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Do Lead➪ [Ebook] ➥ Do Lead By Les McKeown ➵ – For those who dream of starting their own company influencing decision making or expertly managing a team here is an easy to follow guide to all aspects of leadership Author Les McKeown draws on his d For those who dream of starting their own company influencing decision making or expertly managing a team here is an easy to follow guide to all aspects of leadership Author Les McKeown draws on his decades of experience as a CEO and leadership consultant to deliver expert advice on what it takes to be a visionary leader blending practical advice with illuminating examples from a range of industries Encouraging and empowering Do Lead is an essential tool on the path to becoming a great leader.

Les McKeown is the president and CEO of Predictable Success Les has launched and managed over forty businesses and is the cofounder of an incubation company that helped hundreds of entrepreneurs launch businesses employing thousands worldwide Since moving to the United States in Les has helped founder owners CEOs C level executives and their teams identify and eliminate personal and org.

Do Lead PDF/EPUB Ä Paperback
  • Paperback
  • 112 pages
  • Do Lead
  • Les McKeown
  • 05 September 2014
  • 9781452174969

10 thoughts on “Do Lead

  1. Luca says:

    This book is part of a series of books published by the Do Book Co which is an independent publishing house that publishes books by speakers of Do Lectures All of the books intend to spark positive change and are all fairly short because Do Book Co keeps the focus on doing rather than the theory behind it Do lead is about leadership In this book Les McKeown defines leadership as “helping any group of two or people achieve their common goals” He elaborates a bit on different leadership styles how to recognize good leadership leadership skills and how to overcome failure It is brief and definitely not all encompassing but it has a few useful insights and it gets you excited for And if you would ask me that is exactly the job this book was meant to do

  2. Al Di says:

    This one is amongst the books that you can't just read and move on to the next It is a little guide that you will go back to it every once in a while to review and get direction It helps you asking the right uestions and give you answers and encourage you to think about your own answers I was afraid in the beginning that this would be a book with too many stories and not much of anything else It wasn't and I'm grateful for that

  3. Tomas Milasauskas says:

    Distilled and example based pearls of wisdom on leadership Very nice guide on main leadership types and how to apply them in real situations

  4. Mike Weston says:

    “Leadership is almost always an un glorious mundane activity” One of my favorite leadership books McKeown’s challenge to lead by removing barriers and adding value in addition to his Leadership Types Visionary Operator Professor Synergist continues to challenge me as well as inform the structure of my teams Tremendously helpful brief book on leadership

  5. Drew says:

    This fun little book on leadership is readable in just a few hours and packs a large amount of wisdom within it It is engaging in many ways including narratives a charming writing style illustrations and web based supplements Perhaps my favorite element of the book is the link to the uiz on leadership types which I forwarded to my office staff as a team building exercise McKeown's experience in many sectors of leadership and renown as a speaker and writer gives him a ton of credibility in this present enterprise However that is also this book's shortfall McKeown does not appear to lean on any research other than his own experience His arguments would be bolstered if he had backed up his claims by at least uoting other noted leadership gurus if not providing hard data For instance the reader has no indications about where the leadership types come from outside of McKeown's own experience Also another uibble kept rearing its head as I read One of the foundations of this book is that anyone can lead Yet he also notes several times ualities important in leaders that are innate to the person ie communication skills the synergist leadership style etc So on this point he seems to talk about of both sides of his mouth But in sum it's worth a read especially for the time it takes

  6. Jim Amos says:

    Like a lot of business books while reading this I tended to feel like I was being lectured on things that mostly appeared to be common sense but there are a few gems and noteworthy takeaways here it's very concisely written and doesn't ramble so I would recommend it to anyone moving into a leadership role or trying to figure out how to be a better leader It's a short and easily digestible read why notWhen I took the leadership test I was surprised to discover that I leaned towards visionary than anything else and operator a fair distance behind Having spent over a decade in the trenches as a code slinger I rather assumed I would identify as pure operator Not so it seems I had to take the test a couple times to check I hadn't made an error You may be similarly surprised Give it a try This seems like a book to keep within reach as you lead your team towards a milestone hit a roadblock or face some kind of failure It's easy enough to scan through and pick out the parts that will be relevant again at a point in time after you've read through it all once

  7. Nicholas says:

    A good refresher of some leadership techniues and beliefs Easy to consume and worth a couple of hours if you haven't embarked on the topic before Also good as a reminderI particularly liked the section on different leadership styles of visionary processor operator and synergistic A little self awareness is a good thing as farr too many of us think that our style is the only style and that our path is the only path to success Specifically those who have been successful in the past

  8. Ivan says:

    Pretty interesting Good book to get you excited about leadership in a short amount of time It's a shame the links in the book didn't work but I'm not sure how old it is now There is a part which talks about different leadership types which I found useful and also the ending was uite inspiring to get you going

  9. Thiago says:

    Very practical and easy reading Perfect for whoever is on the go I liked the fact that it offered uizzes and external readings though if you want all info in depth then you might be able to find it in other books though it's a very good starting point for whoever is starting and a refreshing knowledge for current leaders

  10. Noëlle says:

    Concise but incredibly powerful Actually gave me a lot of insight in my natural talents and that I should do something with them One of those ‘eye opening’ books for me personally Came at the perfect time

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