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Capital Defense❰Download❯ ➾ Capital Defense Author Jon B Gould – The unsung heroes who defend the accused from the ultimate punishmentWhat motivates someone to make a career out of defending some of the worst suspected killers of our time In Capital Defense Jon B G The unsung heroes who defend the accused from the ultimate punishmentWhat motivates someone to make a career out of defending some of the worst suspected killers of our time In Capital Defense Jon B Gould and Maya Pagni Barak give us a glimpse into the lives of lawyers who choose to work in the darkest corner of our criminal justice system death penalty cases Based on in depth personal interviews with a cross section of the nation's top Capital Defense teams the book explores the unusual few who voluntarily represent society's worst of the worstWith a compassionate and careful eye Gould and Barak chronicle the experiences of American lawyers who like soldiers or surgeons operate under the highest of stakes where verdicts have the power to either take death off the table or put clients on the conveyor belt towards death These lawyers are a rare breed in a field that is otherwise seen as dirty work and in a system that is overburdened under resourced and overshadowed by social cultural and political pressuresExamining the ugliest side of our criminal justice system Capital Defense offers an up close perspective on the capital litigation process and its impact on the people who participate in it.


Capital Defense PDF/EPUB Ä Hardcover
  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • Capital Defense
  • Jon B Gould
  • 27 January 2014
  • 9781479873753

10 thoughts on “Capital Defense

  1. January Gray says:

    This book really explains a lot about Capital punishment and why some lawyers choose to fight against it so strongly Gives you a fresh understanding of things

  2. J Earl says:

    Capital Defense by Jon B Gould and Maya Pagni Barak is an eye opening book about the defense attorneys who concentrate on capital cases This is a perspective that few of us have thought about even those of us who feel strongly about the subject of capital punishmentThis book is very well researched and discusses the legal profession and legal maneuverings in some detail Having said that I was very impressed with how well they kept the writing accessible to those of us without law degrees The latter part of the introduction even includes a primer on the Capital Defense Process This covers the basics of who can bring charges how the sentence is determined and maybe most important how it is not determined This alone will probably answer some uestions readers might not have even known they hadLike any profession the reasons for practicing criminal law especially capital cases are varied but do have some common motivations Prestige is certainly part of it for many but not nearly as much as what the common perception of lawyers might indicate Far are at least as interested in doing what they believe to be right From a basic opposition to the death penalty to the racial and class disparities in the justice system to simply upholding the basic tenets of the foundation of our legal system namely that everyone is entitled to a rigorous defenseThe toll that taking these cases has on them is steep They know every action or inaction on their part might be the difference between life and death for their client Many of these attorneys suffer silently because they know that the cases aren't about them so they just keep plugging awayI would recommend this to anyone interested in the topic of capital punishment whether an activist trying to get people to realize there is NO positive to the government murdering people or a neanderthal that thinks murder is okay when done by who they like I would also recommend this to anyone considering a field of law in which to practice this will let you go in with your eyes open or help you decide to choose another type of law Either way a positive thing for your careerReviewed from a copy made available by the publisher via NetGalley

  3. Whit says:

    “But popular culture has a way of portraying capital defense as godless work with the lawyers sometimes accused of defending the Devil’s influence in their clients who admittedly have often carried out horrific acts”Ill be honest in admitting that I never think about the lawyers who defend the degenerates of society Timothy Mcveigh Aileen Wuornos and Ted Bundy all had a defense team who tried to get them life in prison despite the heinous crimes they committed If you aren’t aware by now all 3 of these people were executed by the United States CAPITAL DEFENSE gives a voice to the group of lawyers who come face to face with these people many are murderers on a daily basis When an individual is put to death the family of their victims are the ones many people pray for We pray for their strength and their ability to continue on in life despite the loss of their loved ones This book taught me early on that the lawyers who defend capital clients see what they are doing as a religious experience They are saving someone’s life THEY are also praying for THEIR clients These lawyers are praying for their right to live Many are social justice warriors who came of age during the 60s flower child movement Peace and love was the former mantra so they decided to keep the saying going while draped in a suit and tie in their adult years CAPITAL DEFENSE touched on race relations the cruel side of the prosecution and what it’s like being a woman in the courtroom I used to immediately condemn a person because of what they did on the worst day of their life but now I see things from a socioeconomic point of view Every individual put to death aren’t famous as a Ted Bundy and topics of a popular podcasts Some are just regular joes who made very stupid and detrimental mistakes who have a right to counsel and a right to fight for their lives A huge thanks again to nyupress for gifting me a copy Im forever grateful for the opportunity to review

  4. Greg says:

    I never thought how much dedication passion effort and sacrifices capital defense lawyers put on their work until I read this book Before I read this I had an impression that almost if not all capital defense lawyers were motivated by just money and the penchant to protect the allege criminals because they like to take advantage of the drama to be popular Little did I know that many are motivated by many other factors I haven’t even consideredSo as I went through the pages of this book I came to realize that belief in sanctity of life that the government should not have the right to kill that alleged offenders are just victims themselves of what is wrong in our society are just few of the reasons why capital lawyers choose to practice in this area Some practice capital defense due to the intellectual and the adrenaline rush it gives In other words capital lawyers find fulfillment in this role Fulfillment that few can only understandThis book also discuss how capital work affects the health and well being of the lawyers While many experience vicarious trauma while others were able to cope Handling the responsibility of defending the so called “worst of the worst” of our society can really takes its tollThis is really an eye opening book I learned a lot and understand that there are those people who can see something worth fighting for in even the most despise individuals in this world

  5. TJ Frostt says:

    Thank you nyupress lol for providing a copy to read review•“Criminal defense lawyers have long represented the shunned and scorned admirably committed to constitutional principles and a sense of duty but how does a defense lawyer explain her work in the most harrowing of capital cases involving crimes that turn the stomach and inflamed the public’s desire for vengeance” p 36•This book seeks to understand the complexities of defending those who society have so often deemed unworthy Gould and Barak interview some sixty 60 capital defense lawyers who offer up personal and intimate details of defending those who have been charged with capital offenses Examining the why and how an attorney gets involved in such a specialized field while also acknowledging the racial bias gender and socio economic disparities between clients and their attorneys•I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book Capital defense isn’t really talked about in the way which this book creates When you hear about gruesome murders serial killers and terroristic mass casualties you often think of the perpetrators not the legal team doing everything in their power to exonerate their client andor at the least eliminate the death penalty andor life sentences without the possibility of parole out of the euation As Bryan Stevenson once said “each of us is than the worst thing we’ve ever done” I absolutely felt that after reading this book•

  6. Nicholas Meler says:

    The death penalty is one of my favorite topics and this book was good for shedding light on an extremely hard job that few do Towards the end it was a STRUGGLE to get through because I related it to the MANY political science books I read while in college Super informative and important but couldn’t keep me intrigued

  7. Isabelle says:

    I loved this book It gave a lot of good information and opinions It also gave a lot of good cases and examples I highly recommend this book to anyone whether they are interested in a pathway of law or the judicial System or if it’s just an interest to them as it is for me

  8. Booksandemma says:

    A huge Thank You to The author The publisher and Netgalley for providing the e arc in exchange for a unbiased review of these worksa facinating and fresh look at this role and the challenges it brings

  9. Cristie Underwood says:

    This was such an interesting read I have always wondered why the lawyers that defend murderers do it This book answers that uestion It was an eye opening read

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