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Feeding You Lies[Reading] ➷ Feeding You Lies By Vani Hari – Heartforum.co.uk Feeding You Lies is an Instant National Bestseller This follow up to New York Times bestseller The Food Babe Way exposes the lies we've been told about our food and takes readers on a journey to find Feeding You Lies is an Instant National Bestseller This follow up to New York Times bestseller The Food Babe Way exposes the lies we've been told about our food and takes readers on a journey to find healthy options There's so much confusion about what to eat Are you jumping from diet to diet and nothing seems to work Are you sick of seeing contradictory health advice from experts Just like the tobacco industry lied to us about the dangers of cigarettes the same Feeding You PDF or untruths cover ups and deceptive practices are occurring in the food industry Vani Hari aka The Food Babe blows the lid off the lies we've been fed about the food we eat lies about its nutrient value effects on our health label information and even the very science we base our food choices on You'll discover    How nutrition research is manipulated by food company funded experts    How to spot fake news generated by Big Food    The tricks food companies use to make their food addictive    Why labels like all natural and non GMO aren't what they seem and how to identify the healthiest food    Food marketing hoaxes that persuade us into buying junk food disguised as health foodVani guides you through a hour Toxin Takedown to rid your pantry and your body of harmful chemicals a uick and easy plan that anyone can do A blueprint for living your life without preservatives artificial sweeteners additives food dyes or fillers eating foods that truly nourish you and support your health.


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  • Feeding You Lies
  • Vani Hari
  • 27 February 2014

10 thoughts on “Feeding You Lies

  1. Jkociela says:

    Although I agree with much of what the author says it is not a very intetesting book and very repetitious All that the author has written could be summed up with the following Big food companies chemical companies and government lie about nutrition Do not eat processed food Eat whole natural foods

  2. Emily Zammit says:

    As a registered dietitian I was very excited to pick this book up it didn’t hurt that it was 50% off when I bought it But looking at the author’s name I should have known right away it wouldn’t be the best uality because she has no credentials whatsoever She calls herself a “food activist” but that doesn’t translate into understanding the science research that she attempts to interpret Yet her alarmist view on foods is the probably the least problematic part of this book I do applaud her for fighting against the tactics the foodagriculturalchemical industries use at the cost of American’s health Her thoroughness diving into the tactics these industries use the same tactics Big Tobacco used decades ago is the highlight of this book Unfortunately that doesn’t make up for the overwhelming faults of this book My biggest problem with this book isn’t that she slams registered dietitians so often which is unfair as the majority of us are not accepting money from food companies to peddle sodas and the like My biggest problem is her condescending holier than thou privileged view on how we should eat Is it ideal to eat organic non GMO foods? Sure But throughout each chapter detailing the different additivespesticidesflavoring in our food her voice comes off as “I care about my health and my family’s health so I only buy organic Do you love your family enough to do the same?” And it’s just not that easy Millions of Americans can barely afford to put food on the table let alone organic produce meat and dairy As a dietitian my focus is getting my clients to wean off processed foods and turn towards fruits veggies whole grains and lean meats Especially for those in a lower socioeconomic class that is already a struggle enough Why spend a dollar on a few apples when you can get a burger at McDonald’s for that much? Part of my job is helping educate people on how to make eating healthier possible on a budget But when you struggle to even be able to buy some frozen veggies and fresh chicken why on earth would you concern yourself with whether it’s organic or not? The shame and condescension that Hari has threaded throughout her book is what makes this such an unpleasant read You are not a bad person if you can’t afford to buy non GMO organic additive free foods And that’s how Hari‘s book reads If you don’t make these changes to your diet you don’t care enough about your health and the health of those you love It reminds me a lot of Girl Wash Your Face Yes the main principles behind the book are noble but the privilege of the author ruins the concept This book was not written for the populations that are most affected by the food industry’s playbook It is written for those who can afford to shop at Whole Foods who feel morally superior for “saving the health of their families” And that’s a shame

  3. Cara Mcelligott says:

    It’s about time the lies of of food industry are exposed and Vani Hari thoroughly investigates this deception and delivers it in an easy to read book She highlights the widespread corruption of big food business reveals how they are in bed with politicians professors “health experts” who consumers are led to believe are unbiased and trustworthy all to promote their toxic products and pass them off to the public as not only edible but healthy it’s laughableFor many years our country has failed us by allowing these companies to fill our family’s food with harmful and toxic chemicals and substances that we have no business eating Hari highlights how many of the same foods in other countries have a different list of ingredients because they are not allowed to get away with filling their products with these toxic chemicals Apparently these businesses can still turn a profit in the UK without using cheap additives and fillers so why poison US families with disease causing ingredients? Because they canThis book is an important step in the right direction that can hopefully lead to government reform that places stricter guidelines on ingredients used in our food Or maybe these big businesses can reallocate their funds spend on uality ingredients to making a safer product rather than spend millions in their PR department to convince us their foods aren’t dangerousThank you Vani Hari for being a pioneer and caring about the people who have been failed by the food industry

