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The Indomitable Florence Finch❰Reading❯ ➶ The Indomitable Florence Finch Author Robert J. Mrazek – The story of an unsung World War II hero who saved countless American lives in the PhilippinesWhen Florence Finch died at the age of 101 few of her Ithaca NY neighbors knew that this unassuming Filipi The story of an unsung World War II hero who saved countless American lives in the PhilippinesWhen The Indomitable Epub / Florence Finch died at the age of few of her Ithaca NY neighbors knew that this unassuming Filipina native was a Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient whose courage and sacrifice were unsurpassed in the Pacific War against Japan Long accustomed to keeping her secrets close in service of the Allies she waited fifty years to reveal the story of those dramatic and harrowing days to her own childrenFlorence was an unlikely warrior She relied on her own intelligence and fortitude to survive on her own from the age of seven facing bigotry as a mixed race mestiza with the dual heritage of her American serviceman father and Filipina motherAs the war drew ever closer to the Philippines Florence fell in love with a dashing American naval intelligence agent Charles Bing Smith In the wake of Bing's sudden death in battle Florence transformed from a mild mannered young wife into a fervent resistance fighter She conceived a bold plan to divert tons of precious fuel from the Japanese army which was then sold on the black market to provide desperately needed medicine and food for hundreds of American POWs In constant peril of arrest and execution Florence fought to save others even as the Japanese police closed inWith a wealth of original sources including taped interviews personal journals and unpublished memoirs The Indomitable Florence Finch unfolds against the Bataan Death March the fall of Corregidor and the daily struggle to survive a brutal occupying force Military historian and former Congressman Robert J Mrazek brings to light this long hidden American patriot.

Robert Jan Mrazek was a Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives representing the rd The Indomitable Epub / Congressonal District on Long Island for most of the sHe was born in Newport Rhode Island but grew up in Huntington New York He graduated from Cornell University in In he entered the United States Navy Mrazek was elected as a Democrat to the th United States Congres.

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  1. Hannah says:

    This is not a pleasant read This is a brutal wartime story about how the Japanese mistreated the Filipino populace and the Americans during their occupation years Florence Smith never had an easy life; her father was a scoundrel of a man in his private life and her childhood wasn't pleasant especially after her parents' separation From the beginning she showed herself a survivor She needed every bit of that inner strength as she faced down the pitiless JapaneseThe writing style doesn't shy away from the tough facts but I appreciated that it didn't delve into gratuitous descriptions The violence was bad enough even confined to bare facts I felt the deep desolation of the young girl being beaten for her mother's bad moods all the way through to the end where she doesn't think much of what she has done and never seeks out honor for her accomplishments Through it all she is a woman who deeply deserves to be honoredI listened to an audio version and enjoyed the narrator's skill in telling the story His voice is pleasant and none of his pronunciations got on my nervesThanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free reading copy A favorable review was not reuired

  2. Lilisa says:

    This was an absorbing listen to a World War II war heroine a Filipino American who most people haven’t heard about and neither had I Born Loring May Ebersole in the Philippines her mother was Filipino and her father an American serviceman She had a tough childhood and at the age of seven her father sent her and her sister away to school never to return home A self made woman she worked for the US Army for Lieutenant Colonel Engelhart in Manila and married an American sailor just before the Japanese Army invaded and occupied the Philippines during World War II Soon after her husband was killed in the line of duty and Florence was fighting to survive the Japanese occupation Hiding the fact that she was half American she got a job at the Japanese controlled fuel distribution company and began diverting fuel to the resistance and remained undetected for some time She also regularly sent money to Engelhart who was captured and was a prisoner of war But she was caught tortured and imprisoned and sentenced to hard labor until the Americans returned to free the Philippines from Japanese occupation ending World War II in that part of the world months after the war ceased on the European battlefields The amazing Florence was tight lipped about her courageous work during the war and very few knew about the risks she took to save many lives Following her war she immigrated to New York State where her aunt lived and began her new life including her stint with the US Coast Guard remarrying and reconnecting with Engelhart who she stayed in touch with all her life She received the Medal of Freedom and the Asiatic Pacific Campaign Ribbon and in 1995 the Coast Guard named a building in Hawaii in her honor The author did a great job the book is well written the pace just right We get to really know Florence as a young child and follow her into adult life marveling at how grounded and steadfast a person she was despite her extreme hardships and upbringing or lack thereof She was an amazing woman uiet determined and courageous She truly was an unsung heroine and the author did a great job allowing us to see the person she was and what she was up against Besides the story of Florence during the Japanese occupation the story alternates with the plight of Engelhart and his fellow prisoners of war He most likely survived because of Florence’s underground help All in all a book extremely well done on a subject that deserved an author who could do justice to her contributions to the US and humankind Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read and review this audiobook

