Earth-Shattering➵ Earth-Shattering Read ➼ Author Bob Berman – A heart pumping exploration of the biggest explosions in history from the Big Bang to mysterious activity on Earth and everything in betweenThe overwhelming majority of celestial space is inactive and A heart pumping exploration of the biggest explosions in history from the Big Bang to mysterious activity on Earth and everything in betweenThe overwhelming majority of celestial space is inactive and will remain forever unruffled Similarly than percent of the universe's billion trillion suns had non attention getting births and are burning through their nuclear fuel in steady predictable fashion But when cosmic violence does unfold it changes the very fabric of the universe with mega explosions and ripple effects that reach the near limits of human comprehension From colliding galaxies to solar storms and gamma ray bursts to space and time warping upheavals these moments are rare yet powerful often unseen but conseuentially feltLikewise here on Earth existence as we know it is fragile always vulnerable to hazards both natural and manufactured As we've learned from textbooks and witnessed in Hollywood blockbusters existential threats such as biological disasters asteroid impacts and climate upheavals have the all too real power to instantaneously transform our routine centered lives into total chaos or much worse While we might be helpless to stop these catastrophes whether they originate on our own planet or in the farthest reaches of space the science behind such cataclysmic forces is as fascinating as their results can be devastatingIn Earth Shattering astronomy writer Bob Berman guides us through an epic all inclusive investigation into these instances of violence both mammoth and microscopic From the sudden creation of dazzling new stars to the furiously explosive birth of our moon from the uncomfortable truth about ultra high energy cosmic rays bombarding us to the incredible ways in which humanity has harnessed cataclysmic energy for its gain Berman masterfully synthesizes some of our worst fears into an astonishing portrait of the universe that promises to transform the way we look at the worlds around usIn the spirit of Neil deGrasse Tyson and Carlo Rovelli what emerges is a rollicking profound and even humbling exploration of all the things that can go bump in the night.

Bob Berman is one of America's top astronomy writers For many years he wrote the popular Night Watchman column for Discover magazine He is currently a columnist for Astronomy magazine and a host on NPR's Northeast Public Radio and he is the science editor of the Old Farmer's Almanac.

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  • Hardcover
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  • Earth-Shattering
  • Bob Berman
  • 14 August 2014
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10 thoughts on “Earth-Shattering

  1. Pamela says:

    The publisher sent me an advance copy of this book in exchange for my writing a review Bob Berman's new book Earth Shattering Violent Supernovas Galactic Explosions Biological Mayhem Nuclear Meltdowns and Other Hazards to Life in Our Universe was written with people like me in mind We're the ones who love disaster flicks and apocalyptic novels where meteorites hit the earth or someone drops a petri dish that may wipe out the human population It's not that we're ghouls or even that we like to worry It's that we kind of like to imagine how we'd handle ourselves in a disaster; what we'd do Would we be able to say Wait I've seen this somewhere before I know what to do?Well Bob Berman has just supplied the all time manual From the Big Bang at the creation of the universe to the collision that created the Moon from novas and supernovas to colliding galaxies Berman creates unforgettable scenes of cataclysmic events in the history of the universe and the planet we depend on earth He also chronicles disasters that affected human life in particular Things like the event that killed the dinosaurs 66 million years ago and led to the rise of mammals and eventually us Or the Black Plague which almost put an end to us From earth shattering events like these he marches forward to the things that may or may not kill us like thermonuclear war and those that definitely will wipe us out like the death of the sun and our certain collision with the nearest galaxyEarth Shattering Violent Supernovas Galactic Explosions Biological Mayhem Nuclear Meltdowns and Other Hazards to Life in Our Universe is a fascinating read Even if you've heard a lot of this stuff before I guarantee there is a lot you haven't and all presented in a clear and sometimes humorous language At other times it feels like standing on the edge of the universe if the universe had an edge and watching it unfold from the start Highly recommended I only wish the pictures were in color They deserve to be

  2. Peter (Pete) Mcloughlin says:

    I was advanced this book by the publisher I enjoyed I have read physics books astronomy books books on nuclear power and weapons This book combines this under things that explode be they stars and planets or colliding galaxies to meteors solar flares or human made cataclysms like nuclear power plants and thermonuclear weapons I liked it definitely has an appeal to the kid in people that is fascinated by things that explode I think it is a good way to get someone who likes kinetic things like explosions to explore the science of physics and astronomy

