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A Beautiful Crime➽ [Download] ✤ A Beautiful Crime By Christopher Bollen ➲ – Heartforum.co.uk When Nick Brink and his boyfriend Clay Guillory meet up on the Grand Canal in Venice they have a plan in mind—and it doesn’t involve a vacation Nick and Clay are running away from their turbulent When Nick Brink and his boyfriend Clay Guillory meet up on the Grand Canal in Venice they have a plan in mind—and it doesn’t involve a vacation Nick and Clay are running away from their turbulent lives in New York City each desperate for a happier freer future someplace else Their method of escape Selling a collection of counterfeit antiues to a A Beautiful Kindle - brash unsuspecting American living out his retirement years in a grand palazzo With Clay’s smarts and Nick’s charm their scheme is sure to succeedAs it turns out tricking a millionaire out of money isn’t as easy as it seems especially when Clay and Nick let greed get the best of them As Nick falls under the spell of the city’s decrepit magic Clay comes to terms with personal loss and the price of letting go of the past Their future awaits but it is built on disastrous deceits and than one life stands in the way of their dreamsA Beautiful Crime is a twisty grifter novel with a thriller running through its veins But it is also a meditation on love class race sexuality and the legacy of bohemian culture.

Christopher Bollen is a writer who lives in New York City He regularly writes about art literature and culture His first novel Lightning People was published in His second novel Orient was published by Harper in May He is currently the Editor at Large at Interview Magazine.

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  • A Beautiful Crime
  • Christopher Bollen
  • 07 March 2016
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  1. Dennis says:

    First things first if you're interested in a thriller but are sueamish or get scared easily this book is for you It's not scary nor is it gruesome but it is good A Beautiful Crime is my first read by author Christopher Bollen but now I am totally a fan The story centers around con artist couple Nick Brink and Clay Guillory and their journey to Venice In Venice the duo plan to sell Clay's ex boyfriend's fake silver at an exponential cost Clay's boyfriend came from one of the founding families of the early settlements of New York and now that he's passed away they plan to cash in The couple brainstorm a plan and decide to take advantage of this oblivious millionaire who Clay in fact has a past history with During the heist the couple has to jump through hurdles along the way—will this plan actually come to fruition or did they underestimate their target?This synopsis brief that I just provided did not give this book any justice so I guess just read the plot synopsis provided A Beautiful Crime is not only a thriller but it also is a great character study; infused with love romance and deception This may be the first time ever that I've fallen in love with all the characters Everyone was so multifaceted and deep—it was hard to hate on anybody I loved Nick and Clay and I loved their relationship I loved Clay's history with his ex boyfriend I thought Mr West the millionaire was hilarious and goofy at just the best moments Daniela's honesty was refreshing and a good break from the dark centric drama Everyone had a role and it was portrayed perfectlyI loved that A Beautiful Crime was centered around a gay couple and it wasn't portrayed in a taboo fashion The story provides a normal view between two men who love each other It's not over the top with their theatrics or made into an unrealistic YA romance like I've seen many authors do lately The story does show the differences between Millennial gays versus the gay who came before them which is honestly something I've experienced in New York City as well I loved the romance between Clay and Nick and I really wanted to see into that I really appreciated how the author portrayed the gay community with respect and gave readers a voyeuristic opportunity into that reality My favorite aspect of A Beautiful Crime is how atmospheric the novel is I really felt like I was in Venice with everyone and now I've added it to my travel bucket list I genuinely felt that I was right in the midst of all the chaos as the story was venturing forward and that rarely happens to me when I read a novel I cannot believe I decided to read this so fast because now I'm craving a vacation to Venice Overall A Beautiful Crime is a beautiful story about love conflict sexuality and desperation Go into the story with an open mind and an open heart There's a chapter in the book that choked me up but other than that the book is a fun wild ride I still am in shock that I read this book in a day I see real big things for Christopher Bollen and A Beautiful Crime in 2020