  4. William Schram says:

    The world of food and eating is uite complicated made even bewildering by the vested interests of massive corporations The FDA is weak and ineffectual leaving the companies to watch themselves In such a case who will watch the watchmen? Little groups that try are crowded out by the power of money Phony companies and scientists in the pocket of Big Food try to obscure the truth when all people want is healthy foodWith Feeding You Lies by Vani Hari all of these ties and lies are explored I have not heard of Vani Hari before Apparently she has a website and she is disliked by Big Food This is news to me since I don’t like reading or watching the news As for food situations I have read “Salt Sugar Fat” and I have read “Food What the Heck Should I Eat” These have both made me familiar with some food industry machinations and manipulations I am not really familiar with Food Movements though This is mainly because of the effort it reuires to research the science and Follow the Money so to speakMy personal stance on stuff like organic food pesticides and GMOs have always been ambivalent I am not a fan of being poisoned but I always assumed that the Government wasn’t in the pockets of Big Food As for GMOs I never understood the backlash We have been modifying our food since before the Bronze Age As soon as we realized we could adjust crop yields and selectively breed better grain or fruit it has been difficult to stop doing so However now we have problems with intestinal disorders and thingsVani Hari writes well enough making a link between Big Tobacco and Big Food I can recall seeing old cigarette commercials but it has been a long time since they had any that targeted children Sugary drinks and processed foods like candies and cakes are like the cigarettes of today The only problem is that they are legal The book is structured out in chapters Makes sense right? It starts by talking about the liars and how to follow the money The next part shows the lies themselves It talks about the foods we eat and why those foods are bad The final part is an appendix that focuses on the various ingredients you can find in the foods you eat It reads like a terrifying Chemistry textbook I enjoyed this one I found it in the library so it worked out pretty well

  5. Kitten Kisser says:

    Vani manages what I feel like I never could she knows how to hook people get them to listen to her regarding what is going on with our corrupt food system While I'm older than her her story feels very similar to my own I imagine many others My disgust led me to organic food fighting for the Certified Organic label growing my own eventually uitting my job with my husband moving to another state so we could run our own farm organically full time That is how disgusted I amwas with our food system Fast forward two decades folks are so much aware although still not enough folks of the corruption in our food system When GMO's became much widely recognized I was thrilled I remember saying to my husband that now organic would finally reach it's full potential Instead folks grew angry over a lack of GM labeling starting focusing on buying non GMO food rather than supporting certified organic which is non GMO so much It was has been so disappointing for the organic movement I love how Vani points out that organic is leaps bounds better than non GMO even points out that foods that are non GMO can still do contain glyphosate This is something I've been trying to teach folks for years This misinformation is intentional to create as much confusion as possible regarding non GMO organic conventional The confused folks are the likely they are to throw up their hands give up While I've been shouting to the roof tops for the past 20 years about our food system everyone looks at me like I'm crazy less so now then when I first started preaching So I may not be able to convince you but maybe Vani can Or maybe like me you are already a Food Babe follower believer If so this book is worth gifting to someone who needs a little push in the right direction You never know it might finally click with them we will have yet another educated consumer on our side For me this book is a nice refresher for what I already know I am hoping it will help me educate others regarding our food system Unlike other books of this type Vani keeps it very conversational She never bogs the reader down with information than they can handle Everything is clear easy to understand She also backs up her statements providing pages of end notes that list her sources Lastly while Vani has her own line of food products Truvani she mentions it in the book but doesn't push her products The mention simply goes with her story regarding our food system She even has a 48 hour detox plan which simply suggests eating very healthy organic foods No special foods from her Truvani line When I consider how many authors use opportunities like this to self promote their supplementsproducts the fact that Vani didn't do this is highly commendable I greatly appreciate the lack of a sales pitch This book is pure real information What you do with it is up to you I wish you good health

  6. M. Mangan says:

    My review of Vani Hari's new book Everybody is lying to you Except Vani She has a yoga mat to prove it Especially you lying shills which is all of you including Wikipedia editors PS Visit her TruVani sales site buy her stuff page 140 Because she's not lying to youThis extended conspiracy theory would be laughable if it wasn't so pathetic She repeats the same couple of triumphs she had which were ultimately embarrasingly bogus over and over And nobody is confused by the nutritional value of Coke vs broccoli She's really just a laughingstock at this point Save yourself walk away from this book The exercise will actually be good for youBTW Vani is lying about pasteurization of milk She's lying about PLU codes on produce She's lying about a 48 hour detox Even peak crank Jeffrey Smith got PLU right years ago

  7. Ali Faustino says:

    If you have ANY interest in your health reducing toxins in your life or learning how the “big guys” are tricking and scamming us all this is a MUST READ This shows I read it in one week but really I started it and got to page 12 Restarted a few days later and finished in 2 days I will be receiving fully on my blog page Alisnextchaptercom on June 14

  8. anastasia says:

    This book will open your eyesThis book is incredible useful I discovered a lot of new information about how to eat safe and how to avoid the chemicals in our food

  9. Jayne Hunter says:

    If you eat you should read this

  10. Sandra says:

    Good book to have as a reference book If you see some weird ingredients on the label you can look it up She also gives you name brands of things that are healthier Also what to look out for when you read some articles saying this is good for you or something is bad Who is sponsoring the article? Also that we can make changes happen by voting with our food dollars We need to know what's in our food

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