  3. Steve says:

    A fun look at cataclysmsThis book is about destruction So it takes a real talent like Bob Berman to write an entertaining and informative science book on the subject No matter how technical the subject Berman explains the science well in a conversational tone and with a sense of humor When he speaks to galactic cataclysms I can sense his joy in the subject matter However when he turns to human made cataclysms his sorrow is eually there but this is not a large part of the book This is the the third I’ve read by Bob Berman and it is the best after having previously read “Zapped” and “The Sun’s Heartbeat” I recommend “Earth Shattering” for anyone interested in scienceDisclosure I received a complimentary copy of this book vias Netgalley for review purposes

  4. Realms & Robots says:

    The epic history of the universe and our planet is delved into with great care by Bob Berman in his new volume Earth Shattering Violent Supernovas Galactic Explosions Biological Mayhem Nuclear Meltdowns and Other Hazards to Life in Our Universe a title I will only fully write out this one time The book is eye opening to say the least and is chock full of everything you’d ever want to know about the universe Earth and the possible events that could lead to our demise There’s a lot to be learned about this wild universe of ours and Berman presents the facts in an entertaining and intellectual way Expect to say the phrase “huh I didn’t know that” times than you have in the past few years combined The book is broken up into three parts The first looks at the universe at large explaining how the universe came to be how Earth got its start and how various cosmic forces attacked each other for millennia I learned a lot to put it mildly coming away with a better understanding of so many things I took for granted The second part looks at the many events that have wreaked havoc on Earth itself These are the expected events the ones we know the most about Berman dives into the dinosaurs the plague the ice age and pays special attention to many of the new cataclysms that may not have been categorized as such in recent times This part fascinated me the most with its in depth research and bevy of facts I hadn’t previously heard The third part is shorter looking at the horrors that are to come The scale on this section is a bit longer than we’re used to thinking about try billions of years but it’s still timely to consider We’re reminded that anything can happen at any time It’s amazing we’ve made it this far as a planet As a side note the final pages made me realize the television reruns of today are the Rosetta stones of tomorrow That was an unintended mind blowing revelationTo conclude Earth Shattering is a great piece of scientific nonfiction written in an accessible tone and style The universe is a violent temperamental place filled with foreign bodies that are continuously hurtling toward each other Understanding it a bit gave me an expanded view of our place in the greater scheme of thingsNOTE I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest unbiased review

  5. Skylar says:

    The first part of this book is on astrophysical catastrophes that can impact earth The second half of the book meanders through human biological and environmental catastrophes before inexplicably ending up back in astrophysical territory The book was well researched and well written but could have done with some editing For those wanting reading in the vein of civilization ending catastrophes I would recommend Isaac Asimov's A Choice of Catastrophes which is organized into section based on the scope of the catastrophe

  6. Brian says:

    A science book the cleverly uses human interest in catastrophes to teach about science the universe and how things work Another in a long line of popular science books where I'll retain less than 1% but increase my appreciation for how complex and amazing life and science are Lost a star for venturing into speculative catastrophes what if we don't all do exactly what liberals say and adopt global warming projections and recommendations? It could be a catastrophe which is ironic for a science book But overall excellent and well written

  7. Myra says:

    Somewhere in the 35 to 4 range Berman does a good job of discussing some of the many ways past present or future that the earth and the universe are in danger or have been impacted by cataclysmic events I did feel that he spent too much time on some of the items while barely covering some of the other ones but overall it was well written and informative

  8. John Peel says:

    As you can probably gather from the title this is a book about catastrophies pretty much anything that might end our lives here on this small blue planet The scientific basics are clearly expounded and there's a surprising amount of rather dry wit in the telling This is a delightful book subject matter notwithstanding and one to be lovingly enjoyed

  9. Maggie Eisenberger says:

    Lots of fun analysis of major hazards both from space and home grown The scientific explanations are accessible to anyone with a strong basic education in science and had enough new information to hold my interest My only complaint is that there was virtually no coverage of the climate crisis although he talked about some of the results of it like rising sea levels

  10. Suzyq says:

    Disappointingly shallow book about potentially fascinating subjects While I assume the writer understands the science well himself he keeps the content so light and breezy that the book reads like a collection of short blog posts rather than the meatier science writing I was hoping for

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