  3. Jen says:

    I read this in January and it was one of my favorite books that month a good opening to the new yearThe title belongs to Florence and she ties everything together but this is as much about the invasion of the Philippines by Imperial Japan as it is about FlorenceFlorence was working at the G 2 Intelligence Headuarters in Manila under the command of Lt Colonel EC Carl Engelhart when she met and married Charles Bing Smith USN After the bombing of Pearl Harbor Bing reported to his PT boat and was involved in the defense of Corregidor where he died in action They had been married for only six months Engelhart was captured after the fall of Corregidor and sent to a POW camp in Cabanatuan where he began keeping a record of his time in captivity and the help provided by Florence and others to the POWsDisturbing to me was the failure of General MacArthur to act according to the strategic plan in place a when not if the Japanese continued their encroachment in the Pacific Had he done so the outcome in the Philippines may have been differentFlorence managed to obtain work with the Japanese controlled Philippine Liuid Fuel Distributing Union and working with the Philippine Underground she was able to divert fuel supplies to the resistance She also worked with others to smuggle in food and medicine to the POWs The conseuences of being caught meant torture and probable death In 1944 the Japanese finally caught on Florence was arrested and tortured When finally rescued by American forces in 1945 she weighed only 80 pounds I've only touched briefly on some of the events in the book but it was well written and fascinating The documentation of the work is extensive and in large part from primary sources Highly recommended Read in January; blog review scheduled for June 1 2020NetGalleyHatchette BooksBiographyMemoirWWII June 16 2020 Print length 368 pages

  4. Jorge says:

    The amazing story of an American hero that has gone unnoticed for a long time Florence Finch was a woman of courage Her work to help POWs in the Philippines during WWII got her to prison tortured at the hand of the Japanese Kenpeitai and to the brink of death This is a story of survival and triumph As an aside this story has provided me a different light on the role of General MacArthur regarding the fall of the Philippines to the Japanese I wondered than once why President Roosevelt let him stay in command But this is Florence Finch's story and of her heroism Although difficult to get through at times due to the descriptions of the atrocities committed by the Japanese this is a highly recommended book

  5. Lara Maynard says:

    Future Medal of Freedom recipient Florence Finch was born Loring May Ebersole in 1915 in Santiago the Philippines to a Filipino mother and an American father and lived to the age of 101Before the Japanese military invaded and occupied the Philippines during WWII Florence worked at the G 2 Intelligence Headuarters of the US Army in Manila where she met her first husband Charles “Bing” Smith a member of the US Navy He was killed in action in the Philippines in 1942 after only about six months of marriage And Florence’s former G 2 Headuarters boss Major Carl Engelhart was captured by the Japanese and held as a prisoner of warFlorence hid her passport and American identity and got a job at the Philippine Liuid Fuel Distributing Union which was controlled by Japanese forces From there she falsified documents and diverted fuel in aid of the Philippine resistance and sent money to help Carl Engelhart and others at the prisoner of war camp where POWs were horrendously treated and suffered from malnutrition Florence’s activities were discovered and she was arrested by the Japanese occupiers tortured sexually assaulted and was sentenced to labour and detained until American troops liberated the Philippines in February of 1945Mrazek’s crisp account of The Indomitable Florence Finch is heavy on context with large chunks dedicated to Charles Smith Carl Engelhart and the strategies of George MacArthur as the commander of United States Army Forces in the Far East during WWII While WWII history buffs might appreciate all the context and while it helps explain what might have been motivating Florence’s resistance activities and what was at stake the focus on the title figure sometimes gets lost The book would have benefitted from editing to tighten up those sectionsThe blurb about the book on the Hachette Books website includes this sentence “With a wealth of original sources including taped interviews personal journals and unpublished memoirs The Indomitable Florence Finch unfolds against the Bataan Death March the fall of Corregidor and the daily struggle to survive a brutal occupying force” And there are passages in the book that suggest that the author had access to journals kept by Carl Engelhart I would have liked to know about Mrazek’s research for the book Unless I missed it the advance review copy of the unabridged audiobook from the publisher that I listened to did not include an author’s note to give the reader listener a better idea of how the book was compiled I would have appreciated a substantive note on Mrazek’s sources and a bit on how much of the writing was based on primary sources and to what extent the author took license to fill in the blanks I am curious to know if such an author’s note exists in the print version or in the final published version of the audiobook If you readlisten to them please let me knowDan Woren’s audiobook narration matches the crispness of Mrazek’s account from which the reader does not emerge feeling like they know Florence Finch particularly well but will admire her greatly and agree that each of her awards and honours is soundly deserved I recommended this book to readers interested in heroines war heroes resistors POWs or WWII historyI listened to an advance review copy of the unabridged audiobook courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley My review is unpaid and voluntary and I believe it is fair