  2. Anna Luce says:

    ★★★★✰ 425 stars A Beautiful Crime is a tantalisingly suspenseful part thriller part romance one that brilliantly captures the landscape aesthetics and politics of Venice “The love of the city had killed its people uite simply Venice had been visited to death”The opening of the novel has a terrific hook We know that someone at some point is going to die But who? And how?“When you see an opportunity take it You can brood over the ethics later”Vaguely reminiscent of Patricia Highsmith’s The Talented Mr Ripley but starring two much sympathetic and empathetic protagonists A Beautiful Crime follows a tense cat and mouse game in which readers are never sure who is deceiving whoNick is a twenty five year old from Ohio whose move to New York didn’t exactly result in a clearer idea of who he is or what he wants to do His older boyfriend doesn’t seem to understand Nick’s restlessness When Nick meets Clay who is just two years older than him and from New York sparks fly In spite of their different backgrounds they fall hard and fast for each other Clay rumoured to have murdered his best friend after having tricked him into making him his heir needs a lot of money and fast Together they decide that the easiest way to get so much money is to con someone who has money than sense It just so happens that the person Clay hates most in the world fits the billIn order for their plan to succeed they go to Venice since it is where Richard Forsyth West aka their mark is currently stayingChristopher Bollen maintains a taut tension throughout the course of his narrative Readers alongside Nick and Clay will fear that some hitch might reveal and ruin their plans What may appear as simple conversations will have you sitting on the edge of your seat And while we know that objectively what Nick and Clay are doing is wrong we are still rooting for them to succeed Time and time again in both New York and Venice Nick and Clay wrestle with their morals as well as their greed desire love and any personal vendettas they may or may not harbour Bollen's writing style presents us with some breathtaking and insightful descriptions of Venice As a former resident of the comune of Venice I am perhaps a bit too critical when I read novels that feature this city So I’m happy to say or write that Bollen's depiction of this city is truly true to life He really does render its beauty and incongruities providing an interesting commentary on Venice and its inhabitants of its fatal dependency on tourism and of the way it is perceived by the rest of the world Although both Nick and Clay view Venice through the eyes of an outsider the Venetians we encounter along the way from Daniela to Battista give us an insight of the ‘real’ Venice“What would Venice be like without any Venetians living in it? There were only fifty three thousand of these rare humans left and the number was shrinking by a thousand each year”Venice is much than the glamorous backdrop to Nick and Clay con as in many ways it plays a central role in the story It is a city or romance and of ruin It fills Nick and Clay with eual parts awe and melancholy The dizzying spell it casts on those who live there is clear There were moments in which Bollen's portrayal of Venice brought to mind Thomas Mann’s in Death in Venice In both of these works Venice appears as a labyrinthine and suggestive city one that might very well bring the worst out of people“Nick was hallucinating Hew was mistaking marble ballrooms and gilt facades and velvet upholstered gondolas for real life People went mad in Venice because it lacked the reality check of poverty and ugliness and ordinary struggles ”Alongside this high stakes con we read of Nick and Clay’s relationship Part of me wanted to see of them together but in order for their plan to succeed it is vital they are not seen together so it made sense that they didn’t get share many scenes Their feelings for one another add a moving note to the storyBoth the secondary characters and the ones who had only small cameos were nuanced and fully fleshed out At times it was difficult to discern whether someone's intentions were good or bad which made the story all the compelling“These monsters Nick thought and at the same exact moment These wonderful people”Bollen does a terrific job in rendering the ‘artsy’ community of Venice and of giving us an amusing impression of the ‘inglese italianato’ or perhaps in this case the Americano italianatothe Italianised American those types of art and cultural enthusiasts who like to play at being intellectualI also appreciated the novel’s engagement with issues such as racism Clay is black class and privilege Wealth youth and beauty also make their way into Bollen’s narrative Both Nick and Clay have to confront their own desire for wealth and of what they would be willing to do for their own safetyI only spotted two mistakes in Bollon's Italian which is so refreshing Usually books set in Italy by non Italian writers are not only riddled with clichés but with easily avoided mistakes such as papa instead of papà Bollon not only captures Venice but he also mentions the Venice Mestre dynamicBollon's engaging prose offers plenty of amusing descriptions “the silent brag of an attractive companion” easily renders a beautiful landscape and provides thoughtful character studies A Beautiful Crime is an exhilarating novel that will have you flipping pages like there’s no tomorrow In spite of its dark moments and of the unease the pervades most of its scenes Bollen’s narrative maintains a beautiful momentum Through striking depictions of love friendship and of course Venice A Beautiful Crime is a thrilling readSome of my favourite uotes“He believed in friendliness the same way he believed in his youth he thought both could save him His youth and friendliness were master keys to all future rooms”“The world promised Nick nothing at that age but showed him glimpses of its finest possibilities”“For him walking around as a gay man in his hometown was tantamount to being out on bail he was free to go about his business but everyone treated him with a heightened suspicion as if unsure whether he had committed a crime”“Nick saw it as a chance to be delivered from the purgatory of mid twenties aimlessness”“In the stronghold of dry hot days visitors clotted the streets like human glue and cruise ships barged into San Marco's Basin with horns that blasted louder than any church bells”“Wheelie suitcases had become the unofficial soundtrack of Venice a city that had triumphed for millennia on the very absence of wheels”“It was a secondhand high to watch a first timer take in the city”“Another person's idea of normalcy was always a foreign country just as your borders on that dominion were constantly expanding or shrinking ejecting proud long standing residents while taking in exciting new émigrés that would have been denied entry the year before”“In the hush of early evening Venice changed from past to present ”“Nick preferred to think of people as messy whirlpools of wants and desires as unpredictable bundles of urges even when the appropriate bait was placed in front of them ”“Nothing else could touch him large or small because he'd filled his uota on pain But the loss of a parent doesn't immunize a person from betrayal any than surviving a shark bite protects its victim from a car crash”“Nick found himself impressed by his own bullshit It was undeniably top uality bullshit It sounded so erudite and convincing even to the one who was spewing it”Read reviews on my blog   View all my reviews on Goodreads

