Meet Me at the Riviera

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Meet Me at the Riviera eBook É Me at the  PDF/EPUB
  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • Meet Me at the Riviera
  • Fliss Chester
  • 28 April 2016
  • 9781409178675

10 thoughts on “Meet Me at the Riviera

  1. Ashleyjayne says:

    Meet me on the riviera was a enjoyable read I have to say I love the cover and the name of this book by Fliss Chester
I really enjoyed the characters and the plot of the story kept me reading till the very end I enjoyed jenna and Angus's characters and loved her friend sally's character
I found it a fun and enjoyable read and will be definitely checking Fliss Chester's other books out as this is the first I've read from this author and I want 
I love a good romance book and found it to be a perfect summer read with some great characters
 I received a complimentary copy of this book Opinions expressed in this review are completely my ownMy rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  2. Agi says:

    Jenna has lost the job that she loved at the art gallery and now is setting up pop up galleries though this doesn't bring as much money as she'd like She doesn't want to rely on her boyfriend any when it comes to a financial aspect so when she's offered a job as a PA to the bold and beautiful and rich on a boat in the Riviera over the summer and it also coincides with Angus working in Hong Kong she jumps at the opportunity There moving in a totally different world of the other half she comes to the attention of TG Wilkinson a young billionaire who's already used to getting what he wants Is he going to get Jenna as well?When reuesting the book and then after starting reading it I was not aware that it is already third story in the series yep that's me pure chaos so it took me a little by surprise and made me confused when the characters just appeared on the pages not so deeply introduced to us recalling some things and events and then simply going on so I've researched a little and yes bam I've missed two previous books However you can still read this book as a stand alone there was enough background info to uickly come back on track and happily follow Jenna on her adventures The characters were rather hilarious and sometimes over stereotyped but I'm guessing it was done on purpose Despite some of them so showing off their wealth I enjoyed them and they made me laugh but also there were moments that I wanted to bang their hands on the wall but that's really a good sign I simply lived them and felt so drawn into their lives Even Bertie made me roll my eyes but in a friendly way I think you simply need to take her with a grain of salt and when you do it then she actually is going to make you laugh with her demanding ways TG was a self centred and manipulative though to be honest he didn't evoke any emotions in me I was not angry with him he didn't make me smile he was too much of a smooth operator to me and his actions somehow didn't ring true for me Jenna however was lovely even is she was mostly drunk on champagne but I love it when the characters are so accident prone as Jenna was And she mostly put others before herself even with her life being in tatters she's determined to help Bertie with her wedding Though it must be mentioned she really had luck then sense with getting such a brilliant job over the summer don't you think? Nevertheless she was down to earth funny sharp and relatableThe book started really well it was entertaining and funny however later on it went a little downhill for me and it simply started to feel repetitive and not so engaging I'm still not sure why TG so desperately wanted Jenna I somehow missed the explanation in the story And yes I also had a feeling that some of the moments were a bit too far fetched this whole Hong Kong gang thing with killing people just didn't work for me sorry And some of the richness and situations seemed over the top but in this case I think that was the point Meet Me on the Riviera was a light hearted easy novel full of things that make it a perfect summer read There is romance break up billionaires over the top yachts friendship and also some danger and this all set against the most wonderful setting of the French Riviera and Monaco that I absolutely adored the descriptions of the exotic locations of the popular clubs and how the other half lives were colourful funny and vivid Fliss Chester has a lovely and vivid writing style and she stops at nothing to capture your imagination to entertain you Now I'm looking forward to reading the other two books in this seriesCopy provided by the publisher in return for an honest review

  3. Karen Whittard says:

    Filled with things that people can only dream of With a great array of characters and a storyline that was easy to read I did however find the richness of this book a little over the top But all in all it wasn’t a bad read

  4. Cassandra MADEUP BookBlog says:

    This was certainly a complex story than I was expecting when I first opened the front cover this surprised me and actually makes this stand out from other lighthearted romance type reads There was only one aspect of this that I wasn’t keen on and personally found a bit off putting but I will come back to that later overall it’s a wonderful read Now generally in a romance we get a general storyline man meets woman fall in love argue and misunderstandings ensue they fix it and all is well in the world Usually one of them is hesitant for some reason but it all comes right in the end This DOES have the general premise in some ways but none of it was how I expected or with the people I expected and the surprise in that had me almost doing a double take I liked the surprise though it was sweet and actually romantic for the thoughts and implications behind itThere are several characters and for the most part they fit my image but I wasn’t expecting the romantic side to go in the direction it did That is what surprised me I suppose but I don’t want to say any on that for fear of ruining the surprise romantic elementThe storyline has several threads and I have to say that I really did not like the best friend She was incredibly selfish and self centred and seemed only to be interested in what Jenna could do for her There seems to be no reciprocity in support or consideration Jenna drops everything and is expected to to help others and that works because fine that’s her nature but the best friend just takes advantage and that annoyed me That being said it is realistic that someone who is nice and wants to help others is taken for granted The realistic and imperfect element to that friendship did make it realistic but for myself I prefer these kinds of romances to be a prettier and Disney in that regard with a best friend who is supportive as well Nothing wrong with the way this was done it worked well for the story just not the kind of character i personally like to read aboutSaying that the storyline is wonderful it’s engaging and just that bit different for myself if the Best friend hadn’t been so selfish I would have adored this i just personally found her off putting and distracting Overall this was a wonderful book full of friendship family love lessons being learnt and some important messages along the way If you enjoy a heartwarming read that will surprise you at times with the directions it takes while being an easy read then this is perfect for you