  6. Tiffany says:

    Mrazek's work is well written engaging and unlike many bios keeps the reader interested from start to finish I have read numerous texts about the female resistance fighters of WWII but never one as compelling told about a woman resisting on the Pacific front Finch's tale of courage and determination alongside the brutality of the not gratuitously told Japanese invasion of the Philippines Mrazek doesn't sugar coat Finch's life from the start and he does not change that position when discussing the battles hardships and all out war those in the Philippines experienced during WWII He sticks to his thesis and successfully carries it through to the end My only complaint is that Florence's story takes a backseat during much of the middle of the book but I can understand this one thing as necessary for setting and historical context that readers may need to truly understand just how formidable and indomitable Florence Finch was during the war This book makes it clear why Ms Finch won the Presidential Medal of Freedom I would recommend this book to history buffs readers looking for strong female inspiration and those simply wanting to know about the human condition Thank you NetGalley and Hachette Books for the DARC of this work in exchange for my honest review

  7. Debbie says:

    The Indomitable Florence Finch The Untold Story of a War Widow Turned Resistance Fighter and Savior of American POWsRobert J MrazekWhat a wonderful recounting of yet another brave and selfless hero of WWII who the world just lost three years ago The author starts from her beginnings and leaves out no detail of this amazing woman’s personal happiness’s and tragedies Nor does he leave out the brutalities brought on to not only her but also the horrors to the thousands of POWs and Philippine citizens during the occupation by the Japanese captors Readers will learn about her first marriage to Charles Bing Smith and his courageous death saving a life at the beginning of the war About her sacrifices to help the POWs during the occupation and her eventual capture and torture and the fact that she weighed less than 80lbs when she was finally and miraculously rescued by American troops in 1945 The audience will also learn about her move the to states her second marriage the birth of her daughter and son and the fact that when in 1995 the Coast Guard announced that they were naming a building in Hawaii in her honor her children knew nothing about her heroics during the war This is the life story about the importance of never forgetting these heroes from the war the world must never forget about either If you’re a history buff especially a lover of WWII non fiction this is definite must read for you And if you love to read about the heroism and the indomitable spirits of women put this high on your must read list and it will be a fixture on your keeper shelfNarration The narration by Dan Woren is wonderful his clear resonant voice punctuates all the highs and lows of this incredible woman’s life her sacrifices and her successes Born in 1915 to an American father and Pilipino mother little did Florence Ebersole know that she’d play a major role in saving lives and in aiding the war effort in the Philippines during WWII yet this indomitable fierce spirited woman did just that She not only worked behind the scenes for US military intelligence before the start of war but aided the POWs and Philippine civilians during the Japanese occupation until eventually getting arrested that led to her own torture She lived to be 101 and died peacefully in 2017 she was twice widowed and survived by two children and grandchildren

  8. The Library Lady says:

    I showed the cover of this book to my older daughterWho does that look likeNanay she instantly answeredWe have a photo of NanayMommy my much beloved ever missed mother in law on the wall in our house at about the same age as Florence and in a very similar pose Nanay was Filipina not mestizaas my daughters are and by the way Mrazek uses the male mestizo meaning mixed throughout but she was a young woman in the Philippines during WWII In Marikina which is mentioned in this book as the location of a golf course And Tatay Daddy my father in law was a member of the Filipino Army forces a survivor of the Bataan Death March and carried the horrific memories of what he had been through for the rest of his long life So the material here has a lot of relevance to meMrazek tells Florence's story but he also tells the story of a friend of hers who also survived the Death March and the camps and it's strong stuff Downright horrific even if you like me knew something about it before Mrazek also explains the military history of the period and the horrors for civilians in Manila and the soldiers of the American and Filipino armies contrast to the sheltered life of General MacArthur and the brass And for the most part Mrazek blends the different threads together well and has good storytelling skillsFlorence survived horrific torture came to America joined the Coast Guard a Coast Guard building is now named in her honor and had a very long and mostly happy life in America She was a remarkable person and her story is worth reading

  9. Maureen Caupp says:

    An informative about not just Florence Finches extraordinary life but I also learned about what life was like for people in the Philippines during the Japanese occupation during WWII Florence felt compelled to resist the Japanese and so she ended up using her position working at the office overseeing fuel distribution to divert fuel and use the funds from selling it on the black market to buy food and medicine for both POWs and interned civilians She helped others at risk to herself but never claimed to be especially brave She just felt she was doing what she could with great caution Even after her children and friends found out 50 years later she didn't want to be seen differently A very interesting read for those who read WWII nonfiction Particularly if you want to learn about contributions made by women and and brave Philippine civilians during the war

  10. Michelle says:

    What a story This woman was amazing and I'm so glad someone told her story for today's readers This is a great book that will please WWII readers women's biography fans and anyone who loves this is so crazy it has to be true tales

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