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Super Scientists❮Read❯ ➯ Super Scientists Author Anne Blanchard – The biggest discoveriesthe most inuiring mindsthe 40 most inspiring super scientists of all time are here Learn how these scientists shaped the world in this fact packed book from the 40 Inspiring Ico The biggest discoveriesthe most inuiring mindsthe most inspiring Super Scientists of all time are here Learn how these scientists shaped the world in this fact packed book from the Inspiring Icons series From Galileo Galilei's terrific telescope discoveries to Louis Pasteur's victorious vaccinations to Ada Lovelace's cracking computer codes discover how each of these scientists spent their lives asking uestions and making leaps and bounds in the world of science and technology Beginning with the Ancient Greek philosopher Thales who discovered geometry and astronomy right up to the modern astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson who has popularized complex scientific theories through the use of simple language these are the Super Scientists to be learned about by all Thales; Pythagoras; Aristotle; Euclid; Archimedes; Zhang Heng; Hypatia of Alexandria; Brahmagupta; Avicenna; Alhazen; Roger Bacon; Nicolaus Copernicus; Galileo Galilei; Johannes Kepler; Isaac Newton; William Harvey; Rene Descartes; Antoine Lavoisier; Mary Anning; Michael Faraday; James Clerk Maxwell; Charles Darwin; Gregor Mendel; Louis Pasteur; Dmitri Ivanovich Medeleev; Ada Lovelace; David Hilbert; Marie Curie; Ernest Rutherford; Albert Einstein; Niels Bohr; Alfred Wegener; Alan Turing; Rosalind Franklin; HGP and the Human Genome; Vera Rubin; Francoise Barre Sinoussi; Tim Berners Lee; Stephen Hawking; Neil Degrasse Tyson Each spread presents a single scientist highlighting key facts about their life the scientific advances they made the applications for their discoveries and the surrounding historical and social context along with a fun illustrated depiction of them that calls out elements of ife and the observational instruments they used Each is a pioneer of their age but which scientist do you think is truly out of this world Each book in the Inspiring Icons series introduces readers to a fascinating non fiction subject through its most famous people or groups Explore these other great topics through their most interesting icons People of Peace Greek Gods and Heroes Soccer Stars Fantastic Footballers Music Legends and Black Music Greats.


Hardcover  ñ Super Scientists Kindle Ä
  • Hardcover
  • 96 pages
  • Super Scientists
  • Anne Blanchard
  • 02 February 2016
  • 9781786034748

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  1. PattyMacDotComma says:

    4★Wonder uestion DiscoverThis children’s picture book of scientists begins with Thales from about 600 BC in Ancient Greece to Neil deGrasse Tyson today Each entry is colourful with a large cartoon of a scientist surrounded by small illustrations and text boxes of facts and remarksIt’s a great idea and the artwork is appealing The text is broken up into bite sized chunks that make it easy to read and remember Perfect for readers with a short attention spanI gather this has been translated from the French and my preview copy shows Hervé Guilleminot and Jérôme Masi as author and illustrator I don’t know where Anne Blanchard fits inThe translation mostly seems fine but there are a lot of misspellings and typographical errors The text boxes in the PDF version I have show texts in varying fonts and styles sometimes to make things stand out but sometimes to fit in text than the box will comfortably contain In the latter cases words are running together and hard to readIf you’ve ever fooled around with fonts on a computer you will see some “narrow” styles that compress letters and sueeze in words This book is designed for children and young readers – people who need all the help they can get to interpret marks on a page and convert them to words and then to thoughts in their minds Anything that hinders that process needs to be fixed As you can see the titles on each page are very pretty but it’s a stylised cursive running writing rather than straight printing so the S is just one hurdle for a very young child or a slow readerAs I’ve said mine is a preview copy and I hope the editors and publishers correct the errors I have mentioned them here because the pages I'm sharing below may include some and you might wonder why I like the book which I do mostlyThales c600 BC Ancient Greece and Turkey The first scientistArchimedes 297 212 BC Syracuse now Italy The first engineerAvicenna 980 1037 Iran The good doctorGalileo Galilei 1564 1642 Italy The stargazerNeil deGrasse Tyson NY USA The enthusiastHere’s the list of the scientists including some whose names I didn’t know but probably should and many who are household names today like Aristotle Darwin and Einstein who is pictured sticking his tongue out which he was famous for doing in photos1 Thales2 Pythagoras3 Aristotle4 Euclid5 Archimedes6 Zhang Heng 7 Hypatia of Alexandria8 Brahmagupta9 Avicenna10 Alhazen11 Roger Bacon 12 Nicolaus Copernicus13 Galileo Galilei 14 Johannes Kepler15 Isaac Newton 16 William Harvey17 René Descartes18 Antoine Lavoisier 19 Mary Anning 20 Michael Faraday 21 James Clerk Maxwell22 Charles Darwin 23 Gregor Mendel24 Louis Pasteur25 Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev26 Ada Lovelace27 David Hilbert28 Marie Curie29 Ernest Rutherford30 Albert Einstein31 Niels Bohr 32 Alfred Wegener 33 Alan Turing 34 Rosalind Franklin 35 HPG and the Human Genome36 Vera Rubin 37 Françoise Barré Sinoussi 38 Tim Berners Lee39 Stephen Hawking 40 Neil Degrasse Tyson Thanks of course to NetGalley and uarto Books Wide Eyed Editions for the preview copy of what I hope will be a good finished product#SuperScientists #NetGalley