  3. Chris says:

    Good Lord I am STILL catching up here on Goodreads adding reviews for books I finished weeks or even months ago How is it that a pandemic and social distancing have made me derelict here? In any case A BEAUTIFUL CRIME is fantastic and I do not throw around that adjective liberally Christoper Bollen is our era's Patricia Highsmith and A BEAUTIFUL CRIME is a spectacular slow burn of a thriller think THE TALENTED MR RIPLEY for a new generation The dread is palpable the grift is fascinating and the descent from decency to deceit is gripping Also? Bollen is a brilliant stylist and writer crafting some of the beautiful and lush sentences I've read this year

  4. Jill says:

    Take Patricia Highsmith’s Mr Ripley and mix well with John Berendt’s City of Fallen Angels and you have a taste of what awaits you with Christopher Bollen’s latest novelAt its heart it’s a heartfelt ode to Venice the scandal skullduggery and seductiveness of this one of a kind city Into this location of crumbling palazzos and shaky morality enters antiuarian assistant Nick Blake a handsome “aw shucks” type of guy and his debt ridden boyfriend Clay Guillory They’ve cooked up a fantastical scheme to sell the counterfeit silver antiues that Clay has just inherited from his now deceased much older bohemian boyfriend to a wealthy and unsuspecting American It all seems foolproof But as the two begin to discover separating a billionaire from his money may not be as easy as it appearsThe proposed swindle provides the framework for the plot but what keeps the novel fresh is a close look at ueer culture from different perspectives – Nick is white and unencumbered Clay is black and living by a different set of rules Then there’s Ari Nick’s former boyfriend and benefactor and Freddy the flamboyant man Clay lived with and is suspected of murdering and Daniella Clay’s friend who now lives freely and unapologetically as a woman Love social class race and sexuality all play out in Europe’s ultimate playground where tourists far outnumber residentsThe intrigue and twists would have been enough to carry the book but Christopher Bollen is given to stage directing his characters sneer and whimper and spit and growl and balk and mutter The book would have been stronger had Mr Bollen trusted his readers to intuit his characters’ reactions and state of mind His encyclopedic knowledge of Venice and the art world – he was himself a Peggy Guggenheim art intern in Venice – can sometimes feel overplayed Having noted these issues the book still deserves kudos for its original and atmospheric development Rating 35 stars rounded upMy thanks to #HarperCollins for providing me with an advance copy in exchange for an honest review

  5. Laura Peden says:

    A Beautiful Crime is a twisty smart MM heist thriller The first half was a bit confusing for me due to going back forth in time and all the different characters but it doesn’t take too long to sharpen to a point and I ploughed through most of it in a single sesh I was able to escape to Venice Italy for a few hours and it felt wonderful Books like this are why I read 🖤

