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Sonny Boy❰EPUB❯ ✹ Sonny Boy Author Annejet van der Zijl – This is the emotionally stirring story of unlikely lovers who brave the bigotry of their era only to be victims of the even larger forces of history at work in World War II The plight of Anna a lively This is the emotionally stirring story of unlikely lovers who brave the bigotry of their era only to be victims of the even larger forces of history at work in World War II The plight of Anna a lively and charismatic woman and her much younger second husband Waldemar an immigrant from the Dutch colony of Suriname and the fate of their only child Waldy after his parents are murdered in the Nazi concentration camp for the crime of harboring Jews in their boarding house is unforgettableWaldemar is uniue as a biracial young man in post WWII Netherlands—and his search for his own path in life is sure to engage even the hardest hearts.

Annejet van der Zijl is a Dutch writer Born in she studied mass communication at the UVA in Amsterdam and did a MA International Journalism at City University in London She worked in magazine journalism until meanwhile publishing her first book Jagtlust about a ramshackle villa that in the sixties was a meeting place for many artists and poets Annejet van der Zijl lives in Amsterda.

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10 thoughts on “Sonny Boy

  1. Anita says:

    I love reading books from this era However this one reads like a history book than a traditional non fiction book It took me several attempts to get into the style of writing this author has I found the background of the characters at the beginning of the book and several pages into it convoluted and uite difficult to follow as there were so many of them Really long paragraphs no dialog just uoting letters comments from other people and diaries Having said that I am over 12 finished and finally warming up to the book

  2. Charlene says:

    This book translated from the Dutch is a touching sometimes very frustrating account of the lives of people who were not famous; it also covers topics not usually brought to lifeAccounts of some history of Suriname of the lives the colonials lived between the World Wars the later use of its natural resources to support American military forces in WWII the situation of Dutch Jewish colonials in Suriname the relationship of slavery to Dutch navigators and settlers and several other topics are covered at least briefly in this true story I was completely ignorant of all of these facts until I downloaded and read this book on my Kindle The biographical material centers around one Dutch woman and a younger Surinamese immigrant to the Netherlands their previous histories and family backgrounds and their lives in pre WWII and through to the end of the warI will not include other spoilers but I do recommend this book to anyone who would like to learn about some ordinarily extraordinary persons during the time The Boy Between Worlds portrays There is a section midway in the book of pictures of many of the characters whose lives are noted and I greatly appreciated being able to see these historical documents

  3. Jeanne says:

    Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends – John 1513 from Rika's prayer card at her reuiemWorld War 2 novels have a leg up danger heroes evil but a reminder of hope The Boy Between Two Worlds has another leg up as its story is true two people Rika and Waldemar fall in love against all odds Rika was a spirited Dutch woman and mother of four separated from her husband; Waldemar almost half her age was an émigré from Suriname Rika white Waldy black scandalizing her family and the larger community by their relationship and son also Waldy Rika and Waldemar work themselves from nothing to prosperous owners of a seaside bed and breakfastNever being ones to follow the straight and narrow they also hid Jews during the warUntil they were picked up and sent to a concentration campFor short periods of time things went wellish Rika received baskets of fruit and scarves from her family and friends And Waldemar's skin color was accepted In an environment designed to strip people of their identity and reduce them to an amorphous mass Waldemar’s skin color ensured that he was never just a number He remained an individual a person and that fact alone provided him with extra opportunities p 134This is a biography so no happy endings here although there are uestions How do you live in the face of evil? How do you survive in such a world? How do you survive if left behind? How do you move on?It's hard for a book like The Boy Between Two Worlds to be just a book when it stands in the shadow of memoirs like The Diary of Anne Frank and Man's Search for Meaning which define what it means to resist evil and remain hopeful Their voices sound original but when The Boy Between Two Worlds is optimistic I wondered to what degree this was wish fulfillmentI want to believe that I would stand up for the downtrodden if we faced something similar Most of us believe this however and few act In assessing what happened in the Netherlands under Nazi occupation later generations were uick to draw hard lines between good and evil but they hadn’t experienced the war and all its ambiguity firsthand and it was all too easy to see things as black or white But those who had lived through it knew better only the dead were blameless All survivors had something to feel guilty about—if only the mere fact that they were still alive while so many others some of whom had surely been better braver deserving than they were not p 175I appreciated The Boy Between Two Worlds but would have liked it if the characters were drawn with greater chiaroscuro I wanted to love this book and its characters but never really fell in love

  4. Elzinus says:

    Is a personal history the best way to learn about the past? Annejet van der Zijl thinks so She is willing to pick up this task by narrating the life of a stubborn Dutch women her second man from Suriname and their son between 1900 and 1945 How should you write a personal account for people who no longer live?Annejet did a lot of research for sure She uses letters and interviews she made with relatives and friends of the three main characters of this biography Maybe because she worked so long and hard on this story she thinks she can take the freedom in sketching the blank spots by using poetic language The result is a hybrid between biography and fictionIn most cases the use of poetic images and made up swimming experiences make the book readable for al lot of readers Since Annejet makes the statement that we can learn about a time by personal stories I do not think readability should be the most important argument In other cases I think this is plainly wrong Ie regarding the dead camps in Germany In my opinion we should not use poetic language for such horrible events unless people are describing their own inner experiencesWhat could she have done to respect the facts ? This is always a hard uestion the difference between a good interpretation and fantasy is a thin line I am no historian but maybe she could have made the choice to include context in the book Concluding her method is not my cup of tea a little to much focussed on the marketing of a book i guess On the other hand Sonny Boy i easy to read and thus to sell The story is exiting and just 70 years seem like a total different age Maybe my view is a bit to critical because I think Sonny Boy can make people interested in recent history that otherwise wouldn’t read about it Decide if you fall in the first or the latter category

