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Live Green☉ Live Green PDF / Epub ❤ Author Jen Chillingsworth – Many of us are already doing what we can to adopt a greener lifestyle We recycle try to reduce our waste and plastics choose organic food when shopping eat less meat and opt for environmentally friend Many of us are already doing what we can to adopt a greener lifestyle We recycle try to reduce our waste and plastics choose organic food when shopping eat less meat and opt for environmentally friendly cleaning products Yet we often wish we were doing and it can be overwhelming to know where to start Live Green is a practical guide of tips and changes you can make to your home and lifestyle over the course of a year Tackling all areas of your life from home and garden your cleaning routine food fashion natural beauty and Christmas this book has all the ingredients to help you achieve a sustainable existence Learn how to modify your daily habits to rid yourself of environmental guilt and rediscover the pleasures of living a slower and simpler life From creating your own eco friendly cleaning products and improving your natural beauty regime to creating a capsule wardrobe and composting – discover how to get the most out of life by living intentionally Live simply Live Green.


Hardcover  ì Live Green PDF Ä
  • Hardcover
  • 157 pages
  • Live Green
  • Jen Chillingsworth
  • English
  • 21 April 2015
  • 9781787133198

10 thoughts on “Live Green

  1. Lucy says:

    I really enjoyed this book I picked up from the library on a whim and I read it on a whim as well mostly because I wanted something uick to read and this was it But I found the tips while many I had heard before in various other environmental articlesresources very helpful and most of them focusing out what you usually buy with something else as well as not buying as much as you did before It looked at things from both a money and environmental point of view What I most liked about this book was how the author made it very clear that nobody is perfect and you won't be able to do everything in the book so don't beat yourself up about not being able to do it all She talked about how she has to use cheap supermarket toothpaste because of her teeth problems and she has accepted that and tries to do other things which are environmentally conscious And with the beauty sections she acknowledges that people should not feel bad for using a product that works for them and makes them feel good and that everything has to be sustainable for the person not just environmentally sustainable This is a very pragmatic look at things and one I did like to see The author took the approach that try and do as much as you can in the book but don't beat yourself up about the things you can't change She also talks about reusing plastic containers and takeaway containers until they were completely worn out rather than throwing them away and replacing them with eco friendly ones straight away which is a lot harder on the bank balance This is a book I would recommend for someone who was looking for tips to start out with though I did wish she had gone a little into depth about some things like eating seasonal produce and how you can have a garden in a flat or the city 4 stars 

  2. Matthew says:

    “It’s important to remember that sustainability must be sustainable to you” It was with the above uote that I was sold on the approach this book makes it didn’t leave me feeling guilty or shame me into following one set of rules It’s set out to include tips and advice that I want to try and follow It did only take a few hours to read through but I’ve written lots of notes from it that I’m sure I’ll be going back to over and over And that’s exactly what I wanted from it if it had taken than this time I’m afraid I probably wouldn’t have got back round to looking through it in a way that I then felt ready to apply some of the advice I hesitated over giving this 4 or 5 stars as 5 does feel possibly inflated but if the tips work then I don’t see how I could give it less only time will tell

  3. Briar Lynn says:

    Finally got through this little bugger I have to say that while I did not find it very helpful in my current situation I did jot down ideas for when we have a home of our own I don't think I'll keep it in my personal collection after reading it but I already have a person in mind to re home this book If you want to kickstart a sustainable life then I would recommend this little gem It'll at least get you thinking about how you can better your own home

  4. Jo Collins says:

    An interesting little book I am very keen to make sustainable lifestyle choices This book is full of simple ideas and small steps help reduce our impact on the planet Beautifully illustrated and well written with chapters from cleaning to re organising your home Definitely a worthwhile read

  5. aMandalin says:

    so many helpful ideas I need to go thru and bookmark as there is not an index so much in this book that was eco friendly do it yourself natural and non toxic for the home a very happy read I found so much out about my own community by the helpful tips in this book to look for certain things online in your community

  6. Federica says:

    A really nice book with lots of info on how to live a eco friendly life In every aspect Many things I already knew from the internet or did I decluttered most of my clothes 3 years ago when the KonMari method wasn’t this big yet but I think it’s good to have something offline to check once in a while And the illustrations are just so good I loved them

  7. Boiling says:

    Most of the tips can be found on zero waste blogs I read it mainly because it was beautifully illustratedIn the end among the resources the author gives litterlesslife an account that has not posted anything since 2017 and has only 12 posts The FB page is non existent I wish the author had done research on this instead of giving handles which are inactive

  8. Christine E. says:

    This book is beautiful the illustrations are nice and it’s organized well I got some helpful tips but much of the book is vague ideas on what things to buy instead of other things As with any book about sustainability it assumes people have the funds to “buy better” and a car and accessibility to various stores and markets

  9. Erycka says:

    I’m giving this book 5 stars purely based on the fact my fiancée and I recently purchased a 1930 home that is still fitted with it’s cast iron radiators The tip on radiator foil something I’d never heard of before has me uiet excited

  10. Lauren says:

    Will definitely be revisiting this again and again

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