  2. La Coccinelle says:

    This book is pretty much a wreck from start to finish The illustrations are ugly The text is riddled with typos and missing spaces It also has a number of outright errors I don't even know who wrote this thing The front cover credits Anne Blanchard and Tino but the first page lists Hervé Guilleminot and Jérôme Masi they wrote and illustrated another book in the series so maybe that's yet another error Seriously this is one of the sloppiest non fiction books for kids I've ever readLet's look at some of my notesOh yes The text states that Alexander the Great brought things back from his travels to his friend Aristotle Apparently Alexander the Great made it to the Americas at some point because the illustration shows him gifting a saguaro cactusZhang Heng is credited with being the first person to realize that the moon reflects light from the sun Except oops the book already credited Thales with thatEggs don't have yokes I shouldn't have to explain this oneThe page on Descartes is just confusing He's supposedly all about reason but then he's also apparently convinced that there's an evil demon running around affecting our perceptions Sounds reasonable?Right The locations If anyone was born in England no matter when the book listed the location as Great Britain But if they were born in Scotland the location was Scotland Yeah I don't get it either Since when is Scotland not part of Great Britain? And then the book goes on to make mention of someone being born in the Czech Republic in 1884 Pick a convention and stick to it either use the location names as they were at the time or use all current location names Don't mix and matchThe Pasteur page is disgusting ignoring his ethical issues and continuing to help him steal credit for other people's work He was not the first to come up with the idea of washing hands to prevent disease Credit for that should go to Ignaz Semmelweis but he's not even mentioned The poor guy never got any credit in his own lifetime either and was laughed out of medicine for daring to suggest that maybe doctors should wash their hands between doing autopsies and delivering babies Pasteur also practiced medicine on children without a medical licence But I guess including that would've made him look like kind of a dickThe book is also heavily skewed toward males There are seven women in this book and thirty three men which is bad enough It gets even worse when we get to Rosalind Franklin who helped discover the structure of DNA Her page has ten little blurbs of information but only six are actually about her The other four are about the men who stole the credit for her work and rather ironically about how women are overlooked in science in generalThe information that is included in the text is also kind of weak Sometimes it's so vague that it doesn't even seem to apply to the person that's being talked about When I read a book like this I want information about the people not vague random tidbits about tangentially related stuffThis book was apparently published in French first but that's no excuse for the absolutely shoddy translation I mean the translation itself isn't terrible but the resulting text is so full of typos that I uestion whether it was actually done by a humanFaraday also discovered that an element called red benzene transformed chlorine gas into a liuid created optical glasses light and wrote chemistry textbooksWell that's clear as mudAside from sentences that don't make any sense at least one just sort of ends in mid thoughtDarwin went further still when he claimed that humans and monkeys share a common ancestor whichWhich what? Don't leave me hangingI expect a lot from non fiction especially in books aimed at children There's no way I'd give this one to a child no matter how interested they are in science There are other better books out there ones that have better editing and don't relegate women to the shadows of history while simultaneously complaining about doing that very thingNot recommended Thank you to NetGalley and Wide Eyed Editions for providing a digital ARC

