Your Heart, My Hands: The Remarkable Life of One of America's Most Prolific Cardiac Surgeons

Your Heart, My Hands: The Remarkable Life of One of America's Most Prolific Cardiac Surgeons[Reading] ➿ Your Heart, My Hands: The Remarkable Life of One of America's Most Prolific Cardiac Surgeons Author Arun K. Singh – An encouraging and inspiring true story on how a boy from India overcame a difficult childhood and devastating hand injuries and became one of the most preeminent cardiac surgeons in the US A pioneer An encouraging and inspiring true story on how My Hands: Epub Ù a boy from Your Heart, PDF \ India overcame a difficult childhood and devastating hand injuries and became one Heart, My Hands: PDF Ê of the most preeminent cardiac surgeons in the US A pioneer in Heart, My Hands: The Remarkable ePUB × the evolution of treatments for heart disease America's number one cause of death in men and women Dr Arun Singh has witnessed life and death from a vantage point nearly unmatched in medical history while performing over open heart surgeries Revered by colleagues and patients under the hot lights of the OR this award winning surgeon has spent thousands of hours performing life saving operations while witnessing the miraculous the joyous and the devastating He has held the life giving heart in his hand and has been praised for his tireless devotion to preserving the lives this organ sustainsDr Singh's decorated career is an odyssey of remarkable determination To illuminate the power of perseverance Dr Singh recounts how the same two hands that have so expertly worked to extend life were once crushed and his future nearly shattered In YOUR HEART MY HANDS he recalls the fortitude that saw him through a complicated boyhood in India struggles with dyslexia and finding his way as an immigrant to become one of America's most highly regarded and preeminent surgeons Reflecting on over years of practice Dr Singh shares intimate OR secrets riveting patient accounts and the life lessons he learned treating his most memorable patients This book will inspire enlighten and captivate readers.


Your Heart, My Hands: The Remarkable Life of One of
  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • Your Heart, My Hands: The Remarkable Life of One of America's Most Prolific Cardiac Surgeons
  • Arun K. Singh
  • English
  • 01 July 2014
  • 9781546082989

10 thoughts on “Your Heart, My Hands: The Remarkable Life of One of America's Most Prolific Cardiac Surgeons

  1. Donna Hines says:

    What an inspirational courageous uplifting story for a time in our country when we need it mostHow a young boy leaves his homeland of India and comes to the US for a career in medicine with little else but 5 and a dreamDr Arun K Singh was a man on a mission determined to prove everyone wrongSure he had setbacks heartaches despair but he was willing to overlook it all for the sake of proving he was well euipped to do what his heart was calling him to doThe most shocking story I've read to date on medical intervention was when the person's heart stopped and he had to reopen the sealed wound to pump the heart by hand his own handsI'm in awe of this story and all that he has enduredHis condition with his disfigured hands and the dyslexia reminded me of my son born with Vater Syndrome He too was told he couldn't do it as a matter of fact he was told he'd need physical therapy speech therapy and yes he had reading comprehension and was told he'd be developmentally delayed as a preemie born 5 weeks earlyHe is now turning 18 heading to college this fall with honors being achieved the last few years of high school after chasing his dreamsI told my son that there's nothing that says you can't achieve honors other than yourself As for his dexterity he too had to find other ways to use his hands much like the doctorI had taught him at a young age to use puzzles to help maneuver his fingers and build with lego's and do you know he built me a table out of lego's ? My wordWell he too also had an issue with skeletal abnormalities so much so that ironically he fell one day at the playground and his hand became broken from playground euipment in which you hang on and push yourself or have someone else push you to the other end He fell and landed the wrong way in the mulch and broke his hand I was beyond myself as it was a first for anything broken and it resulted in the doctor not knowing his arm never lined up properly to now being better alignment than when he was bornSo yes I understand when Arun mentioned a similar story and the rebreak in his arm for better outcomeI also have a doctor who has seen my son since birth whose from India and what a pleasure it was to work with himSadly we had to depart as my son is now an adult and he worked in pediatrics but I'm so glad you followed your dreams and found some higher calling after retirementThank you to Arun the publisher NetGalley and Aldiko for this ARC in exchange for this honest review

  2. Rachel says:

    I received an ARC of this book with thanks to Center Street via NetGalleyI have always loved reading about other people their stories and how they've navigated their paths This book was a wonderful one to read It centered around Arun and his remarkable journey from troublesome boy in India to respected and very successful cardiac surgeon in America This was written in an easy to follow style and with Hanc Singh has been able to articulate what it is to be an Indian immigrant chasing his surgical dreams in America It highlighted the skills and compassion it takes not only to be a respected and successful surgeon but a humble and courteous manI marveled at his determination and discipline to transform his life and become successful on his chosen path Facing many challenges along the way it was a reminder that the biggest challenge we face in life is oneself With focus; putting your mind heart and soul into your deepest desire along with hard work and perseverance you will be successful Whether the destination was your original goal or not you'll go far as you've demonstrated your passion and desire to achieve Singh is the perfect example of working hard to achieve your dreams and changing your circumstance

  3. Liz Sergent says:

    This was a very interesting book about a Surgeon who came to this country as a young doctor facing challenges of being accepted I loved his stories about his family medical stories and his perseverance I especially loved his bond with his Mom and cried when he got the call to call home