  6. John says:

    This book really grabbed my attention held on from start to finish I wanted to give it 5 stars but there were two plot holes that just bagged at me though it’s still a really good read

  7. switterbug (Betsey) says:

    What attracts me to Christopher Bollen is his tensile literary thrillers THE DESTROYERS and LIGHTNING PEOPLE were standouts of dramatic and suspenseful plots with prose to match them and kept me fascinated until the exciting finales Like DESTROYERS Bollen selected an exotic backdrop; not Greece this time but Venice Italy for his story of intrigue and grift in his latest boiler A BEAUTIFUL CRIME Venice to me was like a character in the book—the uniue pedestrian city of canals and confinement that at times expanded its claustrophobic setting especially if you’re trying to get away with a “beautiful crime” It brought me right back to Venice— the author animated it for me once Two fairly new lovers Nick and Clay come to Venice from NYC with an agenda to rip off a wealthy American Richard West who lives in a historic palazzo a walled half once shared with a former Dutch scion of NYC Freddy Van der Haar who lost his wealth to his flamboyant lifestyle and drugs and recently died of AIDS He left it to Clay a true platonic friend West lives in the other half of the houseWest was an enemy to Freddy and Clay has his reasons also The plan is to sell to West Freddy’s ancestral family’s now counterfeit silver enough to pay off debts and start a new life together away from their sorrows in NYC It’s an elaborate but simple plan but develops into even entangled grift as their rip off scheme becomes less risk averse and perilous I’ll leave it to the reader to watch the plot amplifyBollen did an adept job of bringing Clay and Nick to life—less so on some of the secondary characters Although the brutal plot was believable and I felt each footfall along the Venetian Lagoon the middle section of the story lost some tempo as it lulled me with a stretched out narrative—until a knotty jam shook Nick to the core It added another layer of suspense but all this treachery had less effect on Clay and Nick’s relationship than I would have imagined For me it wasn’t Bollen’s best but it possessed an acrid charm 35 rounded upThank you to Harper for sending me an ARC for review

