The Golden Scepter (The Dragon Artifacts Book 2)

The Golden Scepter (The Dragon Artifacts Book 2)❅ The Golden Scepter (The Dragon Artifacts Book 2) kindle Epub ❥ Author Mike Shelton – A golden dragon A wizard obsessed with power An evil ueen bent on conuering all And a Dragon King who has lost his dragons The Western continent is in turmoil The Dragon King Bakari and his riders hav A golden dragon A wizard obsessed with power An evil ueen bent on conuering all And a Dragon King who has lost his dragons The Western continent is in turmoil The Dragon King Bakari and his riders have lost their dragons to an evil ueen bent on conuering the land High Wizard Roland Tyre has other ideas about how to save the The Golden PDF or people  Driven by the pounding call of his scepter to unify the land he sets out to bring one nation after another to his bannerWill the power of the scepter drive Roland to madness or glory  Will The Dragon King get the power of the dragons back  Or will darkness cover the land under the reign of an evil ueen In the second book of The Dragon Artifacts magic and chaos rule the land  For lovers of wizards magic mighty kingdoms elves and dragons don’t miss this series.

Mike was born in California and has lived in multiple states from the west coast to the east coast He cannot remember a time when he wasnt reading a book At school home on vacation at work at lunch time and yes even a few pages in the car at times when he just couldnt put that great book down Though he The Golden PDF or has read all sorts of genres he has always been drawn to fantasy It is his way of es.

The Golden Scepter PDF ✓ The Golden  PDF or
  • Kindle Edition
  • 297 pages
  • The Golden Scepter (The Dragon Artifacts Book 2)
  • Mike Shelton
  • 10 January 2014

10 thoughts on “The Golden Scepter (The Dragon Artifacts Book 2)

  1. Carla says:

    Book Two in this series is a fast paced action packed adventure that you will not want to put downTheir world seems to have been plunged into a magical darkness and without the power of their dragons all seems almost hopeless Bakari has such a good heart and does what is right but has this led him to his downfall Did his kind heart and compassion cause him to lose the dragons to a ruthless new leader My heart went out to him in this book he lost such a big part of him when he lost his dragon which forced him to uestion his decisions I loved how he still stayed true to his nature and his morals regardless of what happened He still wants to save the world get the dragons back and save his friend but he would do it in a way that he could live withAlli's plight made my heart so sore She has been my favourite from the day that I picked up his series of books and to see her in such a state She still remains her fierce and strong self but she has lost that independence and her own history and true strengthRoland is truly something else in this story he is usually carefree and driven for power and fame but it takes on a different tone in this book His desire for power and admiration has grown to the point where it almost seems to consume him When he uses the Golden Scepter it brings out a new side to him or a side from the Scepter itself which seems to want him to do good unite the people under one banner one vision but all of that power in one person doesn't just sit right for his friends and colleaguesThis is another excellent addition to this series I couldn't put the story down You become so invested in these characters they become your friends and you had to see if Roland could help Alli if Roland makes a mistake with the Scepter and if Bakari can rescue the dragons A definite must read for young adults and adults alike

  2. Patti says:

    Overall rating 5I get so mad at these characters One seems too humble one is too arrogant one should not have been so easily brainwashed Yet all are exactly as they need to be in order to have me flying down this storyline Of course this author once again made it impossible for me to not look for the next book This tale is epic and I am mentally trying to figure out how everything will play out Kasper and the wolf truly should have their own spinoff All my reviews are always voluntarily written

  3. John Piper says:

    Great series

  4. Robyn says:

    Wow Mike does it again with Book 2 of The Dragon Artifacts It was hard to put down to get some sleep and you can’t wait to finish the story While the dragons hibernate the rider use horses to go in search of the artifacts Alli has been kidnapped and is stuck with the slave master from the arena while Bak Gabby Liam and Jaimon go looking for Delia before she can get to the dragon artifacts She is already at the cave when Bak’s group arrives there Delia has an artifact that rips the dragon bond from the currently bonded riders She tries to trap Bak’s group inside the cave but they escape The large golden dragon statue comes to life and flies off to join Roland who is using the golden Scepter of Unification and its power Jaimon who was trapped inside the cave rejoins them he managed to escape and has 2 dozen artifacts from the cave with him Can’t wait for the next book

  5. Dennis Moss says:

    Waiting on the last book This was an awesome journey Enjoyed the development of Bakari Alli Jaimon and Roland But most of all I enjoyed the dragons

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