The Adventures of Laila and Ahmed in Syria

The Adventures of Laila and Ahmed in Syria[Reading] ➻ The Adventures of Laila and Ahmed in Syria By Nushin Alloo – The Adventures of Laila and Ahmed in Syria is the first book in an upcoming children’s series focused on countries we tend to associate with conflict It is the tale of two curious children who find The of Laila and Ahmed PDF \ Adventures of Laila of Laila eBook ↠ and Ahmed in Syria is the first book in an upcoming children’s series focused on countries we tend to associate with conflict It is the tale of two curious The Adventures Kindle - children who find themselves exploring the beautiful landscapes and landmarks of pre war Syria Although it is about Syria this book isn’t a story of war or violence If anything it’s a love story Adventures of Laila PDF/EPUB Â dedicated to Syria written and illustrated to Adventures of Laila and Ahmed ePUB × pay tribute to the heritage and humanity that is so often missing from the popular narrative about conflict stricken countries.

Nushin of Laila and Ahmed PDF \ Alloo is a of Laila eBook ↠ global strategist writer and former US diplomat Born in California she has lived abroad in Egypt Lebanon India Ghana the United Arab Emirates and Syria She was inspired to The Adventures Kindle - write The Adventures of Laila and Ahmed in Syria after the start of the Syrian civil war while working with the countrys displaced refugees in Jordan and GreeceNushin wrote this book as part of Adventures of Laila PDF/EPUB Â B.

The Adventures of Laila and Ahmed in Syria PDF/EPUB Ø
  • Hardcover
  • 40 pages
  • The Adventures of Laila and Ahmed in Syria
  • Nushin Alloo
  • English
  • 17 February 2015
  • 9780692110942

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  1. Mills College Library says:

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  2. Assia says:

    I loved this book because it does the work the Media do not want to do Beauty beneath the rubble is a platform aiming at changing the narrative around countries in conflict through storytelling The media will only feed us and our children the war ravaged villages type of representation and this has got to change because these countries are than that They have a beautiful culture and history that people must be aware of Especially our children I hadn't thought of it before almost took it for granted but I grew up in a household where the only channels we would watch on TV were Arab channels from Syrian and Khaleeji dramas to Egyptian movies to North African comedies and shows My favorite things to watch were historical dramas الزير سالم صلاح الدين الأيوبي if you know these two historical dramas then you are the best so I got to know other Arab countries and their history through Arab representation on TV much better than NCIS and Homeland not that I wanted to state the obviousBut today our children are most likely to see images to refugees camps of destroyed villages of ruins And that's the only thing Western media is going to feed them While this is true it is important to keep a balanced narrative and teach them about the culture and traditions of a country to show them historical places and tell them about historical figuresAnd that's what Laila and Ahmed the grandchildren of Ibn Battuta a historical figure are doing Walking on the path of their grandfather their first stop is Syria They discover the diverse facets of Syria meet people all of it while solving clues to their next destination Once again the illustrations are beyond beautiful I was mesmerized wowed by every illustrated scene and had a blessed moment of happiness reading this book I was even a tad bit jealous of Laila and Ahmed to be completely honest with you 😂Now I wonder what their next adventure will take place I enjoy reading this book to my niece even if she doesn't get a single word of English yet for now we play at spotting Laila and Ahmed which is fun enough for her But I know that these beautiful illustrations will be the first she will think of at the mention of Syria Thanks to the publishers for the RC this is an honest review❤

  3. Linda says:

    🌴A ✨magic✨ carpet tour of Syria's treasures minus the carpetMay 12 2019Format Kindle Edition🌴 I found this author's plot format a ✨magical treasure hunt that takes 👫brother and sister to the wonders of Syria's history a great way to get a child caught up in the narrative as each treasure reveals a clue to the next Each site visited is described in brief which seemed very appropriate for the suggested reading age group Syria's uintessential traditional foods including dates pistachios and camel's milk delight Laila and her bottomless pit brother along the way The story also teaches that teamwork leads to success as the children work together to solve the clues Laila shows a bit of jealousy that her younger brother who never wanted to go on the adventure in the first place is so good at finding clues and I must admit that for a while I feared that Ahmed would take all the glory but the author allowed each of them to shine and demonstrate their strengthsA nice simple geography and culture lesson about a world that may not lastI read a complimentary advance copy of the book; this is my voluntary and honest review

  4. Donna says:

    This lovely book beautifully illustrated by Shadia Kassem is part of the Beauty Beneath the Rubble series teaching about what countries had to offer before becoming war zones their cultures and beauty I think this is a great idea and the book certainly achieves this aim taking you on a whistle stop tour of the country and all it has to offer As an adult I enjoyed reading it and it definitely increases my knowledge of Syria I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to increase their cultural and historical knowledge of the world whatever their age and I hope like it are releasedNB I received a complimentary copy of this book but I always give an HONEST review based wholly on my own opinions

  5. Jessica says:

    The Adventures of Laila and Ahmed in Syria is an exciting and lyrical adventure story that showcases beautiful sights in Syria using full color illustrations Shaped like a picture book but divided into sixteen chapters it has pages of illustrations and pages of text in columns It is published by the Beauty Beneath the Rubble initiative which aims to “change the narrative of countries associated with war and conflict”One morning while their parents are out Laila and Ahmed find their grandfather's special book about his travels all over the world Their grandfather was Ibn Battuta yes that one and his book was of course Rihla When they open it to look at the drawings stories and maps they find a note addressed to themselves In it their grandfather urges them to see the world and offers them a clue to get them started on their journey Before they can decipher the first clue a strange light envelopes the book and it grows and grows until it is the size of a door in the wall The door opens onto a whole new world They walk through it and find themselves in SyriaThroughout the rest of the book the two children journey from city to city seeing famous landmarks buildings and curiosities all while looking for their grandfather's next clue I loved the celebration of all of these places They go to a castle the Great Mosue of Aleppo and Sou al Madinah They see the waterwheels at Hama the oasis of Palmyra and the Church of St Sergius Their journey ends in Damascus These days when most people think of Syria the picture that comes to mind is the most recent shot of rubble that they've seen on the news This book challenges that perception and reminds readers of the beauty of this country which has a rich culture and history I do wish that the castle that was their first stop had been named I'm sure Syria has many castles and I'm not sure which one I read aboutI really appreciate the fact that a map appears before the story Being able to trace Laila and Ahmed's journey on the map was invaluable It helped me show my seven year old that all of the places Laila and Ahmed visited were in Syria He read the book on his own as soon as it arrived and he promptly declared that it was the best book he ever read When I prompted him for information he gave me a detailed synopsis of how Laila and Ahmed's journey began He said that they went all over and he somehow missed the fact that their journey took place exclusively in Syria and not all over the world Being able to trace Laila and Ahmed's journey on the map helped him center their journey in Syria As for his comment that it was the best book he ever read he really liked reading a chapter book in picture book formatSomething that I found odd about this story is that while Laila and Ahmed recognize some of the places they visit from their grandfather's book and from his stories they don't recognize much if any of the context from their own heritage Arab and Muslim identity For example Laila has to explain what the adhan is to Ahmed How has he never heard the adhan before It also would have been nice to see them reconnecting with familiar foods in a new context in Syria instead of approaching everything as if they were touristsI highly recommend this book to all parents librarians and teachers This book is not only a cute story but can also be a great resource for students of geography social studies and current events It is a beautiful reminder of some of what is at stake in the conflict and I highly recommend it I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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