Cavanaugh’s Island

Cavanaugh’s Island❮BOOKS❯ ✹ Cavanaugh’s Island ✯ Author Robert Vaughan – Fort Wallace Colorado Territory 1873After reports of brutal Cheyenne attacks on small ranches young Captain Marcus Cavanaugh and his men saddle up to intercept the renegade band While they’re gone a Fort Wallace Colorado Territory After reports of brutal Cheyenne attacks on small ranches young Captain Marcus Cavanaugh and his men saddle up to intercept the renegade band While they’re gone a grief stricken settler takes matters into his own hands and ambushes an Indian camp killing several bravesAngered by the cowardly slaughter of his people Chief Silver Bear vows revenge by enlisting the neighboring Sioux and Arapaho nations to declare war on the white man When regular patrols can’t stop the raiding parties Captain Cavanaugh volunteers to take his company of uick Riders to wipe out the hostiles and head off a full scale uprising But in a predawn attack the three nations surround Cavanaugh’s troops camped on a small island in the Arikaree River Pinned down by enemy crossfire and low on supplies they fight to hold their ground in the bloody battle for Cavanaugh’s Island.

Robert Vaughan is an American writer He has also written a series of contemporary and historical romance novels under several pseudonyms including Paula Moore and Paula Fairman His father served in the military and Robert followed him in the s entering army aviation He served until the Vietnam War and won numerous medals including the Distinguished Flying Cross the Purple Heart the.

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10 thoughts on “Cavanaugh’s Island

  1. David says:

    Excellent story that ends with a great battle scene Another winner in this series from Vaughan

  2. Bob Cantrell says:

    Good retelling of Beecher's IslandMy reason for a five star review isn't the battle of Cavanaugh's Island but for the subplot of greed leading men to do evil Also I liked the idea of how officers in the field realize that to meet the Indians in battle you have to use some of their tactics against them As for the climatic battle on the island it was a good retelling of the real battle of Beecher's Island There was some small changes in the battle but they do not distract from the actual events by that much So you get a little history woven into a good work of fiction Many thanks for an enjoyable story by Mr Vaughan Can't wait for the next book in the series

  3. D. E. says:

    An RV Arrow Saber 2 WesternIndiansGoldSettletsCalvaryRV has penned an Arrow and Saber western with out intrepid Lieutenant now a Captain at a different Fort as acting commander until the new one arrives He takes the troop out and engaged the Cheyenne and wins When he returns to the Fort the newsMaker takes over but allows him to run the four troops He develops a rapid reaction force that can be out of the Fort in 15 minutes It is a success This is an excellent read for the genreDEHS

  4. David Norrenberns says:

    Good and excitingI always enjoyed a good western and this book is no exception This book was a good explanation of the frontier and no how it was settled and the military enrolment of the westNo A

  5. LUAYNE says:

    4 starsAnother Great story Like the characters The island battle is well described The action well choreographed Glad Gates received justice for his greedy actions Grammar errors keep Vaughan books from getting five stars

  6. larry brashear says:

    Good Book This is a really good tale of the old West well written and edited with a good plot describing realistic combst scenarios

  7. Jerri Gennaro says:

    Cavanaugh's Island Arrow and Saber book 2I have been reading this series and have found the books absolutely intreging I would recommend this series to most people

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