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Dressing Barbie[Download] ➾ Dressing Barbie By Carol Spencer – Heartforum.co.uk If you've ever had a Barbie doll or you know someone who did chances are that Barbie was dressed in one of the thousands of designs created by Carol Spencer during her unparalleled reign as a Barbie f If you've ever had a Barbie doll or you know someone who did chances are that Barbie was dressed in one of the thousands of designs created by Carol Spencer during her unparalleled reign as a Barbie fashion designer spanning than thirty five years Published in commemoration of Barbie’s sixtieth anniversary Dressing Barbie is a dazzling celebration of the clothes that made America’s favorite doll and the incredible woman behind themIllustrated with than full color photographs including many never before seen images of rare and one of a kind pieces from Spencer’s private archive Dressing Barbie is a treasure trove of some of the best and most iconic Barbie looks from the early s until the late s Along with behind the scenes stories of how these designs came to be Spencer reminisces about her thrilling time at Mattel working with legendary figures such as Ruth Handler Barbie’s creator and Charlotte Johnson the original Barbie designer for a full insider look into life with the beloved dollOver the course of her career Spencer won many accolades She was the first designer to have her signature on the doll the first to go on a signing tour the first to design a limited edition Barbie Doll for collectors and the designer of the biggest selling Barbie of all time Now she is the first member of the inner circle to reveal the fashion world of the uintessential California girl as never before.


Dressing Barbie Epub Ä Hardcover
  • Hardcover
  • 160 pages
  • Dressing Barbie
  • Carol Spencer
  • English
  • 06 September 2016
  • 9780062802446

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  1. Beth says:

    Not only marvelous photos of Barbie and her friends and amazing clothes throughout the decades but also the delightful story of how Carol Spencer became one of Barbie's designers and her years designing clothing and accessories In her charming always delighted to be designing for Barbie manner Spencer delivers bits of her own personal life but mostly her work including insider information on different Barbies their clothes and how she and her colleagues made economizing and errors work for them For teen and adult Barbie fans and those fond of doll clothing and clothing design in general

  2. Book Club Mom says:

    Barbie turned 60 this year To mark this occasion Harper Design released a new memoir about one of Mattel’s original fashion designers Carol Spencer Dressing Barbie A Celebration of the Clothes That Made America’s Favorite Doll and the Incredible Woman Behind Them Spencer was a designer at Mattel for over 35 years and her fashions became oursRaised in Minneapolis Spencer learned to sew as a girl In 1950 she graduated high school broke up with her boyfriend and enrolled at the Minneapolis School of Art From there she got a plum job as Guest Editor at Mademoiselle then returned to Minneapolis where she designed children’s wear for Wonderalls and “misses sportswear” for Junior House Her career at Mattel began when she answered a blind ad in Women’s Wear magazine seeking a fashion designer She got the job in 1963 and joined a team of four other designers under Charlotte Johnson Barbie’s original stylist The intense competition between designers resulted in a mini closetful of fun styles for Barbie Ken Skipper Scooter Casey Francie Tutti and friends And many of Barbie’s fashions were inspired by Spencer’s personal wardrobeDressing Barbie includes pages of beautiful high uality images of a fantastic collection of dolls and clothes As times in America and across the world changed so did Barbie and her clothes From the mod clothes of the 70s to shoulder pads and big hair in the 80s and 90s Barbie tried on than just the latest fashion New multi cultural versions of Barbie were introduced addressing a need for a better representation of girls around the world New careers also opened up and Barbie became an astronaut surgeon CEO and now runs for President every election yearI enjoyed reading about Spencer’s experiences as a fashion designer at Mattel and learning about the process of creating Barbie’s clothes When Spencer started her career designing was hands on using glue and tiny patterns Later computer designs made the job easier although Spencer had always enjoyed using her hands to craft her ideas One of the challenges was to find patterns and prints that were suitable to scale for a doll I had not thought of that and was interested to read how they determined what to use The Oil Embargo in 1973 also had an impact on Barbie’s clothes because they were no longer able to use polyester acrylics or nylon fabrics which use petroleum as a baseDressing Barbie is a reminder of how important imaginative play is to children Spencer leaves the reader with these thoughts Because I’ve been in the toy industry for so many years I can’t help but worry about future generations As play becomes centered on the virtual world will children miss out on the real life experiences and imagination that playing with Barbie dolls offered?

  3. Thunderhead says:

    I was a Barbie fiend growing up and I still find myself attracted to the visual aesthetics of the brand so I couldn’t pass up this book It’s written by one of Barbie’s clothes designers A concept that I never really gave much thought to to be honest so this turned out to be both interesting and gorgeous to look at

  4. Hannah says:

    Great photos good writing well put together I found the part about how the 1970s oil embargo affected Barbie's designs especially interesting

  5. Gina Smith says:

    Carol Spencer is one of the few if only remaining links to the origins of Barbie which began before 1959 and were in their early heydays when Spencer joined Mattel as a fashion designer The book is big and beautiful A love story to Barbie and all her fans especially the ones who've been around since almost 1959A must for the Barbie library

  6. Christina says:

    Very interesting look at what it takes to design for such an icon Carol had uite the life I do wish there were pictures of her sketches and the steps she describes It would have been great to see the full process

  7. Lisa says:

    Fantastic read It was so neat that a lot of the outfits Carol Spencer designed were the ones I loved to dress my Barbies in Will definitely be purchasing this book

  8. Diane says:

    This is an excellent book for anyone who has ever loved Barbie or fashion or sewing or anything remotely related This book was not put down able as much as any suspense or mystery thriller I've ever read The pictures are colorful and lush and the story is not bogged down in daunting details I defy anyone who was a previous little girl to not read this book and than once say I had that doll or I remember that outfit It is a wonderful stroll down Memory Lane while outlining the changes of Mattel over the years for better or worse While many of us growing up probably wished we were Barbie now I wish I were Carol Spencer

  9. Brandi says:

    “Any Barbie fan or collector will tell you that you never really leave Barbie And she never really leaves you” Carol Spencer Wow was this a fun book it’s full on Barbie porn I lingered over the full color photos taking in every detail of the iconic fashions designed by Spencer in her almost 40 years at Mattel She tells the story of the company through the lens of her experience and it was always exciting to turn the page and see what delicious gown she designed next

  10. kerrycat says:

    this was a really fun walk down memory lane with one of the longstanding designers for Barbie complete with all the good and the bad and with the bad all the ways the designers overcame the issues usually with a smile and an utter devotion to the doll and business they served and of course photos and stories behind the designs I was thrilled to see many outfits I still have from my childhood and to learn how they came to be

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