  8. Bookreporter.com Mystery & Thriller says:

    It’s risky to write a novel set in Venice Eminent literary shades Thomas Mann Henry James Daphne du Maurier Patricia Highsmith inevitably gather setting up echoes and comparisons DEATH IN VENICE meets THE WINGS OF THE DOVE meets DON’T LOOK NOW meets THE TALENTED MR RIPLEY On the other hand La Serenissima with its ravishing water and light its mazelike streets never fails to dazzle and enchant I’m lucky enough to have just been there which made reading this book all the funA BEAUTIFUL CRIME Christopher Bollen’s fourth novel has some of the same themes as that roll call of Venice inspired books schemes to swindle the wealthy same sex love getting away with murder Former editor in chief of Interview the author no doubt has intimate knowledge of the rich arty and offbeat and he’s adept at imagining the tangled psyches of those who plot to rip them offGetting the reader to root for a charming con mankiller in this case two of them is a classic fictional strategy from Ripley to recently ethical serial killer Dexter and Joe the stalkermurderer guy in YOU Bollen pulls it off And by making Nick Brink and Clay Guillory not only co conspirators but lovers he appeals to the romantic in all of us We don’t want them to be caught; we want them to get their happily ever afterThe story is told alternately from the two men’s points of view Nick a newcomer to Venice is a devastatingly handsome compulsively flirtatious guy from Dayton Ohio bullied as a kid still closeted to his family “For him walking around as a gay man in his hometown was tantamount to being out on bail he was free to go about his business but everyone treated him with a heightened suspicion as if unsure whether he had committed a crime” and chafing at the role “the eternal apprentice” laid out for him by Ari his older highly cultured marriage minded boyfriend in New YorkClay’s first contact with Venice like Bollen’s was as an intern at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection the city’s premier modern art museum; he describes himself as “a middle class black kid from the Bronx suddenly crowned a prince of Italy” Still reeling from the premature death of his mother who “smothered him with love and acceptance” when he came out and the remoteness of his grieving father Clay was at a vulnerable point when he became the part time assistant of an affluent American expatriate Richard Forsyth West Later he found out that his employer had spread false rumors about him sabotaging his chances for a permanent job at the museumIt was then that Clay became the soulmate of one Freddy van der Haar scion of an illustrious Dutch American family that had fallen on hard times and a legendary flamboyant figure in New York’s gay subculture For four years Clay lived with Freddy in Venice Paris and Brooklyn; cared for him during his final illness; and when he died inherited some “antiue” silver of dubious authenticity; part of a Venetian palazzo; and a humongous pile of debts Now he needs money and he wants revenge on WestThe route to both is to get West to pay hundreds of thousands for the phony heirlooms Nick’s role is to authenticate them Ari an expert on silver taught him enough to pose as a professional So far so good Until well A BEAUTIFUL CRIME is the kind of novel where you just know something is going to go wrong with the scam sooner or later leading one or both of the guys to commit acts they’d never imagined themselves capable of But you don’t know when or how and Bollen is adept at keeping the suspense nicely tautHe also excels at evoking Venice itself His fascination with the watery city is clear his descriptions both accurate and elouent Clay “loved getting lost It seemed like the whole point of Venice built to trick and confuse Taking a wrong turn and nearly plunging into a canal or skipping over a bridge that dead ended in a brick wall was part of the town’s fugitive magic” Bollen underlines the tension between those who want to save Venice preserving its ancient glories and those who replace palazzi with cheap tourist housing and run roughshod over the diminishing number of people only 53000 who actually live there “I’m afraid the tourists are finally winning” Daniela a friend of Clay’s tells Nick “We’ve been conuered by a well organized army of occupiers who have no interest in staying than three nights” Or to put it another way “Venice has been visited to death”While Bollen’s characterizations of Venice really sing “a symphony playing inside a shipwreck” his people aren’t always as vivid Supporting players like Ari Freddy and West’s current assistant Battista even the villainous silver expert Dulles Hawkes seem to me colorful than Nick and Clay who need to be presented attractively and somewhat blandly in order to sustain the reader’s sympathyNick especially is a bit of a cipher cute and initially rather passive He hasn’t yet found his life’s passion; meanwhile “he has Clay” Clay is tougher; he grew up “expecting every door to be nailed shut before he even reached to open it” Yet he too is sweet and decent hardly a hustler or gold digger though Freddy’s old friends label him as just thatSome critics have compared Bollen to Patricia Highsmith; however I think he’s gentler than she is Unlike her antihero the amoral Ripley Nick and Clay struggle with conscience; there is nothing offhand about their crimes and misdemeanors “I’m a really bad crook” Nick tells Clay His response “A bad crook is the best kind” A BEAUTIFUL CRIME has a lot heart than Highsmith’s dark thrillers but the plotting is less skillful lacking the surprise twists I expectedIf the structure is imperfect the setting is marvelous Venice isn’t just a scenic background for the action of A BEAUTIFUL CRIME Its capricious tides and twisty deceptive geography seem to mirror the characters’ secrets and intrigues I rooted for Clay and Nick to get away with their swindle I also rooted and still do for proud resilient Venice to survive the floods of water and tourists that threaten to drown herReviewed by Katherine B Weissman

  9. Naty says:

    I received an advanced copy via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest reviewMy first ARC finished this year And a really good one too This book is a wonderful mystery to read in a rainy afternoon this character oriented story follows two young men in love as they plan the scam that will save them from financial ruin I loved how atmospheric this was and it's definitely not a uick thriller kind of book it's one to savor slowly and get emotionally connected to the main characters understand their motivations I loved it it was very The Talented Mr Ripley charming and romantic even The ending had me SO ANXIOUS Great read

  10. Erik says:

    Like a five course meal in which each course leaves you both reflecting on what's passed and eager for what's to come Christopher Bollen's A Beautiful Crime is the ueer suspense novel I didn't know I needed until I finished itNick and Clay a young interracial gay couple from New York City have landed right at the heart of a Venice in the throes of a city overrun by tourists Putting together a con that will hopefully bring this rural Midwestern boy and black gay boy from the Bronx a bit of freedom and stability the boys go further and deeper than either of them planned Fading in and out from stories in both cities Bollen uses suspense and relief as a way to deliver a story that is ueer and shocking but also deeply thoughtfulWith complex characters suspense on every page and a plot line that will have you hooked I'd be surprised if you didn't finish this book in one sitting

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