Microsaurs: Tiny-Tricera Troubles

      Microsaurs: Tiny-Tricera Troubles
A lab mix up accidentally releases a full sized Triceratops into the town festival in the sixth and final installment of Dustin Hansen s illustrated chapter book series, Microsaurs.As the first official members of the International Microsaur Protection Agency, Danny and Lin thought that they were prepared for anything They ve flown with Tiny Dactyls, herded Tiny Stegos, and wrangled Tiny saurus Rexes But when the Professor s newly upgraded Expand o matic messes up, they end up facing their biggest problem yet a full sized Triceratops let loose in the middle of the town s yearly Tomato Festival Will Danny and Lin be able to stop their favorite Tiny Tricera from terrorizing the town, or will the Microsaurs become front page news and be lost forever Free Download [ Microsaurs: Tiny-Tricera Troubles ] Author [ Dustin Hansen ] – heartforum.co.uk

Dustin was raised in rural Utah, where his imagination was his most constant companion A reader, artist, and gamer from an early age, Dustin was encouraged to mine his talents, follow his passions, and find the fun in everyday life.Dustin studied art in college, and entered the exciting world of video game development in 1994 His career has taken him and his family from coast to coast, but he always considered the small town he grew up in, Ephraim, Utah, his true home.After spending a year as a director at Habro, Dustin, his wife, and four kids moved back to Ephraim, where he lives today in the shadows of a fine mountain, writes books about video games and dinosaurs, and takes long walks with his dog, Rusty.Oh, and he loves the Utah Jazz, but that s another story all together.

      Microsaurs: Tiny-Tricera Troubles
 By Dustin Hansen IBN : 1250090385 Format : Hardcover – heartforum.co.uk
  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages
  • Microsaurs: Tiny-Tricera Troubles
  • Dustin Hansen
  • English
  • 12 October 2018
  • 1250090385

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  1. Barbara says:

    Danny and Lin have their fun at the town s Tomato Festival, complete with rides and a big concert, interrupted when a lab mistake results in three tiny dinosaurs being super sized and running all over the place The two friends follow Bruno, Pizza, and Cornelia as Bruno charges into anything red and since this is a festival dedicated to celebrating those juicy fruits, there s a lot of red to see Fans of the series will want to read the book to see if the dinosaurs make it back to the lab so th Danny and Lin have their fun at the town s Tomato Festival, complete with rides and a big concert, interrupted when a lab mi...

  2. Karen says:

    The sixth entry in the Microsaurs or tiny dinosaurs elementary aged chapter book series An adventure fantasy series with lots of fun illustrations In Tiny Tricera Troubles, the microsaurs accidentally become full sized and invade the town tomato festival Kids Danny and Lin must save the day.

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