Wild Baby

Wild Baby[EPUB] ✰ Wild Baby By Cori Doerrfeld – Heartforum.co.uk A carefree young ape who goes barreling through the jungleand a worried mom must chase afterAs her baby goes on a mad dash through the jungle it’s up to mama to make sure the curious little oranguta A carefree young ape who goes barreling through the jungleand a worried mom must chase afterAs her baby goes on a mad dash through the jungle it’s up to mama to make sure the curious little orangutan doesn’t get into too much trouble—like dancing on a bear bouncing on an elephant or even pulling on a leopard’s tail But when you have a Wild Baby life is full of surprises.


Wild Baby Kindle Ä Hardcover
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Wild Baby
  • Cori Doerrfeld
  • English
  • 07 September 2016
  • 9780062698940

10 thoughts on “Wild Baby

  1. Jon Nakapalau says:

    Watch out wild baby Listen to your mother Great book I am sure lots of moms and dads can relate to when a small child starts to explore their surroundings not paying attention to potential dangers all around

  2. Abigail says:

    When her wild orangutan baby heads off into the jungle blithely oblivious both to the danger around her and to the chaos she is leaving behind Mama sets off in pursuit Eventually after all of the jungle inhabitants have been disturbed she catches up with her Wild Baby Will she stay angry or will Baby manage to make things better?A sweet story of an active happy baby who like so many babies of so many species causes lots of trouble Wild Baby pairs a simple but engaging rhyming text with colorful cute illustrations The ending offers reassurance to young listeners that despite their annoying antics they will still be loved

  3. Shaye Miller says:

    This one is such a great book for parents of toddlers This wild mama is chasing her wild baby all over the place starting from their very first “wild stretch” The book shares that the author wrote this book as a homage to her daughter who was “a fearless impulsive wild baby” Very cute Reminds me of this video I remember seeing a couple years ago at Monkey Mama Chasing BabyFor children's literature middle grade literature and YA literature reviews feel free to visit my personal blog at The Miller Memo

  4. Ev says:

    This board book is so fun to read to infants MANY are really boring for parents I love an episode of Our Planet visually stunning documentary series on Netflix where it showcases a mama and baby orangutan in Borneo Watching that and reading this book to my son is a perfect combination The illustrations are comical too

  5. Tasha says:

    Just as an orangutan mother and baby wake up and stretch in the treetops the wild baby rushes off to explore Sliding and swinging through the jungle the baby wants to touch and dance and hop no matter who gets bothered along the way As they chase through the jungle the baby ends up being hunted by not just mother but a jaguar while chasing butterflies Just as the baby is in the utmost danger everything works out Now he has to contend with a rather irate mother who carries him back to their nest Happily he has a lovely surprise for her when they get thereFor anyone who has cared for a toddler who loves to dash away this will be a familiar feeling Doerrfeld creates a madcap race through the jungle done with very simple language sprinkled liberally with the word “wild” The pacing is exciting and fast and the book is filled with just enough danger and plenty of love The illustrations are filled with orange fur playfulness and gleeA terrific toddler pick Appropriate for ages 1 3

  6. Miss Sarah says:

    A young monkeys goes through his day causing all sorts of trouble Simply worded with lots of reptition Toddler and up

  7. Becky says:

    Spot on for the behavior of a wild baby and their wild mom's chase after them Appropriate scolding apologizing and love followsI'm learning that I'm a sucker for Doerrfeld's illustrations as well

  8. Edward Sullivan says:

    A carefree baby orangutan and its worried mom

  9. Raven Black says:

    Cute illustrations but story fell flat for me Would be cute as a board book

  10. Katrina Clohessy says:

    Cute story about a wild orangutan baby doing wild things to the exasperation of Mom Rhyming flows nicely throughout 30 pages

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