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Wolves of Rome[Ebook] ➩ Wolves of Rome Author Valerio Massimo Manfredi – Heartforum.co.uk From the international bestseller Valerio Massimo Manfredi Wolves of Rome is a historical thriller about two brothers and the betrayal of Teutoburg Forest that devastated the Roman Empire BOUND BY BLO From the international bestseller Valerio Massimo Manfredi Wolves of Rome is a historical thriller about two brothers and the betrayal of Teutoburg Wolves of PDF \ Forest that devastated the Roman Empire BOUND BY BLOOD DIVIDED BY AN EMPIRE Two wild Germanic brothers Armin and Wulf are held hostage in Rome to keep their father from rebelling against the Roman Empire There they are moulded into ideal Roman soldiers; brave disciplined ruthless Then a conspiracy arises that threatens the Emperor and they alone must decide whether he lives or dies As young men the brothers are separated and they serve in the Roman military at opposite ends of the Empire Armin begins to realize he cannot escape his origins and works to unite the tribes of Germania under one banner Only his brother and the might of the Roman Empire stand between him and his dream of freedom for the Germanic people.


Wolves of Rome PDF/EPUB Î Wolves of  PDF \
  • Kindle Edition
  • 433 pages
  • Wolves of Rome
  • Valerio Massimo Manfredi
  • 06 April 2016

10 thoughts on “Wolves of Rome

  1. Rebecca says:

    I have all of Valerio Massimo Manfredi's novels that have been published in English and I was excited to find this one in the library Unfortunately it's not his best It feels rushed in places like it could have done with at least another draft An example is with the uneven depiction of time we are told at times that many years have passed but there is no clear sense of that in the text it feels like the brothers are thrown into intrigues as soon as they arrive in Rome and that they learn Latin very uickly indeed And while the plotting around the imperial succession is well documented and historically accurate the mystical prediction aspect of it doesn't really work If you know Roman history you may well have heard of view spoilerthe great defeat suffered by Varus hide spoiler

  2. Matti Lepistö says:

    Not the grandiose classic as Alexander but close affinity to the protagonists The history as personal as described Privus Legium

  3. Anthony Peter says:

    This is a novel based on the massacre of three Roman legions by the Germanic tribes led by ArminiusHermann in the Teutoberg Forest in 9AD It imagines how Armin and his brother Wulf princes of the Germanic Cherusci were made hostages taken to Rome educated as Romans and served in the Roman army earning the trust of their generalsHowever Armin now Arminius at some point used this trust to his advantage turned traitor to Rome organised the German tribes into an effective opposition hoodwinked his commander in Germania Varus into pursuing a forest trail in order to put down an alleged revolt ambushed him and his three legions and slaughtered every single RomanIt was a turning point in Roman ambitions in the areaManfredi writes a novel that I would have loved in my early teens I lapped up Roman history and there is an element of romance to Manfredi’s storytelling that I’d have found engagingAs an adult however I missed a focus on characterisation and I did not find Arminius’ motives for forsaking the honours he’d achieved as a Roman soldier convincing The romantic stuff regarding Arminius and Thusnelda was neither here nor there Manfredi as a historian and archaeologist seemed to me interested in bringing the Roman world to life and he gives the reader a good impression of a society and an imperium that had its particular codes and practices and disciplines His own admiration for what the Romans could achieve is specially impressive and I’ve certainly been sent googling Drusus’ canal Augustus’ naumachia Judaean rebellion and aspects of Roman military training He’s done an excellent job in inspiring interest in ancient RomeWhen I was 16 my sister who was teaching in Bad Salzuflen took me to see Hermannsdenkmal More than that I did not take in Reading ‘Wolves of Rome’ has brought that experience into perspective

  4. Steve Thompson says:

    I just finished this book Actually in this case an audio book What a powerful piece of writing It's billed as a historical thriller but half way through I heard a Melvin Bragg broadcast about The Battle of Teutoburg Forest that brought it home to me that it is a true story and the characters really existed Of course fictional elements may have been added but the authors notes make it clear that the story is based on scholarly and archaeological evidence I can highly recommend it A piece of cinematic story telling

  5. David Bonnen says:

    I have read nearly everything VMM has written and as is the case with this book I had to wait uite a while for the next one It was however worth the wait and it was great to read a book centred on the Germanic Roman wars which is not an area I have read in any great detail before so thank you Valerio Great read with strong characters

  6. Heather says:

    Wolves of Rome was painfully slow with too much historical detail and not enough action The last part was by far the best but by then I had lost all interest in the characters and the story A long disappointing read

  7. Jose Maria says:

    This is not the best book of Manfredi but anyway is a good one I think that the change in Arminius mentality to decide fight the Romans is not very well described

  8. Nina says:

    25 stars Expected a bit excitement Something to do with uality of the translation

  9. Elizabeth Fantham says:

    Boring The storyline was there the writing had HUGE potential it just fell short It was way to dry I could see this author writing phenomenal books but definitely needs work

  10. Catherine Cross says:

    I was looking forward to this as it had pretty good reviews elsewhere but was disappointed I struggled with both the writing style although this is a translation and the characters It was saved somewhat by being bases on historic events

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