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Backroads Boss Lady[BOOKS] ✴ Backroads Boss Lady ✻ Jessi Roberts – The inspiring true story of a young Texan woman who overcame a dark and tragic past and turned a tiny shop in Idaho into a multi million dollar brandNew Plymouth Idaho It's here in this uiet 1500 pers The inspiring true story of a young Texan woman who overcame a dark and tragic past and turned a tiny shop in Idaho into a multi million dollar brandNew Plymouth Idaho It's here in this uiet person town that a young mother of four Backroads Boss PDF \ with everything working against her including a tragic past and a community resistant to change created a country empire bigger than she'd ever dreamed And oh yeah she saved the town built a national community of die hard fans and made herself a multi millionaire in the processHer name is Jessi Roberts and her store is Cheekys Starting with just purses in inventory Jessi turned Cheekys into a clothing and fashion accessories brand name with annual revenues of over million Best of all she did it by adhering to old fashioned values that she believed in including always being kind lifting up the next gal and treating your employees and customers like family Now Jessi is telling her personal story and sharing her guiding principles for life and business And she is finally opening up about her early years a time so dark that she's told only a handful of people about it Co written with Bret Witter Dewey Backroads Boss Lady brims with heartland of America authenticity as it celebrates rural life the importance of community and success without compromising one's beliefs.


Backroads Boss Lady ePUB Ë Backroads Boss  PDF \
  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • Backroads Boss Lady
  • Jessi Roberts
  • 02 April 2016
  • 9781538745731

10 thoughts on “Backroads Boss Lady

  1. Jeanette says:

    This is one of those non fiction books that was written with help of a professional writer but told intensely by a person with an unusual story to tell It's one of inspiration and gritty fact And at times goes far to the gritty end upon tangents of girlhood and family past experiences There are a lot of very sorry life characters all around in Jessi's vocational marriage related partnerships friendships birth family etc She talks like a survivor and doesn't consider herself a victim But she was victimized Repeatedly and by than a couple of people too And in various ways Her business model is not all that atypical Especially in the reality of not making any profit for at least the first 3 years What is atypical is its huge success over the next 5 Because she knows when to hold 'em and knows when to fold 'em Literally in inventory and in people In motives and in products All changes all the time And she has her own standards hard learned For both outputs and for employing practices and habits Getting this kind of sales numbers while living in a town of less than 1600 people total in the foothills of Idaho?? It's rough And at times and repeating of Cheekys again changing time debt ridden super poor Her writing is adeuate; her history one kind of struggle after another But her intuitions and hiring practices and most advice given too to start ups like what to do about all the town sponsoring reuests is above average Self taught and heart held but head logic numbers first kind of woman Lots of abuse and toxic people in this one too Her husband sounds like a fix it saint

  2. Grace says:

    I had never heard of Cheekys or Jessi Roberts when I saw Backroads Boss Lady Happiness Ain't a Side Hustle Straight Talk on Creating the Life You Deserve in the New Non Fiction section at my local library I was intrigued by this real looking woman on the cover of the book with her long mane of gorgeous and oh so shiny hair and a big grin I read the inside of the dust jacket and added it to my pile of books to check out Why not? She looks like a real woman with real practical advice It can be any worse than some of the happiness and self help books I had been readingIt was a good choice Jessi Roberts with the help of her not so ghostly ghostwriter tells her story of growing up in abandoned warehouses and strip malls being neglected and emotionally abused by her addict mother and terrorized and sexually abused by her mother's pimp She had a long road to adulthood in which she needed to figure out how to trust people and make smart mature decisions while choosing a few wrong guys fighting a contentious custody battle being broke facing scorn from her small town etc She tells that story and somewhere in her own coming of age story she creates another story the story of a For Rural by Rural or FRBR boutiue catering to rural Western loving woman in Idaho that turned into a multi million dollar juggernaut thanks to her savvy selling skills learned as a waitress and car salesperson hustling to take care of herself and her firstborn son I am not building a small retail business or looking to design and manufacture women's clothing and accessories targeted to rural American women but there is a lot to take away from this book Jessi Roberts shares her struggles and parts of her life that she has never shared with anyone before in this book She is trying to raise women up and foster friendships not rivalries I think that she is a straightforward woman who is trying to make it in this world without stepping on anyone else's toes or dragging them down so she can have her time in the limelight She seems like a cool chick someone I would enjoy getting to know Reading this wasn't all sunshine and rainbows though and I am not just talking about the subject matter There were times while reading when I grew frustrated with Jessi Roberts and her woe is me and everybody is coming out to get me attitude but as the book progressed I realized that her breaking free of the negative self talk is part of her journey She had to show readers how her thoughts were so we could see where she was and how far she has come And she has come so far Thank you for sharing your story with the world Jessi

  3. Esther says:

    I had never heard of Jessi Roberts or Cheeky's before reading this book but after reading it I was prompted to check out her company's website her products are very impressive and well priced The book itself is a tremendous accomplishment Jessi Roberts is a living example of resilience both in her professional and personal life The book is well written with the acknowledged assistance of Bret Witter I was particularly fascinated by the behind the scenes information about the large wholesale marketplaces where retailers and other vendors share their wares I was also impressed with how Jessi and her husband Justin work together to raise their family and advance their professional and personal goals My only criticism of this book is that there were uite a few typos including Idado on the inside front jacket of my copy If I ever make it to New Plymouth Idaho I intend to stop by and say hello to Jessi and the Cheeky's Chicks Thank you so much to Goodreads giveaways for a wonderful gift

  4. John Jannuzzi says:

    I caught part of a radio interview with Jessi Roberts which piued my interest who is this Jessi Roberts and how did she grow a multi million dollar business out of little New Plymouth Idaho? This story of her life and the story of her business Cheeky’s are tightly intertwined Woman will probably enjoy this book a lot than men but I learned a lot from her experience of starting and growing a business and unfortunately from her sharing of her experience as a victim of years of abuse and rising above it I had a hard time putting the book down through the first half of the book had a hard time getting through the middle through 34ths of the book then was glad I finished reading it through to the end

  5. Rebecca Diaz says:

    Loved this book Such an interesting story about an inspiring woman who showed persistence against all odds to be a success and find her happiness This is grit if you ever needed an example I never heard of Cheeky's before seeing this book You don't have to be a Cheeky's Chick or an entrepreneur to enjoy this book

  6. Sherry says:

    Jessi Roberts memoir is honest Her business insights are hard won making mistakes and learning from them as she built up her Cheekys brand She passes along those insights to us along with some life lessons about overcoming abuse and neglect as a child that would have defeated a lesser person She’s hardworking earnest and savvy all in one

  7. Nada Loughead says:

    Won this book on Goodreads and even though it took me a few months to take it off my TBR shelf I'm so glad to have read it What an inspiring motivating heart wrenching and funny lady thank you for being so vulnerable with your story and your business savvy

  8. Jodi says:

    This is not really a 'how to succeed in business' book which the author readily admits But while there were some interesting tips on growing a business and the author's ability to persevered in the face of some really tough times a lot of the book seemed like settling scores with family and some locals which was distracting

  9. Tamara Oliver says:

    A wonderfully heartfelt beautiful and empowering bookIt’s wonderful to read about a strong beautiful woman that triumphed over her struggles in life and came out on the other side a success Stand tall and keep your head held high because you deserve it

  10. Jackeline says:

    Great bookgreat story the author makes you feel like you are her friend while telling you her amazing story sometimes happy sometimes very sad a very teachable story full of moments of love friendship and hard work and determination

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