90 Seconds to a Life You Love

90 Seconds to a Life You Love❰Download❯ ➵ 90 Seconds to a Life You Love Author Joan I. Rosenberg – Heartforum.co.uk Learn how to manage your most difficult feelings and build the emotional strength you need to create the life of your dreams ​ Sadness shame helplessness anger embarrassment disappointment frustrati Learn how to manage your most difficult feelings to a ePUB ✓ and build the emotional strength you need to create the life of your dreams ​ Sadness shame helplessness anger embarrassment disappointment frustration and vulnerability In years as a practicing psychologist Dr Joan Rosenberg has found that what most often blocks people from success and feeling capable in life is the inability to experience move through and handle these unpleasant feelings Knowing how to deal with intense overwhelming or uncomfortable feelings is essential to building confidence emotional 90 Seconds Kindle - strength and resilience Yet when we distract or disconnect from these feelings we move away from confidence health and our desired pursuits ultimately undermining our ability to fully realize our ambitions Neuroscientists suggest that the biological lifespan of a feeling often known first through bodily sensations lasts approximately seconds Dr Rosenberg teaches readers to be aware consciously lean into and balance these unpleasant emotions by riding one or second waves of the bodily sensations By staying present to these feelings we cultivate the confidence Seconds to a PDF ☆ that we can handle life's challenges and the deep sense we can pursue whatever we want Combining than three decades of clinical experience with aspects of clinical psychology mindfulness and neuroscience research Seconds to a Life You Love is a strategic and practical guide on building core emotional strength reducing anxiety and developing the confidence you need to create a life of your design a life you love.


90 Seconds to a Life You Love PDF Ö 90 Seconds
  • Hardcover
  • 416 pages
  • 90 Seconds to a Life You Love
  • Joan I. Rosenberg
  • 09 July 2015
  • 9780316419956

10 thoughts on “90 Seconds to a Life You Love

  1. Gina says:

    A boring book that's longer than necessary The short version is acknowledge your feelings and move on

  2. Angela says:

    From the title I was hoping this was along the lines of the meditation books I've been reading lately kind of a mindful awareness of feelings as a way to endure and overcome them And yes it included that but in a trademarked kind of way The trademarked Rosenberg Reset is the main focus of the book but there are plenty of other trademarked terms soulful depression The Emotional Awareness Grid Compliment Blockers etc etc That emphasis on the author's trademarked terms ideas rubbed me the wrong way The other difference between this and the meditation stuff is Rosenberg focuses on finding yourself your values etc vs meditation's universalselfless focusI wasn't crazy about the first 2 chapters and almost didn't continue reading But starting with the 3rd chapter I found some useful things And there was definitely some good stuff for me towards the end I liked the section on embracing and believing others' compliments I even started a section in my journal for compiling compliments received And the section on congruence really living and speaking the things you say are important to you gave me some insights I have not tried any of the journaling exercises yet but I mayThe author is definitely a lister so there's the 8 difficult feelings the GRIEF reset protocol with steps for G R I E F The Prime 17 Signs You're Not Speaking Your Truth etc Maybe a tad much with the lists Or maybe I'm just being fussyI'd give this 35 stars I was provided a free uncorrected review copy

  3. James says:

    The author's identification of difficult feelings is valid and helpful although I believe she downplays and minimizes the lasting effects of trauma Also I laughed at a lot of the bull shitty trademarked terms but that's just meI don't see myself putting very much of this into practice this is a self help book strongly geared toward women and their emotional lives but I did get something out of the part about speaking up This is something I struggle with along with naming negative emotions I'm feeling for me it's always been hurt or upset combined with intensity Overall she's not wrong but this bookmessage isn't for everyone For people who like to think about feelings probably a great read For the stoic among us probably not For people suffering from trauma I would not recommend

  4. Laura Steward says:

    I received an advance copy of this book in prep for an iHeart radio interview with the author The book shifted my thinking and feeling so much that I bought a Kindle copy as well so I could always have it with me to look to when I find myself not allowing myself to process through my uncomfortable emotionsToday as I am writing this review I keep having flashbacks to finding my mom struggling on the floor in 2017 after a massive stroke that took her life two days later The trigger The shirt I put on after I got out of the shower and went to my mom's bedroom to see why she wasn't up and about yet I was getting dressed after a shower this morning and saw the shirt in my closetI wanted to avoid the feelings as I want to as I type this review Instead I am allowing the tears to flow through and the grief to surface as often as it needs to Feeling these emotions as they want to surface creates much ease in my body and mind and leaves me feeling calmer and at ease I can feel the tension leave my body when I follow the advice and exercises in Dr Joan's bookDr Joan Rosenberg's book is filled with exercises to help you master the difficult feelings so any one who is wiling to do the work can embrace the confidence within become resilient and live a life that reflects who they truly are My advance copy is dog eared and the replay of the interview and notes I took during it are tagged for repeat listeningIf you are tired of feeling tired or sad or angry or ashamed or any other difficult emotion I encourage you to get a copy of this book and read it through once Then go back and read it again and work through each of the exercises Take it in small bites or embrace it all at once It has made a difference in my life May it do the same for you

  5. Liz says:

    I was lucky enough to attend a private workshop with this author earlier in 2020 After hearing her wisdom I decided to read this book of hers it has taken me 6 months to get through only because it is so thought provoking and contains excellent journaling prompts for self discovery In particular this self help book is very approachable understandable and centered around an organized and thorough thesis and work There are entirely way to many uotable moments to include here This would also be a strong companion book for a therapist client so that the client has homework and then could discuss things that come up as they work through journal responses As a parent this book also helped me recognize things I could do to help my children sit and process emotion and that ultimately making them emotionally strong will give them far other traits and skills I would be curious to see if she narrates her own audio books her voice tone are very pleasant and would make the book even like a workshop

  6. Mardee says:

    The reset will be really helpfulVery helpful book on building resilience and managing emotions Includes a lot that I can use right away and some takeaways that will benefit from deeper thought

  7. Toni says:

    Whoa this book is fantastic I have always loved self help type books but lately stopped reading themThey all seem to say the same things or ideas that I already have heard before This book actually is teaching me new ideas I have never heard before I need to work on feeling my emotions and this book is SO helpful I love it

  8. Tgandco2 says:

    Tedious I think there is maybe 25% content in this book and the rest is useless and repetitive filler I found the author’s writing condescending and arrogant The advice was muddled unclear and largely useless If I could have rated it lower I would have

  9. Gregg R. says:

    This was a hard one to rate I really love her essential message but for some reason it was hard for me to get through the book I've referred to it often since reading it but haven't necessarily felt like recommending it

  10. Michelle says:

    Seems hokey and gimmicky but it's filled with concrete steps you can take It was very helpful for me

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