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The Art of Amen[BOOKS] ⚣ The Art of Amen ⚡ Catherine Bird – Best Book The Art of Amen By Catherine Bird This is very good and the main topic to read with book details isbn 9781684262205 format Paperback and others 160 pages Best Book, The Art of Amen By Catherine Bird This is very good and the main topic to read with book details isbn format Paperback and others pages.

Catherine Bird is an author speaker Bible teacher and sometimes a reluctant homeschooling mama who also loves being a wife and a mom and often struggles to find balance between them all She is genuine and not without a sense of humor about her walk with Jesus which includes plenty of bumps stumbles and falls We serve a good and faithful God who asks for our love in return Catherine is pa.

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  • 160 pages
  • The Art of Amen
  • Catherine Bird
  • 07 August 2016
  • 9781684262205

10 thoughts on “The Art of Amen

  1. Bob Mendelsohn says:

    I never met Catherine but her mom and dad yes And the continual tribute to each of them is worthy of note Catherine's style is wide with plenty of variety in helping everyone Like Catherine I was dramatically challenged by Steve and Sandy Ferguson and their faith and their prayer life In this book Catherine chronicles her own connection to prayer and to the God who listens and longs to be with us in that endeavour The Hebrew word amen translates to so be it rooted in the same word as I believe it It's the agreement that causes one person's prayers to become that of a community As I read her book I kept hearing myself saying 'amen' It may be an art; it may be a rote ritual but when you read this journal you will hear yourself agreeing and either shouting in joy or at times reluctantly nodding but an 'amen' is sure to come

  2. ADPiBookworm says:

    I found this book to be very interesting and it gave me a lot to think about my own walk of faith Prayer has always been something I feel like I have been decent at I feel like prayer should just be talking to God the way you would a friend or mentor feel like this book has helped me see the ways that I can improve my prayer life I believe this author does a great job in this book off really making the point of how important our spiritual walk is and how we can improve our lives through prayer

  3. Laura Langley says:

    Catherine Bird's The Art of Amen offers readers a fresh look at prayer why we pray how the Holy Spirit helps us pray and how to pray in creative ways Starting with the idea that prayer can be both relational and creative Bird helps readers catch a vision for how to walk it out in everyday life Perhaps this line best sums up her approach to the book as she helps readers take their prayer lives to a deeper level Prayer is our lifeline to our creator a loving God who longs for us to share with him in an easy open honest relationship While many see prayer as a daunting task Bird helps readers embrace it as simply an ongoing relationship with the One who created them not overly complicated but something that deserves the investment of time and attentionI like the fact that this isn't just a book to read it's an experience Bird will have reader look up some Bible verses and write them down answer some thought provoking uestions and try various creative ways to pray Bible journaling nature walks crafting praying aloud among others On top of that Bird's easy going friendly transparent way of communicating helps readers see into her life and how amidst challenges and joys and busyness she has continued to seek God in prayer She helps readers grasp that this prayer thing it is doable and it is rewarding beyond measure It's practical it's biblically based and it will encourage the reader Bird even includes some traceables and coloring pages and a great prayer full playlist of songs Whether you're new to the idea of prayer as relationship or you're looking for ways to spice up your existing prayer life The Art of Amen will not disappoint It's a winnerNote I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for this honest review The opinions expressed are my own

  4. Rachelle Sperling says:

    As a spiritual director I speak with a lot of people about prayer and what it looks like and different ways of praying I tend to reference things like Long Wandering Prayer and Practicing the Presence of God I wanted to read this book to see if it might be a good resource to add to my list It is clearly a book for beginners in a life of prayer and I realized pretty uickly it wasn't what I was looking for I started with a kindle version that I was sent free for review And I really struggled to get into the flow of the writing but I assumed it was because the font was so tiny and surprisingly non adjustable So I ordered a paper copy and waited for it to arrive And I discovered that I still have the same problem I just have trouble with the author's train of thought I'm not understanding her topic flow It seems to me as if she jumps around from idea to idea and a couple of times it wasn't until the end of a chapter that I read something that helped me understand how her points fit together Other chapters I never did find the connections between paragraphs and the chapter title It seems like good material just not joined together in a way that made it readable for me personally Maybe it is just my personality but in the end I didn't finish the book It might suit someone else

  5. Sandra says:

    If you are like me you have the best intentions to have a closer and meaningful prayer life No matter how good our intentions somehow family work or life gets in our way Catherine Bird has written a wonderful book that is a must ride for people like us This book will draw you into having a fulfilling prayer life Cat doesn't just talk about it She gives us ideas to encourage us to try new ways to get in touch with the God who created us and wants to have a close intimate relationship with us I loved her chapter on Bible Journaling Using this method has made a huge difference in my prayer and Bible study time You do not have to be an artist to express back to God your appreciation of his handy work But speaking of artist you will appreciate Cat's artwork throughout this beautiful book I received a complementary copy of this book from Abilene Christian University Press Leafwood Publishers through NetGalley The opinions expressed in this review are my own

  6. Gina Fox says:

    This book is for everyone creatives and un creatives I personally cannot draw stick people straight to save my life Catherine is so good at giving the reader the right amount of stories scripture and opportunities to unleash their creative side It is beautifully written and will bring a needed boost to the reader's prayer times It can also be the place where people like myself begin to tap into that side of themselves Beautifully done Love this book and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for ways to incorporate new avenues into their prayer life and walk with God I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion

  7. Kathryn says:

    This book is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside Whether you have a strong prayer life need a bit of encouragement and a kick start or know nothing about prayer you will find something in this book for you It is filled with scripture and Biblical examples of prayer regarding why we pray ideas on incorporating creative activities into your prayer life and gorgeous coloring pages that encourage prayer as you do the activity Not being a crafty type person myself I appreciate this guidance and am excited to start my own Bible journaling now

  8. Amy Elaine says:

    Cat takes us on a journey leading us deeper into the intimate conversations we long for with God Breaking through the complacency and mundane The Art of Amen is a delightful glimpse into the creative side of prayer where our prayer life comes alive It’s perfect for the artsy creative and the craft challenged alike Since I fall into the latter group I loved the encouragement to just be me Whether coloring outside the lines or making a messy masterpiece this book gave me new insight into the heart of God who just wants to spend time with me in that ongoing conversation we call prayer

  9. Louise Bird says:

    This is a beautiful book both inside and the outside There are great references to the author own life and the faith of the family This book draws you into having a better prayer life of your own and the encouragement to go forward A must read for someone desiring a better prayer life #theartofamen

  10. Christi Arnett says:

    The past few years have been the hardest season for me I've found my prayer life isn't as strong as it should be and when I started reading this book I wasn't expecting much But God used the authors words to speak to me I truly loved this book and have already began a second reading This book is honest real and made me laugh and cry Loved it

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