Cars❮KINDLE❯ ❅ Cars Author Geraldine Krasinski – Turn a wheel to see cars of yesteryear slide a new car onto a car carrier pull a tab to wash a car or help fill it with gas The than 20 flaps pull tabs and other moveable parts throughout add to the l Turn a wheel to see Cars of yesteryear slide a new car onto a car carrier pull a tab to wash a car or help fill it with gas The than flaps pull tabs and other moveable parts throughout add to the learning fun From the manufacture of the first Cars to what goes on at a garage gas station and car wash Cars provides just the right amount of information for young minds It's a comprehensive look into the exciting world of these four wheeled vehicles that take us everywhere Vroom vroom let's go.


Hardcover  ´ Cars ePUB Ä
  • Hardcover
  • 22 pages
  • Cars
  • Geraldine Krasinski
  • 03 December 2016
  • 9782408007904

8 thoughts on “Cars

  1. Barbara says:

    Like many young readers I'm a sucker for books that allow me to move a wheel or lift or pull tabs because those movable elements add so much to my enjoyment when reading about a technical topic In the case of this particular book the subject itself automobiles won't need much introduction since there will be plenty of car fans ready to peruse its contents just based on the title and cover alone But the special features it contains allowing readers to move a spinning wheel see how a blinker works move a car along the assembly line and even watch how a car gets mashed into a small heap of metal at a junkyard make the book worth a second look Readers are given a glimpse into the history of cars and how they are made and then given some tips on purchasing a car They even have a chance to see what a car looks like from the inside and the outside and to take it out for a spin in the neighborhood and freeway There are even pages devoted to repairs and gas stations I'm not sure that I would have concluded with cars being used in races; instead I might have spent time imagining the car of the future or looking at popular makes of cars Still despite my comments this book will attract the attention of many youngsters who are still far too young to get a driver's license and drive their own car Through the book's pages they can imagine what it might be like though

  2. Stephanie Bange says:

    A fun but cursory overview about everything cars Topics covered include a few first cars with several examples from the 20th century; designing manufacturing and buying cars; parts of the car inside and out; things that might happen to a car like being towed sent to a junkyard or repair shop going to a gas station or car wash and driving on a road or race trackIt is filled with over 20 flaps tabs to pull wheels to turn and sliding pieces sprinkled throughout the book Each operates well with one tab that spins the car wash brush as you pull it a bit sticky The colors used in the graphic art are bright and cheerful The majority of the people depicted in the images are white with POC are mostly found in the background performing tasksOriginally published in France it correct for an American audience as the steering wheels are on the left hand side of the dashboard One anomaly was noted the race car in the pit stop and the ones on the raceway are going backwards to races held in the US Most youngsters will not care as they will be happily pulling the tab to watch the pit crew working on the car then the driver heading back outDue to its delicate nature this would make a great gift book It will not last long in a libraryRecommended for ages 5 8

  3. Val says:

    I had a ton of fun with this as an adult but am prepared for it to get destroyed on the library's shelves Definitely recommend this one for kids who love cars and are like 2nd grade and above

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