Circus of Dreams

Circus of Dreams[Ebook] ➠ Circus of Dreams Author Kari Sutherland – In this novelization of Walt Disney Studios' live action Dumbo fans will experience the wonder of the breathtaking world created by the incomparable Tim Burton Features all new details and exclusive o In this novelization of Walt Disney Studios' live action Dumbo fans will experience the wonder of the breathtaking world created by the incomparable Tim Burton Features all new details and exclusive original content that will give fans insight into their favorite new characters.

Karen Rose Smith.

Circus of Dreams eBook Ï Circus of  Kindle -
  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Circus of Dreams
  • Kari Sutherland
  • 10 October 2015
  • 9781368027632

10 thoughts on “Circus of Dreams

  1. Ken says:

    I’ve really enjoyed all the Disney live action remakes to date but was curious to see how a modern take on the 1941 classic would workAs much as I enjoy the original version the main plot point of seeing Dumbo getting drunk isn’t the best message to give to kids I’d already seen the movie prior to reading this nice novelisation and thought it was a good retelling for a modern audience I practically like the various vignettes that are scattered throughout the book it gives some interesting back story to the various characters that wasn’t included in the movieThe main introduction is pretty similar as Mrs Jumbo gives birth to a calf with unusually large ears the circus setting is the same but the story tends to focus on the humans that run itI like that this version still honours the original and the fact that they included the pink elephants was just greatBut most importantly Dumbo is still the star of the show

  2. Sophie Crane says:

    This was a great book that I loved reading As a fan of Disney movies and of Dumbo from the past This book was a great read that gives you an in depth understanding of the new movie and the story behind the movie The book itself walks you through the entire plot of the movie In reading this I am even excited to see the upcoming movie While the movie seems to have a plot different than that of the original film Even though this is the case it looks a bit different than the original

  3. Heather says:

    Dumbo is an all time favorite of mine As a young girl I had a stuffed Dumbo that now looks mangled and diseased ridden as an adult so when I saw this book on the shelf at the bookstore it was an incredibly pleasant surpriseThe story is well written the circus troupe a close knit family as is expected the story even kept true to Dumbo's iconic scene with him and his feather and his first circus flight with the clowns; each aspects I enjoyed But by the time I got to the end of the story Dumbo seemed like a side character Sure he saves the day that really shouldn't be a surprise but all the same my favorite little giant eared pachyderm didn't get the plot line centerfold as I'd hoped Also I couldn't help but want to read Timothy's exploits with Dumbo but the focus was human centered and their character developments how they came to be where they are taking away from the animals who were just there For me that was sad I suppose its a good thing the books not just entitled DUMBO but CIRCUS OF DREAMS as its not from the animals' perspective but the humans listed on the back of the book I guess I got into my head there would be parts of the story through Dumbo's perspective as he gauged the human's he was surrounded byI kept an open mind reading through this and appreciate the effort to create a circus environment that part was well done I'd recommend it but wouldn't want other Dumbo fans to get their hopes up in seeing the big eared pachyderm as the main character alongside his mouse buddy he's well known to tote around in his hat

  4. Amanda says:

    This book brings the characters to life in this tale of Dumbo We all can recall the Dumbo story but this enlists the help of the circus cast

  5. Nana K says:

    I watched the movie first and then I went to the library and read the book They were very similar and I liked how the story played but the movie was better visually but not as good as the book when it came to literature It was a good book and took me some time to read I recommend this for 4 7

  6. Rileigh says:

    It has been many years since I have watched Dumbo so many that I cannot remember what Dumbo is about All I knew was he is a baby elephant that can fly I decided to read this book because I wanted to watch the movie I am big on reading the book before watching the movieAs a fan of Disney I was expecting to like this book and I did What I was not expecting was how sad the story is I knew it was one of Disney’s sadder booksmovie but I was very un prepared I must say the ending makes up for how sad the book is at the startI really enjoyed how the book went a little deeper into letting you get to know all the characters in the circus the main characters at least It was nice to know their background and how they came to work at the circus Then you are told the story of how they all came to be and made a family in the endThe book is great at letting you know there will be struggles and hard times it happens to everyone However if you push thought it you can do anything you put your mind to It is also a good reminder that family are the people you choose to have in your life the ones who choose to stick it out with you through thick and thin

  7. Flis Bonded By Books says:

    This wasn't a bad book but I found that it didn't really add much to what we already see in the film I struggled to get hooked into it probably because I knew what was going to happen so there wasn't really much mystery to it I hoped that it might add extra scenes and whilst it did provide some extra insight into the characters' pasts it didn't really have much extra in itI also found myself a bit frustrated by the inconsistent tone and changing points of view Sometimes the tone seemed uite mature until the author added onomatopoeic words which felt like the lowered the maturity level of the book Whilst I have no problem with children's books I would have rathered it was written consistently I also found that although the story was narrated in third person the point of viewfocus character switched mid scene several times which didn't really make sense to meHowever the book was enjoyable as a relaxed read and I am a great lover of Dumbo so of course I couldn't resist reading about my favourite little elephant I just wish there was depth in the book rather than just being a write up of the film

  8. Emily Surratt says:

    I read movie novelizations from time to time because I think they can give a uniue depth to characters and plots In this book however I feel like much of the time is spent looking at the side characters and how they joined the circus rather then focusing on the beauty and mystiue that a circus hasIn this reading I tried to think about what a younger child's perspective might be but I think the disjointed story line and many filler parts would end up having children fidgeting and losing focusTowards the last uarter of the book it does pick up significantly but I still find myself hoping the movie is not as choppy feeling Much of the original Dumbo cartoon is gone from the book rendition and some of that I understand give the undertones of racism but so too is much of the magic and mystery I just hope the movie maintains it better

  9. Luna_Rose says:

    35The story was so charming and heart warming Very enjoyable in every way I would of loved for the story to concentrate on Dumbo and his mom's situation instead of the secondary characters but I also have to say that I likes that detail It made us learn about the secondary characters unlike in the animated movieI also adored how the main message was still very clear to the readerPeople need to read this atleats once

  10. Cecilia Rodriguez says:

    This is a novelization of Ehren Kruger's screenplayThe story begins in 1919 Missouri and moves to 1920 New YorkOne the issues I had was with the repeated reference to Milly's pendentkey as I know that it is being sold by a jewelerThere is very little of the original animated versionHowever as a human driven story Dumbo does retain some of its message of acceptance and inclusion

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