  5. George (Fueltheblog) says:

    Thrilled to be part of the blog tour for this book Full review fueltheblogwordpresscomI’ve not read a book by Fliss before so had no idea what to expect if I’m honest I expected a traditional lovey dovey romance book I mean who could blame me with the title FYI I love those books so not a bad thing but as I started reading I found this one was slightly different Whilst it has the typical romance and misunderstandings it also had drama with a little something something Potential death manipulation and mystery See told you it wasn’t your normal Rom com Fliss really has created a truly captivating book you as a reader are whisked away to the Riviera and the wonderland that is fast cars boats and beautiful gowns I found it hard to put down and managed to read most of it in one sitting it was just simply a lovely easy read which really did transport you to a fancy yacht in the sun I really liked Jenna as a character she seemed very relatable and down to earth She had frustrating friends and she just seemed to take it under her wing I also enjoyed seeing the story from different points of view from Jenna and Angus to TG and also Bertie it was interesting getting a glimpse of life in another world Yes some of it was a bit dreamy and seemed over the top but that was the point That is that world not that I have ever experienced it its just what I am lead to believe After reading the book I found out this is the third book in the French Escapes Series Whilst this book does work well as a stand alone I have not read the others I personally think it would have made much sense reading the others first I would have loved to hear about what Jenna and her friends got up to in Hong Kong in the mountains and just in general It will be my mission to add the first two books onto my to be read pile to find out what went on I would recommend this book if your a fan of rom com you’ll enjoy it it was light hearted and super easy to read with added bit of drama If you have read the other two books in the series I am sure you will enjoy this one just as much

  6. Mandie says:

    Jenna Jenkins loves working in the world of art but due to an unfortunate incident she is currently setting up pop up galleries in vacant spaces Unfortunately this doesn’t bring in much money and she doesn’t like the feeling of her boyfriend Angus supporting her When she is given the opportunity to work on a boat in the riviera over the summer she jumps at the chance especially as it coincides with Gus working in Hong Kong on a job for his old boss Now moving in a different world she comes to the attention of TG Wilkinson who decides he wants her for himself and he is used to getting what he wants There was only really one character I truly disliked and surprisingly it wasn’t TG despite him being uite manipulative and self centred It was Jenna’s friend Bertie Despite supposedly being her friend she never stopped an opportunity to put Jenna down or expect her to drop everything to plan things for her With the title of Meet Me on the Riviera you would expect this book to be your typical rom com I have to say that it is anything but that Yes there is the romance between Gus and Jenna the misunderstandings and the temporary breakup but there is also something else there With threats to Jenna’s life and the manipulation of so many people by TG Wilkinson you get plenty to keep you engaged throughout the book I loved Jenna She doesn’t begrudge anyone their affluent lifestyle and genuinely tries to get on with everyone Even when her life is being thrown upside down she is determined to help plan her friend’s wedding and keep on top of her job Fliss Chester has managed to create a story that captures your imagination as she whisks you away aboard impressive boats and her descriptions have you wishing you were there Meet me on the Riviera is a great summer read that has a bit of everything love deception friendships and exotic locations The third book in the French Escapes Series it works well as a stand alone but I think even I might have missed out by not having read the previous two if nothing else I would love to find out what else Jenna and her friends have got up to

  7. Lauren Tess& says:

    Meet me on The Riviera had everything I could want in a book perfect for summer – romance stunning settings great characters and the chance to start overJenna our main character has being having a hard time of things recently in that shes fed up of ‘relying’ on her boyfriend Angus to support her financially So when she goes on the hunt for a job she is offered a brilliant opportunity which coincidentally works out as her boyfriend is jetting of to Hong Kong she jumps at the opportunity and starts to prepare herself for working away from home But I had this ningling feeling that Angus isn’t that supportive of her choices and it was feeling I couldn’t shake until TG made an appearance and appeared to be everything Angus wasn’tI really felt the chemistry between Jenna and TG and there were than a few times where I shouted at my book telling them both to just get it on It’s fair to say my outbursts raised a few pairs of eyebrows in this household oops but when a book gets inside your head you can’t help it anyway on with itI also felt that Jenna ought to find some new friends – Bertie is a complete bh Did I just say that?  at every opportunity Jenna was always being put down Or that’s how it came across to meThis book swept me of my feet and held me there until the book was finished It most definitely came along at just the right time for me I feel like fans of Trisha Ashley will enjoy this book It certainly gave me all the feelsThe book is available to purchase now 

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