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Keto Diet➝ Keto Diet free download ➢ Author Josh Axe – From the author of the national bestseller Eat Dirt a 30 day plan including than 80 delicious recipes to burn fat fight inflammation and reverse disease using the keto diet Today the ketogenic diet is From the author of the national bestseller Eat Dirt a day plan including than delicious recipes to burn fat fight inflammation and reverse disease using the Keto Diet Today the ketogenic diet is the world's fastest growing diet and with good reason When practiced correctly it has been proven to burn fat reduce inflammation fight cancer balance hormones and gut bacteria improve neurological diseases and even increase lifespan Unfortunately many people remain unaware of several key factors that are crucial to the diet's success setting them up for frustration failure and relapseIn Keto Diet bestselling author Dr Josh Axe sets the record straight offering thorough step by step guidance to achieving lifelong health Unlike other books on the subject Keto Diet identifies and details five different ketogenic protocols and explains why picking the right one for your body and lifestyle is fundamental to your success Complete with shopping lists delicious recipes complementary exercise routines and accessible explanations of the science confirming the diet's powerful effects Keto Diet gives readers all the tools they need to say goodbye to stubborn fat and chronic disease once and for all.

a wellness physician popular radio show host.

Hardcover  ñ Keto Diet MOBI Ä
  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • Keto Diet
  • Josh Axe
  • 23 October 2016
  • 9780316529587

10 thoughts on “Keto Diet

  1. Patricia Romero says:

    I don't even know how many books on the Keto Plan and every other plan Most of them are pretty much the same and as a plant based eater not very applicableThis one was different I really liked the breakdown of health issues and how this way of eating can get rid of or lessen symptoms Along with the use of healing herbs and spices and essential oils was very informativeOne need not rush out and buy special euipment or strange sounding ingredients just check your pantry and toss out anything processed Simple As a Crohn's patient this diet has kept me free from flare ups for years now And I feel better and am emotionally on a much even keel This is not primarily a weight loss book but of a natural way to eat This is one I will be purchasing for my reference libraryWell Done

  2. Renato Rodriguez says:

    I'm doing the Keto diet and i have to say that it really works I've done in the past in the form of the Atkins diet always with great results I have no doubt that low carb dieting is the healthiest lifestyle you can adopt however i have to say i found this book a little tedious and repetitive It seems to me that you can skip several chapters of this without missing much once you get the point of the diet I also didn't appreciate the subtle hints at religion by the author really? A medical doctor recommending prayer as a way to relieve health problems? Give a break

  3. Christina Schmidt says:

    So happy to see a lifestyle book and not a diet book And finally someone talks about PCOS and regulating hormone imbalance with food instead of drugs Yay And for than just one paragraph too I read and research a lot of different food lifestyle plans and this one brought back some hope I had lost Regulating hormones is so hard once it becomes an issue because of so many outside factors and the body becomes so sensitive to most foods so using food to empower and heal and change and giving it a season of life not just a week or two to see results is what’s important and what this book teaches Even if you jumpstart with a month or two or three depending on your health status the approach is to consume clean foods that will heal and nourish you It’s not just about losing pounds or finding out ways to cheat because the point really should be to stop wanting to cheat on yourself at all But about discovering what it is to live a long term healthy happy and energetic life Living healed The foods especially vegetables presented and allowed here are much than what I’ve seen for the “Keto” standard And I loved that it gives the long term approach as well to tone things down and even them out after the initial “diet” part I also really appreciated the mention and instruction for additional supplements AND essential oils So great I have tried everything over many years and most recently was plant based I recently switched to this “Keto” lifestyle and this book gave me the extra structure and a far healthier mindset This is why I hate the word diet and diets with names I wouldn’t even call this Keto; just healthy Loved it

  4. Laureen Hudson says:

    Anecdotes are not evidence If you can’t cite actual research you aren’t scientific nor are you credible

  5. Carissa says:

    This is a great keto book for beginners to explain what and how keto works This is the kind of book I needed 4 weeks ago I loved the outline and graphs it was very user friendly I'm excited to try some of the recipes too

  6. Allison ༻hikes the bookwoods༺ says:

    I reuested this book on NetGalley in the hope of learning about keto based diets but all I got out of it was a repetitive sales pitch I read about a third before giving up

  7. Dee/ bookworm says:

    I would highly recommend this book to anyone This is FULL of wonderful information yes it does tend to get a little wordy and yummy recipes I read over some of the reviews and it is true there is a lot of information before you get to the recipes but if this book were written any other way it would get discounted as a fad diet Dr Axe goes through all the research and documentation as well as personal accounts of successes It is the proof of why this die works and why it is different I would like to thank Netgalley and Little Brown and Company for an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review

  8. BLACK CAT says:

    Include enough collage protein in your diet bone broth is a good source of it and it also contains hyaluronic acid to retain moisture and collagen plus it is a prebiotic Alkalize your body Use pink Himalayan salt it contains trace minerals compared to other salts Supplements exogenous ketones Promote the same environment as ketosis 6 grams for the powder Don't over consume protein or it will turn into glucose Nootropics capsules enhance brain performance MTC oil acetylcholine Ashwagandha Phosphatidylcholine found in egg yolks powdered greens for alkalizing Starve cancer by doing a keto diet or at least low carb because glucose feeds the cancer avoid sugar and starch in general Swap what flower for almond flour sugar for erythritol 100% swap buns and tortilla for lettuce or high fiber tortilla to overset the carbs look for 4 net carbs or less Time restricted eating is a form of intermittent fasting Consume all your meals in a window of 6 to maximum 10 hours

  9. Jacqueline Wheeler says:

    I have enjoyed reading this book even though I'm not new to the Keto space I'll be doing his 30 day meal plan in the back of the book and I'll update my rating after that I really love how this book focuses on ACTUAL nutrition how he healed his mom's cancer and how he explains some of the power house foods not just eating bacon and butter I highly recommend you read this book if you have a paleo background or even if you are vegan he has options for both of those

  10. Mike Day says:

    The author really cares about people and has close contact with cancer and cancer patients He cares about people getting well and overall wellness I appreciated his overall approach especially regarding connection spirituality and sleep I also liked that he put a bit in his book about IF intermittent fasting IF works If you have not tried intermittent fasting I would recommend itThe author references research that illustrates that cancer must have glucose to flourish By removing sugars and processed carbohydrates that fill the standard American diet SAD diet we can starve cancer of its fuel After reading Gary Taubes' book on sugar The Case Against Sugar I am convinced that this is the number one issue that we as Americans need to address in order to fix our current collective health disaster in this countryLike all wellness and diet books do what works for you Much of what he says in this book is helpful and will assist you in achieving a healthy weight and overall health I would probably rank this book as a greenKeto text It certainly isn't on the range of a carnivore keto text like so many others He focuses on plant based foods for wellness and stays away from bacon which to me is an essential part of getting the right kind of fat to have the energy levels essential His input of shakes and cookies and strawberries dipped in dark chocolate certainly isn't keto But I get where he is going with this His emphasis on cycling on this diet going ketothen higher carb indicates that he believes it is not sustainable He even says as much at the end of the book There are many doctors and successful people who have sustained this long term Dr Ken Berry is one of these as well as Dr Tro Kalayjian look them up on Twitter If this diet is so balanced at attacking obesity diabetes insulin resistance inflammation and cancer then why not stay focused on sugarhigh carb avoidance? So for the most part I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to lose weight or just feel better If you are living in the Western world chances are you eat a Western diet which is filled with sugars 152 poundsyear processed refined carbohydrates and all kinds of chemicals and unhealthy fats trans fats This book is a great place to start on the path to health

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