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The Crystal Fix➮ [Read] ➪ The Crystal Fix By Juliette Thornbury ➺ – More and people are falling for the beguiling beauty of crystals enticed by both their aesthetic ualities and wellbeing potential This gorgeous guide is the ultimate companion for the modern crystal c More and people are falling for the beguiling beauty of crystals enticed by both their aesthetic ualities and wellbeing potential This gorgeous guide is the ultimate companion for the modern crystal collector packed with inspirational photography practical The Crystal Epub / information and an easy to use directory with profiles of key stones Drawn deep from the earth crystals connect us to the powerful energies of mother nature From the healing uality of Turuoise to the soothing effects of Celestite each stone has its own uniue properties The Crystal Fix is your guide to unlocking these transformative energies and harnessing them to improve all aspects of life From tackling insomnia to relieving anxiety and fostering creativity crystals can energise calm and inspire   Luminosity Crystals founder Juliette Thornbury provides all the information you need to source care for and display these beautiful stones in your home – as well as tips for taking stones on the go and wearing on the person Discover why it is best not to place Garnet in your bedroom why Amber is perfect for the sitting room and how Jade can attract abundance into your home With the aid of this essential guide you will be able to fully realise the wellbeing potential of these powerful stones and create a beautiful as well as empowering home environment   .

Author of The Crystal Fix Juliette Thornbury first created her business Luminosity Crystals from the hills behind Byron Bay Australia An idea based around her hope to share a little bit of the magic and wonder that The Crystal Epub / Mother Earth consistently provides Luminosity Crystals has now grown into a thriving online shop renowned for its sustainable and high uality sourcing and a dedicated community.

The Crystal Fix Kindle â The Crystal  Epub /
  • Hardcover
  • 192 pages
  • The Crystal Fix
  • Juliette Thornbury
  • 11 July 2015
  • 9781781318126

10 thoughts on “The Crystal Fix

  1. Kirsty ❤️ says:

    A beautifully photographed book full of hints tips regarding the best way to look after your crystals and the best ones for each room in a house It's simply written and easy to understand so great for all levels of interest I really enjoyed reading this

  2. Bonnye Reed says:

    GNAB This is a book graced with tranuil photos of assorted crystals with interesting ways of displaying same and the lore behind the various stones I enjoyed it very much and will treasure some of the lore I received a free electronic copy of this book from Netgalley Juliette Thornbury and uarto Publishing White Lion Publishing in exchange for an honest review Thanks for sharing your hard work with me pub date Feb 7 2019rec Feb 1 2019uarto Publishing Group White Lion Publishing

  3. Alexandra says:

    the crystals section is divided into different areas joy and success; love and relationships etc and has the crystals under them Other information as well and does talk a little bit of crystals in different roomsareas in your home Not totally in depth More information on the crystal when talking about them

  4. Ann T says:

    Thank you uatro White Lion Publishing and Netgalley for this ARCThis was a lovely book to introduce me to crystals and their various use especially their healing powers It was informative enjoyable to read and set out beautifully

  5. Heather K Veitch says:

    The Crystal Fix is a practical and informative guide to using crystals for the home and the soul replete with gorgeous photography I appreciated the way the crystals have been organised into categories — Joy and Success; Love and Relationships; Health and Wellness; Energy and Inspiration; Rest and Rejuvenation and Protection and Comfort — as well as comprehensive indexes All the “usuals” are here such as rose uartz clear uartz amethyst and fluorite but they are accompanied by other stones which may not be as well known such as larimar danburite hemimorphite vanadinite and chlorite amongst others After a general introduction to crystal shapes colours structures and so on there is a “home tour” where different crystals are recommended for each room of the house complete with suggestions for use and placement The bulk of the book is a guide to the crystals themselves; each two page spread matches beautiful photography with a uick guide to each stone its keywords and healing properties along with suggestions for combining with other crystals and how you can use them in the home I enjoyed the bullet point list of healing properties for uick reference and the use of keywords for each stone enable fast memorisation Also included in the book are rituals crystal grids essences meditations massages recipes and tips for crystal selection and care Overall this a beautiful guide to crystals which will delight novices and fans alike Highly recommended I received an e ARC from the publisher uartoWhite Lion through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  6. Aubrey says:

    Whether or not you “believe” in crystals and their healing properties this book is at least a beautiful representation of their interior design powers The photography perfectly portrays the pulchritude of the crystals and the copy gives practical information about each I definitely recommend for crystal admirers new and seasoned

  7. Ramona Mead says:

    A beautiful guide for taking use of crystals to the next level I have been collecting crystals for years and am only now realizing how much potential they have in my home and other personal spaces when utilized properly I appreciate the simple language of this author when explaining properities of crystals and energy work The photos are lovely and there's a ton of wonderful information hereMany thanks to NetGalley for my digital advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

  8. -RadioactiveBookworm- says:

    If you're into crystals or really want to know anything about them in general then this is the book for you The author begins the book by talking about how their passion for crystals began which was early in life with their mother at local markets Four years ago they decided to turn their passion into a business Check out my full review here

  9. Rebecca says:

    This provided a guide for crystals in the home It starts with the best crystals for certain rooms of the home then a guide explaining which crystals can be used for meditation chakra balancing and how to use themThis is good for novices who are starting to become involved in Crystal usages

  10. Sue Frances says:

    The Crystal Fix is an amazing book One of the best books on Crystals I've read It's easy to follow and very informative I loved the facts about using my crystals in skin care I would definitely recommend this book to anyone like me who likes crystals and wants to learn about them

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