  4. James Crowley says:

    A story of struggle and resilience by a preeminent US cardiac surgeon born in rural IndiaJune 2 2019Format Hardcover What a great book It’s a must read that you will not want to put down once you start it Dr Singh opens up the life of a cardiac surgeon in a way no surgeon I’m familiar with has ever done before I’m a retired MD in Rhode Island and I’ve known Arun for many years having started my career the same year Arun did and having shared cases with himWhile he is always the same with his patients and his colleagues calm genuinely caring professional and respectful in this book he opens himself up to share the struggles he has had with teenage follies conseuent injury to his hands and arms and dyslexia He also writes as well of the subtle and not so subtle prejudice he experiences as an Indian physician immigrant to the US and a bright and ambitious young man of color and the lack of expected professional support related to that prejudice at critical times in his personal and professional life Throughout the book he shows his deep love for his family and his recognition that his love for them and his near absolute commitment to his career of saving lives an bring pain as well as joy His work ethic is amazing The average cardiac surgeon in the US performs about 130 cardiac surgeries a year Arun has averaged 365 One might wonder why he does surgeries than any number of prominent vascular surgeons in many big cities The answer is the absolute confidence RI cardiologists have in his skill and commitment and his ability to match or exceed the skills of cardiac surgeons in Boston or New HavenOK he is great However I would differ on one count with Arun and that is the issue of when a surgeon should retire In the UK it’s 65 Sure as in football or even hockey lately there are outstanding sports players still great long after the average age time should catch up However Dr DeBakey mentioned in a previous review still went into cardiac surgeries to assist in his 90’s because no one had the nerve to tell him he really shouldn’t be in there So I kind of have to agree with the Chief of Surgery who told Arun when he turned 70 its time to enjoy life now And as a matter of fact that’s just what I see Arun doingJames P Crowley MD Professor Emeritus of Medicine Brown University

  5. Bimal Patel says:

    Rags to riches stories are always a sure hit considering how many people are lost and looking to get back on track in life Along that story line we have Dr Arun Singh's book Your Heart My Hands which is coming out shortly Dr Singh a long time cardiothoracic surgeon with self declared 15000 heart surgeries chronicles his journey from a small town in India to becoming a preeminent surgeon in the US Born in a lower middle class family It's an assumption based on the facts presented with all the ualities of a mischievous child who is always getting in trouble like many kids of that age do with no clear direction in life finally buckles down after some life altering events and self reflection and eventually gets an opportunity to come to the US to do surgical internship and eventually becoming a successful surgeon Along the way he had to face his share of racism as was very common during that time but how with hard work and little luck he overcame it all and went on to have a long and successful career as a cardiothoracic surgeon But alas old age and some institutional level politics forced him to retireOverall I think this is a good motivational biography yet thought provokingPS This book has been provided to me via NetGalley for my unbiased opinion

  6. Juliann Cerrito says:

    So you had a bad day the lyrics read remember that song? It wasnt that bad believe me This memoir takes us vividly through the adult life of Dr Arun Singh a simple man from India Simple in socioeconomics but not in intelligence With two hand accidents that left him partially impaired he acuires a love for medicine After medical school he had an opportunity to come to the US for work and further practice He came arrived in NYC and then to Worcester Ma hungry and with 500 dollars to get him from the Worcester train station to his first hospital That was the beginning He worked and worked even inordinate amounts of hours Then had an opportunity to work in NYC with a reknown hospital It was there he met his wife fell in love and married had two sons Becoming a prominent heart surgeon was his claim to fame yes with injured hands This riveting memoir had me hesitating to put it down regretting every complaint I ever had with my priviledged white life I loved every minute of this tale He is retired and lives in Providence RI

  7. Sharon says:

    Your Heart My Hands is the personal and professional story of cardiac surgeon Dr Arun Singh In 1967 Singh arrived from India with only five dollars in his pocket and a desire to heal others Readers are treated to an inside view of his childhood in India fraught with injury and illness as well as poverty on a remarkable level Singh shows how it is possible to take what might be an impediment such as his own dyslexia or his imperfectly healed arm injuries and turn it into a strength Dr Singh details many instances where his internal resolve was tested where racism threatened to derail his career and how important it was to look ahead to the future during times of indecision Dr Singh was not always treated well by the bureaucrats of his chosen profession but through it all the doctor never lost sight of his passion to treat and to help others I highly recommend Your Heart My Hands to readers who like medical nonfiction and biographies

  8. Samantha says:

    Exceptional story for anyone with a heart Although I am somewhat biased having worked at RI Hospital and distantly acuainted with Dr Singh I can honestly say that I would have enjoyed the book thoroughly anyway As a medical person I enjoyed the story of another medical professional’s journey through life Dr Singh’s story is well written enthralling and opens up the field of medicine and surgery to the masses Youth can learn much from the book about how to come of age gracefully and how not to come of age; adults can understand the health care system dilemmas pitfalls challenges and successes Elderly can grasp the significance of their aging bodies the conseuences of their lifestyle from their youth on Hospital administrators are privy to the heartache as one leaves their beloved profession Bravo Dr Singh for a job well done for many many years And thank you for opening up your heart to us in this fascinating book

  9. Robin says:

    Every medical professional in RI is aware of the legendary Dr Singh This book tells his own amazing story He has saved so many lives I am glad he touched upon hospital administrators who are primarily concerned of the bottom line This is the sad truth with today's healthcare system Thank you Dr Singh

  10. William C. Sarn says:

    Absolutely great narrative of a great surgeonA riveting account of this man's surgical career told in his own words and style A fascinating read and a pleasure due to the fact that Dr Singh operated on me in 2013 to correct a leaking mitrial valve to which I will be always eternally grateful for

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