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Glendalough Fair❦ [KINDLE] ❁ Glendalough Fair By James L. Nelson ➡ – Irland Mitte des 9 Jahrhunderts Nach einem ereignislosen Winter platzen die Wikinger um Thorgrim Nachtwolf beinahe vor Tatendrang Da kommt es gelegen dass Thorgrim durch den irischen Stammeskönig Kev Irland Mitte des Jahrhunderts Nach einem ereignislosen Winter platzen die Wikinger um Thorgrim Nachtwolf beinahe vor Tatendrang Da kommt es gelegen dass Thorgrim durch den irischen Stammeskönig Kevin von Glendalough erfährt einer schlecht geschützten Abtei im Binnenland Der Zeitpunkt ist günstig denn der Jahrmarkt steht bevor und bringt zusätzliches Geld in den Ort Thorgrim lässt sich auf den Raubzug ein Doch schon auf der Fahrt über den Fluss nach Glendalough zeigt sich dass Kevin wenig zu trauen ist.

James L Nelson is an American historical nautical novelist He was born in Lewiston Maine In Nelson graduated from Lewiston High School Nelson attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst for two years and then transferred to UCLA with the ambition of becoming a film director Nelson his wife Lisa and their daughter Betsy lived for two years in Steubenville Ohio while.

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  • 23 September 2014

10 thoughts on “Glendalough Fair

  1. Mark Halse says:

    I wanted to be one of those people that rates a book before it's out I did it mom I did it Plus James L Nelson rocks Nuff saidMerged reviewFirst of all I love Thorgrim Night Wolf He's a Viking he's a werewolf and he's a badass I will never miss a Thorgrim bookThat being said this one isn't my favorite in the series The previous books were driven by Thorgrim's desire to return home to the Vik In this book Thorgrim has accepted that he is stuck in Ireland and has come to enjoy his position as the lord of Vik Lo For me this deflated Thorgrim's depth as a character I even found myself interested in the new POV character Louis' storyAlso Thorgrim takes a big fall in this book I love reading about a victorious Thorgrim who uses his cleverness and werewolf powers to win the day against the worst odds I was happy however to see that the next book in the series will be a blood fued story My favoriteRecommended

  2. Benjamin Thomas says:

    After a brutal winter Thorgrim Night Wolf newly minted Lord of Vik Lo modern day Irish town of Wicklow hears from a local Irish Lord of an opportunity for plunder It would involve both Vikings and Irishmen teaming up to raid an abbey far inland and the visitors who attend the Fair at Glendalough Thorgrim needs a way to thwart the strife that is building among various factions in his holdings so perhaps a raid would be just the thing But the expedition soon turns bad when the Irish forces they face prove tough and the leader of the enemy shows savvy battle leadership skillsThis series is very close to becoming my favorite historical fiction series; it’s certainly in the top five Each book is better than the last and really drives me to want to read the next one right away That’s especially true in this case because this volume doesn’t exactly end and you’ll need volume five Night Wolf to find out how it resolves The story here has all the Viking battle action you’d expect along with a complex network of characters that are eually likely to support Thorgrim as betray him I was pleased to see his son Harald grow as a character from merely a strong skilled warrior into a young man that can think tactically and really impact eventsThis entry in the series does change things up a bit At one point Thorgrim realizes that when he thinks of home it is no longer the farm back in Norway that he has previously yearned for Now it’s Vik Lo where he has worked hard to restore the defenses and build a long lasting refuge for over 300 people It also introduces an intriguing new character in the form of Louis a Frenchman forced into the life of a monk and then elevated to military leader I suspect we’ll be hearing from him again as well as several prominent rivals that have managed to get the best of Thorgrim in this novelI’ve read most of James L Nelson’s works from his numerous naval adventures pirate novels nonfiction and now these Viking Age Ireland books All wonderful stuff

  3. gwen graves says:

    GoodThis the 4th book I read in the series and it was really goodI find myself rooting for the Norseman even though I’m Irish The characters are really interesting as is the story line

  4. Steven Toby says:

    The Saga Continues But I don’t think this book #4 Is uite as good as the others It has the plot twists and action all right but our hero Thorgrim Nightwolf seems to have made too many bad decisions compared to his obvious leadership ability The raid on Glendalough depends on cooperation with a mixed force and Thorgrim has many indications that’s not happening yet fails to cut his losses I was also unimpressed with the subplot featuring the Frankish nobleman Louis He was sent to Ireland without warning Why can he speak Gaelic Don’t all the clergy know Latin in this period Shouldn’t a nobleman have learned it too Gaelic is in a different language group from Old French and Latin so it isn’t probable he would develop a facility with it uickly Finally the ending seemed contrived Why didn’t Kjartan’s brother burn Thorgrim’s ship once he realized it couldn’t be promptly refloated Far too many uestions to occur to a reader of this kind of fast moving tale So only 4 stars but still good entertainment

  5. Alice Nalepka says:

    SPOILERS Always loving the next book in James Nelson’s Viking series This one is a bit different than the first three in the series because it isn’t a stand alone book you'll need to pick up the fifth book in the series to know how this adventure turns out I really enjoyed this one and am excited to start the next one and see how things shape up for Thorgrim Nightwolf and our newest character introduced in this book Louis de RoumisIn all the books Throgrim is weary and growing older and ready to stop with raids and get back to Norway and his farm In this one he is eually ready to be done with the raids it seems to be changing in his views of heading home He is now Lord of Vik lo and seems content with staying in Ireland and ruling over Vik lo that is if he can make it back in time to still keep itIn this book Throgrim regretfully joins up with Keven mac Breandan to raid Glendalough during a faire but is not up for the task once he learns he’s teamed up with another Viking Ottar who is a brutal and unjust killer Everything about this raid seems to be going wrong and even though Throgrim sees this he still does not shy away leading to and dismay for him and his menHopefully in the next book Throgrim can turn everything around but at the end of this one he is looking like a pretty foolish leader

  6. Charles van Buren says:

    I have been reading and enjoying this series for several months now This is well researched well written better than average historical fiction Action adventure romance and a sugar coated history lesson Just what I like This 4th novel in the series also introduces a new well developed likeable protagonist a Frankish prince in exile What this volume does not do is give us a complete story When I finished volume three I wanted to read the seuel When I finished this volume four I needed to read volume five to find out what happened Five stars for the writing the history and the story telling Three stars for an incomplete cliff hanger ending

  7. Naci Akkøk says:

    The last open endeThe last in the series and very good as the rest especially for those who wonder avout the history of Ireland but do not have the patience to read dry history The catch it does not really end the saga

  8. antony says:

    Cliffhanger after cliffhanger Action action action Battles betrayals twists and turns Running fighting and running and fighting victory and defeat snatched away and returned all the way to the end This is a non stop ride

  9. Bob says:

    Great story I couldn't put it down Great piece of historical fiction The characters were really well developed and interesting both good and bad I can't wait to start the next book

  10. Mai-Lan Hanley says:

    Unexpected continuation of what I had thought was a trilogyAn interesting continuation of the Thornton story A good read along the lines of the previous three books Will look for the continuation

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