to find out what happened to Autumn 10 years ago and whether or not that letter is another hoax Her husband has moved on with his life not believing or trusting his alcohol soaked ex wife and certainly not willing to go along with any of the propositions she has for a new search for their missing child And although Francine isn’t the most reliable or likeable character at the start she comes alive again when she realises there’s a real chance Autumn is still out there Will her ex husband was an uninspiring figure and I knew straight away that Francine would be far better off without his support anywayThis storyline would actually work really well as a film It had a visual feel and a similar vibe to other action films I’ve seen recently it actually reminded me of Taken at times with Francine as a female Liam Neeson Her grit and determination shine through the narrative and I was behind her 100% cheering her on every step of her journey to reclaim not just her daughters freedom but to take back her own life tooDo be aware that this book cover themes of child abduction and abuse which some may feel is handled too deeply at times There was one scene where I thought I might have to put the book aside for a bit as I found it hard to read but the subject is handled so well in this authors hands that everything existing within the plot was needed to enhance the sheer horror of the situation And once you find out you will begin to see how the full extent of the years of horrific abuse has shaped its victimsThis is a clever fast paced and gripping thriller brought to life by a truly outstanding lead character who never gives up And I’m still feeling goosebumps after that final chapter A really creepy and intriguing ending that just surprised the hell out of me keeping me on my toes till the final word of that final page I can’t wait to see where SB  Caves goes from here with an imagination like that

  9. Sue says:

    This was a book I wasn't sure of at the beginning as it took me a couple of chapters to connect with but once we connected my excitement grew with the storyI can't imagine what it would be like to have a child taken from you in such a way never knowing if they were dead or still alive This is what happens with Francine The only thing she has held onto for ten years is hope its hope that has kept her from completely going under afterall her ex husband is one hell of a no hoper at all he really comes across to me a swine hes given up all hope hes married again child on the way and when Francine approaches him about something to do with their long lost daughter Autumn hes really thinking there is something wrong with his ex shes barmy for even 'thinking' the item she has in front of her would lead or could lead them to their long lost daughter hes of no help whatsoeverA girl turns up Lena who professes to know where her daughter is is she mad to even contemplate listening to this crazy young womanI loved this thriller in the end it kept my attention and me turning pages enough for me to keep moaning at anything or anyone that kept interrupting meSlow at first but really did pick up and well worth it for meMy thanks to Canelo via Net Galley for my copy

  10. Ronald Kramer says:

    I almost hate giving this book 5 stars but the story sucks you in and this earns it 5 stars It is a page turnerWhere I say I hate to give it 5 stars is due to the storyline It is pretty sad imho that something like this storyline could even be conceived Sad and brutal This may be my most candid review ever my reviews are typically is it good or notThat being saidDoes this stuff really go on in the world we live in I am by no means a political correctness guy or any of that stuff Actually uite the opposite But I do have a pretty deep moral compass and this story is definitely south of itAgain it is a page turner it will keep you wanting to find out what happens next So there you go 5 stars

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