  5. Pam says:

    The Boy Between Worlds A Biography was written by Annejet Van Der Zijl and translated by Kristen Gehrman When I chose this book I was looking at ebooks on ’s Prime list As a Prime member I was able to get two books from books from all over the world list for free so I looked them over and this one just stood out Even when I finally got around to beginning it I had no idea what the book was about I hadn’t even looked carefully at the cover and noted that it was a biography I just thought I was reading a fiction book To my surprise I found out this was not only a biography but a Holocaust biography This put the book right on the top of my list The book is wonderfully well written and is about an unknown family who were resisters under the Nazis in the Netherlands Waldemar Nods was from Suriname He had been brought up in Suriname and was sent to Holland for school Being brought up in Suriname in a family that was nearly white and was in the upper class Waldemar did not have the same attitude towards Black and White people that other Blacks might have He felt himself just as good if not better than other people This attitude would serve him well during his lifetime Hendrika Wilhelmina Johanna van der Lans or Rika was born in the Netherlands to a Catholic potato merchant Her Mother was in charge of the home and had descended from a family of ill repute so she was extremely Victorian in her bringing up of her five daughters Father was not around much as he traveled on his business The five girls were strictly brought up in the Roman Catholic Church Rika seemed to be destined to be her Mother’s faithful assistant; but she had a rebellious streak in her She wanted something different She was restless and determined to go her own way She fell in love with Willem Hagenaar when she was seventeen He was the son of Protestant parents so marriage between the two would seem out of the uestion However Rika and Willem were insistent and he came to the boarding school she was attending climbed over the wall and took her out with him They traveled home; but by the time they were there her reputation was ruined so her parents relented to her marriage However neither they nor her sisters or brothers attended To thwart them she and Willem drove their carriage past their house after they were married so her parents could see her dress She definitely had a mind of her own After leading a fast paced life with Willem and having four children with him he was posted to an austere island in Holland It was too dull slow and gossipy for her so she took the youngest child and left She told Willem she wanted a divorce and the children She set up a boarding house to make money for herself and her children Eventually the children were taken by Willem when she became pregnant due to an affair with her boarder Waldemar It seems to be no big deal The story and the attitude she and Waldemar take are fascinating It is definitely a story that needs to be told again and again Two individuals instead of statistics

  6. Cindy Woods says:

    Amazing WII storyThis is a great story about an amazing couple from the Netherlands pre and during WWIIThis story of a mixed race couple her a married white woman many years older than her Suriname born black lover who meet in the Netherlands several years prior to Hitler's devastating march and takeover of the country brings nothing short of respect and admiration Not only do they appear to have nothing but absolute positive things remembered about them they were an active part of the Dutch Resistance hiding Jewish and non jews during the war in their homeI had never heard of this couple before choosing this book as my free Prime book of the month although it's already been made into a movie and won many awards overseasRepeating what I read in the Author's Notes at the end of this well written book with all of the things this couple must have endured in their relationship given her marital status their racial differences and age difference what made them choose to expose themselves to such dangers by assisting others in need by being members of the Dutch Resistance? It's absolutely an awesome human story that I'm so grateful has finally been translated into English for our consumptionA truly brave heartwarming heart wrenching and incredible story Absolutely recommend to readers of history I plan to download the movie from Prime next

  7. Janice Bates says:

    I chose this book as a freebie from Prime As I love historical fiction and non fiction it was a great selection for me In a time when it was tabu for the races to mix Rika from the Netherlands and Waldemar from Suriname were an unlikely couple She was in fact a married woman Her husband had her four children from their union and he made life miserable for her And until she became pregnant by her younger lover he thought she would come back to himThen in the midst of the Great Depression they prospered because of Rika's ingenious idea of running a guest house because everyone needed a place to get away By the time the Germans took over her home it was basically a hotel on the North Sea Then later because she had five children she was allowed a larger home And they took full advantage of this by hiding Jews and SS deserters But because such a large operation as the Dutch Resistance cannot stay secret long both adults were arrested along with many others Rika still diligently corresponded with her family for as long as it was possible But she never saw her two Waldies again

  8. Lance Greenfield says:

    The first third of this book is about the background and is almost a history lesson The pace is extremely slow and somewhat boring Once I was past this however I was drawn in and captured throughout the rest of the book so it is worth your perseverance This book is truly an emotional roller coaster There were parts of the book that filled me with joy parts that inspired me and made me feel proud of the achievements of the main characters and parts that made me sob as I read about the cruelty inflicted on human beings by fellow humansThe conseuences of prejudice are well highlighted and horrific Those who know me well know my views on prejudice and I have written several articles on the subject which are posted on my blog What I read in this book just reinforces my viewsI do recommend this book and I urge you to stick with it through the opening chapters If you do so you will thank me for the recommendation

  9. Sarah O& says:

    I chose this book as one of my two options for the Prime First Reads in July and I loved it The first half of the book had me so attached to Rika Waldemar Waldy and their beautiful story and by the second half I was praying that my suspicions as to what was going to happen next were wrong Despite the sadness of their story I am so grateful to have been introduced to these people and I hope their legacies live on for decades to come May we never forget the horrors of the Holocaust so that history does not repeat itself

  10. Chantal says:

    25 stars

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