102 Fascinating Bible Studies on the New Testament

102 Fascinating Bible Studies on the New Testament [KINDLE] ✾ 102 Fascinating Bible Studies on the New Testament ❂ Dr William Marty – Heartforum.co.uk Offering quick, high quality food for the soul, 102 Fascinating Bible Studies on the New Testament provides breadth and depth in short but satisfying servings for the busy Christian who wants to delv Offering quick, high quality food for the Bible Studies ePUB ↠ soul, Fascinating Bible Studies on the New Testament provides breadth and depth in short but satisfying servings for the busy Christian who wants to delve deep into God s Word but is short on time those who don t want to commit to weeks of study on a single topic the small group 102 Fascinating ePUB × searching out subjects for their next studyOrganized by category, these accessible and intriguing offerings span the entire New Testament Topics include the temptations of Jesus, miracles, the words of Christ on the cross, and the AntichristEach study includes an introduction and Scripture references accompanied by questions that open the door to lively discussion, reflection, or further investigation The practicality of the Fascinating Bible Studies PDF/EPUB Á fast paced format, the scope of the content, and the possibilities for ongoing study make these studies truly fascinating.


102 Fascinating Bible Studies on the New Testament  MOBI
  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • 102 Fascinating Bible Studies on the New Testament
  • Dr William Marty
  • 08 December 2017
  • 9780764232435

12 thoughts on “102 Fascinating Bible Studies on the New Testament

  1. Leslie says:

    102 Fascinating Bible Studies on the New Testament is exactly what the title says Written by Dr William H Marty, recently retired from Moody Bible Institute, each study includes an introductory article and then multiple questions where the reader engages with scripture What makes this study different is that instead of being straight through the New Testament or even a specific book of the Bible, it takes a chronological topical approach For example, when studying the birth of Christ the study questions engage with all of the birth narratives For various topical studies, several passages are used to study the topic instead of just one passage I had mixed feelings about this approach I liked how Dr Marty pulled numerous passages together demonstrating how scripture works together and exposing readers to a variety of passages However, there were times when moving from passage to passage and pulling out a specific verse was troubling as the reader was unable to study the verse in context 102 Fascinating Bible Studies on the New Testament would be a good study for newer believers and could be used as an individual or group study Dr Marty does make it clear in the study that he does not believe in baptismal regeneration I also found his discussion of immigrants in his study on Philemon off putting and a stretch Beyond those sections the study is straightforward This study is a good follow up to the previously published 102 Fascinating Bible Studies I hope there will be a 102 Fascinating Bible Studies on the Old Testament as well.

  2. Mechthild says:

    A great resource for Bible StudyDr William H Marty, teacher at the Moody Bible Institute for thirty seven years, presents 102 Fascinating Bible Studies on the New Testament which is published by Bethany House Publishers The Bible Studies start with a short commentary like introduction and contain a series of questions that can be answered if one reads the corresponding Bible references The Bible Studies are organized by categories that cover the whole New Testament as well as some doctrine The questions lead the reader to reflection because many of them are open ended The memory verses at the end of each chapter help to deepen the information gained through the study Additionally Marty also provides a short bibliography at the end of the book Marty is also willing to present some topics that are a bit difficult or controversial, confesses that it is impossible to be completely unbiased He states in the introduction It is possible to agree to disagree if these passages are not foundational to orthodox Christian doctrine I appreciated that this book covers all parts of the New Testament Jesus ministry, Acts, Paul s letters, other epistles, Revelation and some doctrine This presents a great choice and the readers can choose what they want to study The book is not for those who are looking for an in depth commentary but for those readers who are looking for a workbook It does not offer ready made answers either It is for Christians and Non Christians who want to dig into God s Word It can be used for everybody women, men, various age groups, individuals, or small groups The complimentary copy of this book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley free of charge I was under no obligation to offer a positive review Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own 102FascinatingBibleStudiesOnTheNewTestament NetGalley

  3. Marvy Herrera says:

    I received an ARC of this book from Bethany House via NetGalley, this review is my personal opinion.Dr William H Marty on the introduction of his book was very fresh and honest about what you are going to find and like the name say this book has 102 fascinating bible studies from Jesus to theme I must say I never thought to take my time to study them But he did I know I am not the only grateful for his wonderful job with the book Well written and structure and I believe this book represents a challenge and an opportunity to go deeper into the study of the bible You have so many choices and you decide If you want to study the life of Jesus or maybe Paul epistles It s your decision And how much will you spend in that specific bible study I think this book is a great choice just for individual and group study.Truly grateful to Bethany House for the ARC of this book, a truly recommend it.

  4. Paula Pugh says:

    This is a very informative study with so many Bible stories topics to choose from for the reader There are great study questions for deeper learning at the end of each chapter.I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own.

  5. Terrie Case says:

    This book is comprised of 102 studies which contain a short study on a particular topic, Study questions and a memory verse The study questions are not simply a regurgitation of the message but are thought provoking ideas that make you search yourself for answers Each section provides a quick way to begin each morning The questions can offer an opportunity for reflection throughout the day The memory verse can be practiced whenever an extra moment presents itself.I received an ARC from Bethany House through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This in no way affects my opinion or rating of this book.

  6. Mary Vogelsong says:

    102 Fascinating Bible Studies on the New Testament by Dr William H MartyDr William H Marty was inspired to write 102 Fascinating Bible Studies on the New Testament partly from the students questions he fielded during his 37 years teaching at Moody Bible Institute.The studies can be done in any order, and in fact the author recommends you not read this book like a novel It is appropriate for Christians and non Christians alike Marty stresses the importance of reading the noted scripture passages to get full understanding of the studies.The studies are organized by the life of Christ and the four Gospels, the Book of Acts, Paul s epistles, the general epistles, several studies drawn from the book of Revelation, and doctrine.Each study begins with a topic, ranging from the Genealogies of Jesus to the Wrath of God Marty briefly explores the topic, including scripture references Then several study questions are presented, also with scripture references Each study concludes with a memory verse.As suggested above, you cannot properly do this study without using the Bible to explore the many scripture references While Marty presents the topic and guides you with insightful questions, it is truly a study of the Bible.102 Fascinating Bible Studies on the New Testament is a great way to delve into a topical study of scripture either in a group or on your own 102fascinatingBibleStudiesOnTheNewTestament NetGalley ReadBakerBooks bethany_house

  7. Phillip Cole says:

    This book takes a different course on its Bible studies Each topic begins with a brief overview and then moves onto questions about the topic However, instead of giving answers, it tells where you can read about it in the Bible I like it when you need to have your Bible open when you re doing a Bible study, this helps you see the points in their proper context.Some of the questions are open ended, and are meant to make you think how the topic applies to you, how you ve seen it at work in your life, or how you can put it into action There are also memory verses for each topic that you can use to help you keep the lesson in mind.102 Fascinating Bible Studies on the New Testament covers a wide range of topics, and they are divided into categories that address the life of Christ, the book of Acts, Paul s letters, general letters, Revelation, and doctrine You can find answers to most of the questions you ll encounter about the New Testament in the book It would be helpful for anyone that wants to go deeper in the New Testament.I received a complimentary copy from the publisher through NetGalley All opinions are my own.

  8. Anne says:

    102 Fascinating Bible Studies on the New TestamentBy Dr William H MartyThis is a pretty great commentary and study of the New Testament gospels It is helpful in understanding the context and culture while serving thought provoking questions to dig deeper into what God is revealing through His Word I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion which I share here.

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