Abigail, Queen of Natronia: A Fairy Tale

      Abigail, Queen of Natronia: A Fairy Tale
From the moment Abigail is born, it is clear that any beauty she possesses must be on the inside Abigail s face and body are deformed, so much so that the nurses cover her so she won t frighten the other patients Bullied in school and shunned by the people of her village, Abigail nevertheless sees the good in life Alone and isolated in her room, she anonymously writes tales of love and compassion Despite being denied happiness because of her appearance, Abigail finds a special joy through her writing Natronia s King Billwick is distressed His son, Prince Phillip refuses to take his proper place in the kingdom Hoping it will inspire the young prince, King Billick leaves a book of Abigail s fairy tales on the saddle of Phillip s favorite steed Mesmerized by Abigail s writing, Phillip gains confidence and begins to take his rightful place as heir to the throne Believing the unknown author of such wonderful books must be a beautiful lady, he commands the Royal Mandarin to find her When the official fails in his quest, Philip undertakes his own search In a twist of fate, Prince Phillip and Abigail discover each other Their story is written in the chronicles of Natronia. New Read Abigail, Queen of Natronia: A Fairy Tale [ By ] Darrell Case [ Kindle ePUB or eBook ] – heartforum.co.uk

Darrell Case writes books he would love to read Fast paced thrillers mysteries that keep you on the edge of your seat When he and his wife Connie watch a movie, he always wants to fast forward to the action Yet his books are written from a Christian perspective According to Darrell, the best thing about being a writer is you get to be the first reader website

      Abigail, Queen of Natronia: A Fairy Tale
 – heartforum.co.uk
  • Paperback
  • 24 pages
  • Abigail, Queen of Natronia: A Fairy Tale
  • Darrell Case
  • English
  • 01 April 2019
  • .978151363 Edition Language English Other Editions None found All Editions

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