  3. Richard says:

    A very clever One of a number of book titles in a series to show the who’s who or the world’s bestSuper Scientists is a good place to start and to reflect on the potential of such a series For each scientist listed chronologically we get a potted history of their life and achievements This is done with inspiring artwork and cartoon figures to capture the very essence of these people and their claim to fame They are reduced in the process to sound bites and snippets easy to digest and remember the factsEach page could be contracted to a double sided playing card and we could be playing top trumps with the movers and shakers of scientific nobilityIt is a fun addition to any library and will teach anyone who reads it some basic facts that will stick The hope would be it that it could lead the curious mind to search further The book itself does not help in this process; I guess the internet is the now expected jumping off place However a resume of biographies or books around their subjects might have helped direct to less able student This perhaps classified the book as a work of fun than a serious scientific guide but either way it it promotes interests and shares rich facts it has begun to serve both purposes

  4. Etienne says:

    Very good little book to discover scientist from our history Well summarize with illustrations and kind of graphical presentation Easy to understand and perfect for kids to learn about those scientist but also to learn who invented and where it came from some of the concept or theories they learn in school Well done

  5. Jax says:

    The book starts at the beginning and I mean the beginning 600BC and 580BC respectively both in Greece with Thales and Pythagorus I was familiar with both their theories but I knew very little about them as people I was already looked forward to reading The book includes ThalesPythagorasAristotleEuclidArchimedesZhang Heng Hypatia of AlexandriaBrahmaguptaAvicennaAlhazenRoger Bacon Nicolas CopernicusGalileo Galilei Johannes KeplerIsaac Newton William HarveyRene DescartesAntoine Lavoisier Mary Anning Michael Faraday James Maxwell Clark Charles Darwin Gregor MendelLouis PasteurDmitri Ivanovich MendeleeveAda LoveloveDavid Hilbery Marie CurieErnest RutherfordAlbert EinsteinNiels Bohr Alfred Wegener Alan Turing Rosalind Franklin HPG and the Human GenomeVera Rubin Francoise Barre Sinoussi Tim Berners LeeStephen Hawking Neil Degrasse Tyson Each section is easy to read and very well presented With a biography and key facts for each person It was good for matching facts such as The Golden Ratio displacement theory heliocentrism electromagnetism periodic table the discovery of DNA and much to their respective inventor A great springboard for further science reading VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDThank you so much the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with a complimentary electronic copy in return for an honest review

  6. Yai says:

    Let's start giving thanks to NetGalley and the publisher uarto Knows for giving me the opportunity to read this book And I want to excuse myself for taking so much time to review it This book is a short illustration book about the greatest Scientist in history This book is good if you are trying to learn little details about the most prominent Scientifics in history Is a cute and good way to learn about those who made so many thing in our daily life possible even those who some of us want to kill even tho they are dead just because they invented math and geometry etc Being a chemistry student I find this a good way to keep in mind what those Scientifics did and what we have to thank them for Besides that the illustrations are really cute and kind of funny but it helps you get everything together and remind little details that no class tells us about But the part that made me read it even if it isn't why they actually wrote it for is wanting to see if you could give this book to a child and I think you can Maybe a child of 8 years old and up but even at that time I think is important for kids to learn about the ones that made so many things possible I think is a great idea and I really want to read the other five 5 books presented at the end of this one

  7. Claire Lyons says:

    We really enjoyed this book I had thought it would only interest my older children 10 8 but in fact we all found the information well presented and fun to read so everyone joined in The illustrations are very funky and clear so my other kids were also keen to hear about these amazing and groundbreaking scientists I also learnt uite a few things which means the book gets my thumbs up too

  8. KayKay says:

    Super Scientists is an excellent addition to the 40 Inspiring Icons seriesThe authors carefully picked some of the most iconic and pioneering scientists in human history from 4th BC to modern time whose accomplishments have shaped the sciences of philosophy biology physics mathematics chemistry technology and so forth Some of the names are highly recognizable while the rest are less widely known to the general public Super Scientists is a great picture book for children and adults to acknowledge the achievements of the scientists which have affected our lives one way or the other Minimalist artworks brief but succinct information and clean layout make this collection a wonderful intro book about influential scientists Definitely a great read

  9. Sayo says:

    This would be a great book for any child interested in science Bright pictures Bullet point facts Accomplishments and opposition A fast read with a lot of information

  10. January Gray says:

    After discovering this is a series I am definitely getting them for my children I learned uite a bit as well A great way for your kids to learn

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